About this contest

Our summer themed art contest has prizes including AQ3D Keys, Badges, and Artix Points! At first we thought, “Wow, this is a really dangerous idea for an art contest...” but, LOL, why not?

For this contest, create an original piece of Fan Art showing your favorite Artix Entertainment (Any version… AQWorlds, AQ3D, or the original AQ... or if you really want, you can use EpicDuel, MechQuest or other AE games too) character having some fun in the sun. Be sure to sign and date your original drawing and submit it using the rules below.

The Grand Prize

2nd Place Winner

Winner’s Circle & “Above & Beyond” entries

DEADLINE! Submit your original Artwork by May 24th!


Tweet your entry to the @Contests_AE Twitter page

Tanning Rules (apply sunscreen!)
This is the most important part of the whole contest. Read all the rules below BEFORE sending your art submission. Because if you don’t follow the rules, then you’ll be disqualified, and that is oh-so totally lame.

Follow each rule if you want your entry to be considered eligible

Ready to submit? Final Checklist!

Check off each thing below before submitting your entry to ensure your chance at winning!

No Twitter? If you do not have Twitter or an AQWorlds account then e-mail your entry to screenshots@battleon.com titled “Contest entry” and feature your Master Account name instead of your AQWorlds account name.

Good luck and have fun! This is a excellent opportunity for artists to work on their anatomy and armor skills at the same time.