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New Game Releases Launching Friday, May 22, 2015 posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Firestorm Finale: Wrath of the FlameLord

  • Arise, almighty Titan!
  • Fight off the Firestorm Onslaught
  • Defeat their leader at Lavarun Altar
  • Prepare for battle against the Phedra, the Fire Titan
  • Score new Lavarun armors, helms, weapons, and items

Memorial Day Weekend Specials

  • Earn DOUBLE boosts each day!
    • 2x Reputation on Friday
    • 2x Class Points on Saturday
    • 2x more EXP on Sunday
    • 2x more Gold on Monday
  • Log in everyday starting Friday to earn your free Boosts!

New Combat System

  • Bonus for upgraded Legends:
  • Help test out AQW’s new combat system on the PTR server


Epic Duel  - Real Time PVP MMO

Epic Artist Showcase: Deuce

  • Introducing 1st Artist Showcase Shop
  • Meet Deuce, EpicDuel’s featured guest artist
    • Mysterious Warrior
    • Tired and weathered from years of torment and battle
    • Found a safe haven in a remote, forgotten portion of Delta V
  • Assist Deuce in recovering his identity
  • Embark on brutal missions
  • Shop his wares of uniquely-styled items
  • Earn achievements for besting him in battle!


Coming Soon: Bio Beasts for iOS, Android

New Mobile Game arriving Summer 2015

  • New environment designs
  • New art concepts in the latest Design Notes:  

Follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter for more news!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Maze of The Minotaurs

  • Deceit and wizardry built the maze, and only the bravest and strongest will be able to overcome its perils and claim the treasures it holds!
  • Also don’t miss the Stratus Cleaver coming to the Limited-Time Shop!
  • Enjoy a 10% Gold and XP boost until the 26th!


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

The Drowned Fortress

  • The shattered remains of the flying fortress sits, moldering, in Falconreach Bay.
  • What dark creatures still prowl its depths?
  • What treasures still wait to be found amongst the bones?


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Memorial Day!

  • Return of the Land, Naval, and Aerial Memorial Mecha!
  • Embark on a mission with extra Exp rewards to help if you’re stuck between levels!
  • Celebrate Gianna Glow’s Birthday with an E-blade!

Battle On!


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Video Game Projects posted by Artix on

"Going to be the best summer ever!"

In addition to the killer game releases in our existing web games (including Artix, Beleen & Cysero returning to AQWorlds for a series of special summer releases) our explsion of mobile game projects are coming for your phones and tablets!
  • Undead Assault (Minigame, Inspired by the original) AdventureQuest: GUARDIANS - 2D RPG)
  • AdventureQuest II "GUARDIAN" (Full, Major 2D RPG for mobile)
  • BioBeasts (EpicDuel's monster frenzy twitch game)
  • Death Level (Warlic & Thyton's age 16+ Retro Dungeon Crawler for mobile)
  • AdventureQuest 3D "LEGEND OF LORE" (Full, Major 3D MMORPG for mobile & web) 


It has been 20 minutes since I started writing this sentence. O_O. I keep rewriting it over and over. There is so much to tell you that I have no idea where to start. Probably a key important thing... I am happy. Extremely happy to be building video games again. The team is too. You would not think that the solution from being "burned out working on video games" is to simply make more video games... but it is. Creating fun new things is inspiring and motivating. Even if the new things you are creating are building on the skills and concepts you created before. That is why everyone in the studio has elected to take on a "side project" in addition to their normal duties.

Undead Assault

For example J6, Diozz, and Kraken are working on Undead Assault. It is a smaller scope project. A completely re-envisioning of the original Undead Assault which was our very first mini-game. As usual, the guys went way above and beyond. J6 started with the base models from AQWorlds, drew in all of the back arms and legs, complete recolored all of the undead creatures, and then drew an amazing parallaxing graveyard background. It is going to be fast, full of bone crunching physics and explosions... because... NEED EXPLOSIONS. It will probably be the first game released in our fenzy.



