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Unwrap Your Presents Early: New Video Game Releases at Artix Entertainment!

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AdventureQuest Worlds 

 Dage's Dark Winter: Nightmare Before Frost-EVIL!

  • Dage the Evil's dark plan has tainted the heroes of Lore! Battle each other and his monsters to stop the devastation and save Frostval!
  • Quibble Coinbiter arrives in Battleon with a bag full of holiday gear!
  • Find the SmogSlayer set in the Wheel of Doom and Destiny for a limited time!
  • Get 2X more AdventureCoins until December 31st when you buy through Matomy!



A Legendary Release!

  • Blood Hawk Battlegear Bundle - New $50 Package
    • 6 amazing new items in one mega-bundle!
    • 2 Blood Hawk Slayer swords with a new active skill core
    • 2 Blood Hawk Battlegear mutating items with a new active skill core
    • Energy and Physical Blood Hawk mutating bots with a new active skill core
    • Items available in game at Frysteland Valestra for Varium-only
  • EpicDuel Legends
    • Level 40 unlocked!
    • Level 40 unlocks Legendary Mode
    • After hitting level 40, players will continue to earn Legendary experience to earn Legendary ranks 
    • Legendary players will have a colored name and subtle new visuals to convey awesomeness
  • Balance
    • Crucial numbers like health, energy, damage, and defense multiplied by 10 to give significance to each point of investment and allow fine-tuning of balance
  • Arcade Bonanza
    • Themed arcade games based on other AE games: AQW, MQ, AQ, DF, and HS!
    • Win exclusive content never-before-seen in EpicDuel!
    • New achievements and leaderboards for new games!
  • Additional Content
    • 20+ Asgardian styles
    • New Vehicles: Frostbike, Yeti Mutation, Blood Hawk Mutation, Dino Hawk Mutation




  • NEW! Irony Mark III Helm and Armor has been added to Cosplay Shop!
  • Coming up SMASHmas with NEW items (Monday 23rd 2013)



Finale of Frostval the 13th

  • War Challenge
    • If you finish the war by midnight EST, on Saturday, December 21st, you'll get an awesome, creepy, cheery, icy, SkeleSnow pet, created by Dracelix! 



Frostval part II

  • When Zorbak tried ruining Frostval he was tricked by the Drakel and is now stuck in a dream world
  • Now you must travel into Zorbak's mind to wake him
  • Ever wonder what Battleon would look like if Zorbak built it?
  • Kibbles the Happy Elf has been sighted running around Lore!
  • Paladin's Oath ring is now in the Paladin Shop

Golden Giftboxes French Vanilla Ice Katana and Heatwave Spadroon!

  • Ice Katana can freeze your enemies with a frigid attack!
  • Heatwave can be imbued with your MP for even more destruction!

 Flame Guardian Dragon Armor

  • Flame Guardian Dragon armor delivers a vicious bite attack or fiery breath weapon!
  • Any one that Guardianizes until January 8th will get this amazing armor for free!
  • Existing Guardians can find it in the Guardian Shop at a huge discount!
  • Only here until January 8th!

December Z-Token Package!

  • You get an entire set of bonus items that comes free with the 50000 Z-Token package!
  • Airenal's Might Armor
  • Airenal's Cunning 3-in-1 weapon
  • Airenal's Crest Shield

Battle On!

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markstewart27: hay jm artix :) ...............!
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Lightningninjastorm: I have been stuck on Chaos Lord Ioda because everyone who goes to the area where he is just camps the other monsters instead, so I haven't been able to get any further in the storyline D:
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jploi : hi
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