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Art Contest Winners! posted by Artix on

Art contest Winners.jpg

Congratulations to everyone who entered! Our most daring contest was a smashing success and really shows of the love and maturity of our amazing video game community.

PRIZE UPGRADE - Every valid entry will recieve an AdventureQuest 3D Early Access Code. (Surprise!)

This was a VERY difficult contest to judge... all of the entires were SOO GOOOD! In our eyes, everyone who entered is a winner. Which is exactly why every valid entry is being awarded with an AdventureQuest 3D Early Access Code! That is right... this is a prize upgrade! :D 1st and 2nd place winners will also recieve in-game badges and Artix Points which they can use on the game of their choosing. Art in the Winners circle will also get a badge on their character page.

We posted all of the 1st place, 2nd place, Winners Circle, and Honorable mentions on Facebook. Please do show the artists some love and hit the like button for each entry that you enjoy looking at. They deserve it!


To see ALL valid entries, you can see the official ADVENTUREQUEST 3D ART CONTEST DROPBOX.

NOTE: Prizes are being awarded manually. Please give us a few days.
QUESTION: What would you like the next contest to be

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Meet Artix at MegaCon 2016 at the official AdventureQuest 3D panel! posted by Artix on

MegaCon is a HUGE convention happening in Orlando, Florida next weekend. Join us for the official AdventureQuest 3D panel!

"AdventureQuest 3D Video Game with Artix"

WHAT: AQ3D Panel at MegaCon ( in Orlando, Florida
WHEN: Saturday, May 28th @ 3pm
WHERE: West Building Room W300

Expect our usual level of random hijinx which will include giving away Early Access & STEAM codes, showing embarrassing behind the scenes videos, and talking about forbidden secrets.

I am really surprised at the huge celebrity guest list at MegaCon this year. There will be actors from Doctor Who (Rose), the Walking Dead (Daryl), Game of Thrones (Circe), the New Star Trek (which will also premiere their 1st episode there), and a lot more. Stan Lee, William Shattner, Kevin Smith, and... (if you are one of my Facebook/Twitter friends from the Philippines, please sit down and brace yourself for this next one) Alodia Gosiengfiao. She is my favorite cosplayer of all time! ...and mark my words, I will not leave that convention alive without getting a cheesy thumbs up photo! So if you see her, please politely ask her to make sure she gets a photo with Artix. Or better yet... invite her and her boyfriend Eric to come to our our panel!

This is our first year running a panel at MegaCon and I am really excited. I really hope you can join us, and if you can make it please let me know in the comment section below.

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Friday the 13th Starts... Tomorrow! posted by Alina on

Do ya feel LUCKY, Heroes? I hope so, because tomorrow is Friday the 13th! Hope your luck holds as you head into battle, because this weekend's releases will be ones you'll want to remember... if you survive!


AdventureQuest Worlds

LoreTrek XIII: The Unluckiest Quest

Another Friday the 13th event is on the horizon... and THIS time around, it's In SPAAAAAAAAAAACE! Being so isolated and traveling through an airless void, it's really important that nothing go wrong. But since it's a Friday the 13th event... you know something's going to happen!


The Next Phase of the Server Rewrite BEGINS!

Members can log in to the PTR Testing Server to help us with the new stress test! Data saving has been enabled, and we've got a 15% XP boost on ALL WEEKEND! Get all the details in this Design Notes post!


Friday the 13th Rare Gear

It wouldn't be Friday the 13th without new rare gear to commemorate the event -- and this week, our artists have gone intergalactic with their inspiration! Starting tomorrow night, find the Undead Space Marine, a new unlucky top hat, rare pets, and more in the rares shop!




Thursday the 12th War!

Defend Battleon from a massive horde of Undead tonight before they assault the town! Such large-scale Necromancy shouldn’t be possible, so what could be behind all of this?!

Open Golden Giftboxen for a chance at the Rare Tamer and Ultra Rare Thrale’s Scorn weapons!






Once again, the forces of Darkness are gathering in the shadows to attack Falconreach. As the danger from the Baron grows more and more reluctant allies have joined the fight against the Dark. Will Falconreach be ready this time? Or will the Baron and his minions learn even more from this fight? 

  • The Darkness attacks Falconreach!
  • What surprises will be unlocked as you fight the waves?




Epic Duel

Friday the 13th is BACK!

Caden’s shop has been updated with 25 limited-quantity rares that are designed to give your foes some very bad luck!
The new Dark Omen core attached to Charfade’s exquisite Dark Omen weapons decimate your opponents’ support!





Cloud Save Released! 

Don’t let switching devices or platforms destroy your progress! Play BioBeasts with peace-of-mind knowing that your data will be safe on iOS and Android by connecting via Facebook to our cloud save service. 

