AQ3D Monster Design Contest 2012

AQ3D Monster Design Contest

Unleash your creativity!

Yergen here! Everyone ready for a monstrously amazing contest? In fact it’s AQ3D: Legend of LORE’s first contest! I’m pretty excited about this one. Here’s the contest in a nutshell... We want you to design one of the most nasty, vicious, pants-wetting-est monsters you can think of. MonsterDesignContest-Promo.pngSend us a drawing of your original vicious beastie. It can be pencil, pen, crayon, ink, paint, or even computer generated.

“But I can’t draw to save my life,” you may say. “Literally,” you add, “Once a jaguar with a jetpack jumped me and I tried to draw a picture of a ball of string, and I couldn't even do that properly. The futuristic feline put me in the hospital for three months.” Well my response to that is: No problem! We still want your sketch.

One other thing that you will need to provide is creative details about your monster. What kind of monster is it? Where does it live? What does it eat? How does it attack? Can it shoot lightning from its butt?  (*Note: I would rather not see a ton of monsters that can shoot lightning from their butts. I used it as a suggestion, not a requirement. Imagine the mess. Yuck.) Include the description of your creation when you submit your design.

You might think that adding an extra leg and sharper teeth to an existing monster will be cool, but it won’t. Your monster cannot be based on any existing monsters.

Here’s how judging will go
We will pick winners based on the best concept, not the best art. This is why it’s important for you to submit your drawing even if you can’t draw. If you have the most original, baddest, nightmare-inducing monster, then you will win even if it looks like you drew it with your left foot using toothpaste. We want to see unique concepts with creative descriptions. We don’t care if you’re an art protege or if the most art you've ever done was draw a smiley face with ketchup.

Once we have our winner, Thyton will then “Thytonize” it. It’s a traditional art ninja technique that involves marmalade, a trumpet, and a box of chicken feathers. Your creation will be transformed into a game-ready design. Then Xero will model it and the rest of the team will work their magic on it. Once it’s fully animated and textured, your monster of mayhem will be put in one of our first playable maps, for those adventurers brave enough to take it on.

That’s about all I can think of. We are all really looking forward to your carnivorous creatures. Here is the official breakdown, read it thoroughly to make sure you give your design the best chance.



WHAT: AQ3D: Legend of LORE’s First Monster Design Drawing Contest
WHEN: Submissions will be accepted until 11:59am (noon) of Friday, October 5th. Decision and announcement will happen by October 12th. The Contest has ended.
HOW: Submit an original monster design concept created by you along with a creative description of the monster in the Contest Submissions post HERE. You may only submit one monster for this contest.


Grand Prize: The winner’s monster will be “Thytonized,” 3D modeled by Xero, painted and animated by the 3D team and will be put in one of the first playable maps in Legend of LORE. A print of your monster, signed by the entire Legend of LORE team. And 4000 Artix Points.
Runner Up: A limited edition black variant Artix or Sepulchure figure, or a signed poster of your choice. (You may only choose one of the previous items.) And 4000 Artix Points.
Best Art: 2000 Artix Points.
Best Monster Description: 2000 Artix Points.
We Didn’t Expect THAT!: 2000 Artix Points.
Craziest Concept: 2000 Artix Points.
Cutest Monster: 2000 Artix Points.

*We reserve the right to award prizes to those of you who go above and beyond.*

To submit your monster design, post your entry as a comment to the Offical Rules Post. Have fun!