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TIME For New Game Releases!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

Throne of Darkness: The Time War

Portals have opened up all over Battleon, and mysterious beasts are pouring out! Kairos, the High Chronolord, has arrived from the future to aid you in driving these scavengers from the timestream BACK to where they came from. It's time to get your Battle On!

  • Take out the Timestream Scavengers
  • Unlock predictions... and consequences as the war meter rises
  • Farm for resources to unlock rare and permanent exclusive gear in the War Rewards shop!

The Buy Back Shop is HERE!

Members can log in to their account manager TONIGHT to help us test the Buy Back Shop... then EVERYONE can access it tomorrow! Get all the details in this Design Notes post!

The Class is themed after Nulgath's apprentice, Revontheus, and its skills look amazing! 


Find the Abyssal Angel Class in your Game Menu:

  • The Class and accessories will be available for one month only!

The Class is themed after Nulgath's apprentice, Revontheus, and its skills look amazing! 





Season of Choices!

This week the dedication ceremony begins for the newly-built Temple of Hope. Clearly the Chosen cannot be in three places at once - the Brilhado Civil War, Chasing after news of ENTROPY directly, or dealing with Bree'ha are all important. So a vote needs to be taken among the people.

  • Cast a vote by battling a war wave in the appropriate camp. 
  • At the end of a week the results will be tallied 
  • Your battle-votes will decide where next week's story will focus... and where the Chessmaster Saga goes!
  • Also don’t miss the Purple Rain Spell coming to Warlic’s Magic Shop!

May Z-Token Packages - Creation Burst and Arctic Tornado Spells!

  • We are releasing 2 new 12k Z-Token packages - each comes with a powerful spell!
  • Also the Horn of Tera'Suul returns to the 20000 Z-Token package! 



Epic Duel

Lionhart and War Gear Return!!

Legion/Exile and Lionhart seasonal rare gear return for a limited time! Visit Transcendence, Immanence, Admin 10, or the Exile Leader to claim this incredible weaponry.





Release 1.3.29 is LIVE! 

This week, BioBeasts will be releasing the beta version of its cloud save feature. This will allow saving across platforms, so you can start on an Android device, and continue on an Apple device and vice versa!

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rysox: yay
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PyzchoMaster: With the buy back shop, will we be able to buy back lost/sold member items one day if they were bought in a shop? I've lost pets and my favorite items and they were member only so I'm just wondering.
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