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Play Through Paradox This Weekend! posted by Alina on

Paradox, madness, and timely holidays abound in this week's new weekly (and timey-wimey) game releases!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Throne of Darkness: The Paradox Portal

Travel through time and space as we chase Xeven, the Time-Traveling Assassin through our past, future, and a very different alternate present before we take on the ultimate annihilator: Vorefax the Devourer! 

  • Jump through time and space... and portals!
  • Battle the Vorefax to save time itself!
  • Learn one shoxking truth and confirm another!

All this and more THIS WEEKEND in the Throne of Darkness!


The Buy Back Shop is HERE!

All players can log in to their account manager to use the personal Buy Back Shop! Now you can buy back any AC itm you've ever bought, then sold or lost.  Get all the details in this Design Notes post!


New May Upgrade Package: Tempus Mori

Get select items with any membership or adventurecoin package of $9.95 USD or more, and unlock ALL the gear with a 12 month membership or a 12,000 adventurecoin package!





May the Cinco de Mother’s Day Extravaganza!

Take on Dark Madder’s apprentice Starslayer in the Void for the Star Slayer and Star Saviour armours!
Bash open the PinataZard to get several Cinco de Mayo items, also get the Pueblance and Puebla Mace items in the Limited-Time Shop for 2 weeks!
Buy a stunning Mother’s Day Bouquet in the Limited-Time Shop for 2 weeks!






Caitiff continues looking into the hero's past... but depths of Lore's oceans have their own darkness. What will Caitiff find?


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ART CONTEST "Swimsuit Edition" posted by Artix on
Art Contest SwimSuit Edition.png
“Prizes for winners include AdventureQuest 3D Beta Keys, Badges and Artix Points!”
Our summer themed art contest has prizes including AQ3D Keys, Badges, and Artix Points!  At first we thought, “Wow, this is a really dangerous idea for an art contest...” but, LOL, why not? Draw your favorite AdventureQuest characters, items, scenes on an epic summer/beach/vacation adventure.


For this contest, create an original piece of Fan Art showing your favorite AdventureQuest (Any version… AQWorlds, AQ3D, or the original AQ... or if you really want, you can use EpicDuel, MechQuest or other AE games too) character having some fun in the sun. Be sure to sign and date your original drawing and submit it using the rules below.

A few questions for inspiration!
  • Do moglins surf?
  • Are any heroes scared of the water?
  • What is the worst monster to encounter at the beach?
  • Do the undead enjoy soaking up some rays?
  • What would your favorite hero be doing at the beach?
  • Are there any Summer Vacation movies that would be perfect to parody?

You do not have to play the game where the character is from. But it helps to know what kind of character it is. Just make sure you read all the rules and that you send in your entry before the deadline.

PRIZES! (The future looks bright)
The prizes for this contest are from a pool that includes multiple games! You can win badges from AQWorlds, Artix Points to spend in any game, and access and cool stuff in AQ3D!!

The Grand Prize Winner will receive:
  • 5000 Artix Points
  • AdventureQuest 3D Beta key!
    Use for yourself, or if you already have one, give to a friend.
  • Character Page Badge in both AQW and AQ3D.

2nd Place Winner will receive:
  • 2500 Artix Points
  • AdventureQuest 3D Beta key!
    Use for yourself, or if you already have one, give to a friend.
  • Character Page Badge in both AQWorlds and AQ3D.

Winner’s Circle & “Above & Beyond” entries will receive:
  • AdventureQuest 3D Beta key!
    Use for yourself, or if you already have one, give to a friend.
  • Character Page Badge in both AQWorlds and AQ3D.
  • Custom made AQW twitter avatar.

DEADLINE! Submit your original Artwork by May 24th!
BEGINS: Friday May 6th, 2016
ENDS: Sunday May 29th, 2016

Tweet your entry to the @Contests_AE Twitter page

Tanning Rules (apply sunscreen!)
This is the most important part of the whole contest. Read all the rules below BEFORE sending your art submission. Because if you don’t follow the rules, then you’ll be disqualified, and that is oh-so totally lame.
Follow each rule if you want your entry to be considered eligible
  • Create an original piece of AdventureQuest fan art.
  • You can Draw, Paint, Flash, etc.
  • You can use any character you like from the games
  • Be as creative as you want. We love and encourage creativity!
  • You must create your fan art entry 100% by yourself.
  • No stealing other people's art (obviously)
  • No tracing
  • It is ok to look at other things for reference, just make sure you are drawing/making your piece of art yourself.
  • 1 entry per person
  • Add your AQWorlds Character Name and the date to your art!
  • This way we know this is yours so nobody can steal your hard work. Be sure it is clear so we can read it.
  • Type your AQW Character name in your Tweet BEFORE submitting, That way, if you win, I can easily copy your character Name for faster prize awarding and no mistakes.
  • Entry must be “Work Safe” and appropriate for all players of Artix Entertainment Games. If you are worried your art might be crossing the line, just DM us and ask us if it is OK.

