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The game that started it all! Our dedicated game development team is made of up people from all over the world who have come together to make magic happen every week! Read on to meet the artists, writers, animators, and programmers who work hard each week with and for you to make AQ one of the longest-running, continually-updated games on the internet!

The Hollow


The Hollow
Mech-anic with the Mostest

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Falerin Ardendor
Caelestian God of Evil

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Mad Scientist of the Matrix

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Roguelike Matrix Manipulationist



Apprentice of Colors and Motion



Bousilleur Fantastique


Celestial Artiste

The people listed above are official members of the AdventureQuest development team. Remember, Artix Entertainment staff will NEVER ask you for you password, personal information, or credit card number. Please note, Twitter/Facebook accounts or pages are only listed for Artix Entertainment employees and contractors. Social networking accounts for our volunteers are not officially endorsed and do not reflect the opinions and views of Artix Entertainment, LLC.

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