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Get your Zorbak Cabin Flag!

Artix | Saturday, July 21, 2018

"Meh heh heh.... all too easy."

The Zorbak Cabin won the Friday the 13th War in record time. Login to AdventureQuest 3D and get your free winning team backflag while you can.

A message from Twilly

"Good job Zorbak Cabin! I am so proud of every who participated in both cabins. *Cuddles*

War Memes!

The players running the AQ3D Memes Facebook page clearly favored the underdog of this War. 

See the Design Notes post on for more awesome memes on the Zorbak war. 

The NEXT Friday the 13th happens in 2019...

You will be delighted to know we have something different in mind for when it happens. We will have PvP by then too O_O

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