Ready to submit? Final Checklist!

Check off each thing below before submitting your entry to ensure your chance at winning!

  • AE themed Fan Art created by you
  • AQWorlds Character Name *neatly* written on your picture
  • The date on your entry
  • Type your Character name in your tweet to @Contests_AE
  • Upload your Fan Art picture to the same Tweet to @Contests_AE
  • Hit the Tweet button and submit your entry!

No Twitter? If you do not have Twitter or an AQWorlds account then e-mail your entry to titled “Contest entry” and feature your Master Account name instead of your AQWorlds account name.
Good luck and have fun! This is a excellent opportunity for artists to work on their anatomy and armor skills at the same time.

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TIME For New Game Releases! posted by Alina on


AdventureQuest Worlds

Throne of Darkness: The Time War

Portals have opened up all over Battleon, and mysterious beasts are pouring out! Kairos, the High Chronolord, has arrived from the future to aid you in driving these scavengers from the timestream BACK to where they came from. It's time to get your Battle On!

  • Take out the Timestream Scavengers
  • Unlock predictions... and consequences as the war meter rises
  • Farm for resources to unlock rare and permanent exclusive gear in the War Rewards shop!

The Buy Back Shop is HERE!

Members can log in to their account manager TONIGHT to help us test the Buy Back Shop... then EVERYONE can access it tomorrow! Get all the details in this Design Notes post!

The Class is themed after Nulgath's apprentice, Revontheus, and its skills look amazing! 


Find the Abyssal Angel Class in your Game Menu:

  • The Class and accessories will be available for one month only!

The Class is themed after Nulgath's apprentice, Revontheus, and its skills look amazing! 





Season of Choices!

This week the dedication ceremony begins for the newly-built Temple of Hope. Clearly the Chosen cannot be in three places at once - the Brilhado Civil War, Chasing after news of ENTROPY directly, or dealing with Bree'ha are all important. So a vote needs to be taken among the people.

  • Cast a vote by battling a war wave in the appropriate camp. 
  • At the end of a week the results will be tallied 
  • Your battle-votes will decide where next week's story will focus... and where the Chessmaster Saga goes!
  • Also don’t miss the Purple Rain Spell coming to Warlic’s Magic Shop!

May Z-Token Packages - Creation Burst and Arctic Tornado Spells!

  • We are releasing 2 new 12k Z-Token packages - each comes with a powerful spell!
  • Also the Horn of Tera'Suul returns to the 20000 Z-Token package! 



Epic Duel

Lionhart and War Gear Return!!

Legion/Exile and Lionhart seasonal rare gear return for a limited time! Visit Transcendence, Immanence, Admin 10, or the Exile Leader to claim this incredible weaponry.





Release 1.3.29 is LIVE! 

This week, BioBeasts will be releasing the beta version of its cloud save feature. This will allow saving across platforms, so you can start on an Android device, and continue on an Apple device and vice versa!

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New Game Releases for April 22nd posted by Alina on

As spring marches on into summer, it's time for YOU to /equip your mightiest weapon and march into battle! Log in this weekend to quest through the all-new game releases we've built to hone your battle skills and blades!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Throne of Darkness: Skull Towers of Silver and Gold

It's a GREAT week to have an upgraded account in AdventureQuest Worlds! Members get the exclusive expansion to last week's Castle of Bone zone, PLUS... unlock the DeathKnight Lord CLASS!


There are two ways to unlock the Class:

  • Buy the Class for 1600 AdventureCoins (For the next week, the class will be 20% off... then it raises to its FULL price!)
  • Farm the daily quest to get the tokens required for the merge shop version!





ZardMaster Saga!

Now that the pesky Emojin has been dealt with, you can explore the true Zardmaster Saga, featuring TONS of new rewards requested by your fellow heroes (and maybe one or two of your own!) 



The End of the Beginning

Once upon a time
There lived a boy
Together with mother and father
The dad beamed with joy
The mom wept with woe
For she really wanted a daughter

Note: Tomix is crafting as fast as he can... to check on the release progress, keep an eye on the DragonFable Design Notes.




Epic Duel

Frysteland War!

Legion and Exile forces will gather yet again in Frysteland to battle for this vital northern stronghold! And GREAT NEWS! We’ve made large strides in preparing a downloadable version of EpicDuel!





Release 1.3.29 is LIVE! 

The fastest, smoothest version of BioBeasts yet!

  • All the beasts have been reanimated and improved in quality while reducing memory usage by up to 75%
  • Numerous fixes have been added to help players having issues with iOS builds of the game.

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BattleGems Founder Leaving Soon posted by Artix on

This is your very last chance to get Founder in BattleGems, our mobile RPG Puzzle Game. Considering that you had.. oh wow, nearly two years now, it is finally time to make BattleGems Founder go perma rare!


Rolith and his team have upgraded BattleGems to the newest version of Unity improving the game's speed and giving it 64 bit support. Along with this release, we will be removing the Founder package which basically gives you ulimited turns, unlimited keys, special in game armor set, special AQWorlds armor set, well... EVERYTHING for a single in-app purchase of $10. Founders will be pretty proud of that they got it, because after the new patch goes live, the armor will be perma rare and will have to pay double to get the upgrades and perks.

So if you have been wanting the DragonKnight armor from BattleGems in AQWorlds and BattleGems... this is your final chance to get it on the Apple iOS or Android versions of the mobile game!

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New Game Releases for April 15th posted by Alina on

Storms are raging above the Secret Underground lab... as Darkness rolls across Lore! Log in this weekend to quest through the all-new game releases we've built to hone your battle skills and blades!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Artix's Throne of Darkness Saga: Castle of Bone

Begin Artix's Throne of Darkness Saga this weekend as you battle your way through the Bone Castle to take on Vaden, the DeathKnight!


Buy the Treasure Map from the AdventureCoin shop in the game menu... then begin the hunt to find the Treasure Chest! Once you locate it, you'll unlock ALL the gear the treasure chest holds, including TWO new armors and their gear!

  • Darkblood Berserker armor and weapons
  • Seraphic Dragoon armor set





Terror Set and April Golden Giftboxes!

A challenge has been issued by the Master of Terror. Defeat him in battle and claim your own Terror Set! The mighty Fear Eater blade not only has the ability to consume your enemy's Fear and heal you - it also changes from Melee, Magic, and Ranged damage! 

April Golden Giftboxes - Diamond Flutterby Pet and Eggsplosion Spell!
This beautiful butterfly golem is crafted from diamond and other precious metals, inspiring awe on the battlefield!
Destroy your enemies with this eggsesively powerful spell!



The Beast!

Your attempt to sneak into the Rose Tower into Swordhaven has been foiled and the BeastMaster is not happy with your intrusion. Will you be able to tame the Beast or will you be the one broken?

  • Fight the Beastmaster!
  • New Runed Chains cape rewards!




Epic Duel

Double POWER Weekend!

Power Weekend! Earn double XP and credits all weekend long!





Release 1.3.28 is LIVE! - Cloudsaving for Android!
  • Android players: you can now save your progress using Google’s Play Services!
  • We are still working on cloud saving for iOS devices, but expect that to go live very soon.

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Your Lair or mine? posted by Artix on

Upcoming Dungeons of Throne of Darkness

The Throne of Darkness begins this Friday… a brand new main storyline for AdventureQuest Worlds. There are 7 villains in this story, each will unlock a new major dungeon. I like using the term dungeon… even when describing an outside area like a forest or clouds you can walk on. To get a flying eyeballs view of the land we shall soon explore together, let us sent forth our scout… Jimmy the Eye!

Jimmy the Eye is a flying eyeball. 

He is blue. 

As he flies North, he thinks to himself… why is so little known about the North?

It starts to rain. 

The rain blurs his vision, and every clap of thunder makes him jump. 

The red eerie glow of the setting sun silhouettes a castle…

The castle appears to be growing… the castle appears to be made of bone…

He flaps harder against the turbulence or tornados…

They seem to be coming from a series of portals. 

Is it a rip in time and space?

Or perhaps it is… WHAT THE!?!?!

The sun has gone black and he obsesses on an indescribable twisted shape of triangles. 

Perhaps the rumors of the 4th Dimensional Pyramid were true?

If that is true then… but before there is time for another thought, he hears weapons clashing and screams. The Death Pit Arena… a half-Dragon General stands watch as gladiators do battle.

The flying eyeball tries to look away but is blinded by what he sees next…

A Tower...

A tower made entirely of mirrors. He notices a parade of young girls being led into the tower… 

No less strange than what he thought he had seen in the clouds just moments before.

But if he ever said what he thought he saw up on those clouds... with all its bacon and cats they would just call him crazy.

So he flies on to his final destination...

It is a secret place. 

A place where THE COUNCIL used to meet...

Meet to scheme and solve their "problems."

That place, without question… was the THRONE OF DARKNESS. 

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