AdventureQuest 2: GUARDIAN

As I write this, we are putting the finishing touches on the AdventureQuest II: Guardian teaser trailer. We hope you laugh when you watch it. (Because it is funny... not for other reasons.) We have renamed this game project a few times now. Mostly due to the confusion with the original AdventureQuest & AdventureQuest Worlds. So WHAT IS THIS GAME!? Oh! Well, you know how there is no REAL 2D AdventureQuest game for mobile? This is it. YES! Insert "Battle Button" here. Featuring brand new crazy monsters, weapons, combat, classes, and characters. The plot of this game heavily focuses on what a Guardian is... that being said, spoiler: As the game opens, the Guardians have all gone mysteriously missing years ago. No one knows what happened to them, or has any clue why. But the Guardian towers are magically sealed shut and villains and monster armys were quick to wreak havok and terror across the land. The land is in need of someone brave enough to pick up a sword or spellbook to save it... and possibly be worthy enough to open the doors to the Guardian tower and undertake the trials.

AdventureQuest 3D: LEGEND OF LORE

Releasing a 2D monster battling game and a matching full 3D MMORPG is not only the most ambitious thing we have ever done... it is blatantly the craziest. You already know why. After what happened to the original AdventureQuest 3D project, the team was heart broken. A year and a half of our dedicated work and passion tossed in the trash. So what do you do in the most crushing defeat of your life? What happens when you fall? You get back up. You do never give up. AdventureQuest 3D is more than just a game project to all of us who were there for the first one. It is something we MUST accomplish to make ourselves whole again. Zhoom rewrote the game server, Xero recreated the assets to run on mobile, Llusion mastered creating maps that were fast and looked good on mobile too. Every week for the past several months testers have watched in surprise as the game continued to leap forward with new features, areas and monsters. Next up, Zhoom is coding classes and skills. Then he will move on to interactive objects. At this point AdventureQuest 3D will move to "Alpha."
AdventureQuest 3D Rough Timeline
  • Combat Skills & Auto Attack
  • Interactive Objects
  • Final Account system
  • Invite all Alpha Knights back to help test (Begins Alpha Testing)
  • Complete Forest, Cave, Haunted Forest Zones
  • Add Quests & NPCs & Items
  • UI 3.0
  • Award Alpha Testing rares to all testers
  • Open AQ3D for all players to test on Web
  • Release Apple & Android versions for mobile devices for all players
  • Death Knight's lair & first boss fight
To everyone testing on the web version, you can sorta tell that Google & Apple seem pretty determined to kill web based gaming. Which makes sense, they want you using their apps and proprietary system so they control how you pay. Recently Chrome dropped NPAPI plugins including Unity & Java... yup, they no longer usable at all with Chrome. Meanwhile HTML5 and WebGL have not proven to be very great... at least not yet. Our tech demo runs fine on Firefox & IE but where it really shines is on mobile devices. Now, please note the app will not be available until late summer. Right now only devs have it on their phone for testing. If you see me in AdventureQuest 3D, I am most likely playing on my phone. It runs faster and smoother on my phone than it does on my PC's web browser. We keep making improvements so chatting is easier on the phone too. In an upcoming post I would like to talk to you about why many previous mobile MMOs seemed to have failed and why AdventureQuest 3D is going to be clever and different. We as gamers have changed... when we play, how we play, what we expect to do and how we expect to be challenged has changed. In a lot of ways I am glad the original incarnation of this project did not happen... we would not have learned everything we learned and we would not be thinking like we are now. Sometimes, bad things happen for good reasons.

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Get Your Battle On With This Week’s New Game Releases! posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

New Tier II Class: Blazebinder

  • Critically burn your opponents
  • Master 4 new Abilities
  • Unlock 2 new Passives
  • Requires Rank 10 in:
    • Embersea Reputation
    • Pyromancer Class
    • Necromancer Class

Battle through The Forge

  • A gauntlet of the Firestorm Onslaught's greatest warriors
  • Survive, and you'll earn the right to face Tyndarius, Lord of the Firestorm
  • Explosive head-to-head combat
  • Winner. Takes. ALL!

Live Band Tonight

  • /Party with the NPCs house band LIVE at Yulgar's Inn!

New Contest!


Coming Soon: Bio Beasts for iOS, Android

New Mobile Game arriving Summer 2015

Follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter for more news!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 


  • Tons of updated gear is making its way into Lore
  • This is the final week to buy the amazing PuebLance in the Limited-Time Shop!

Z-Token Package

  • New 150,000 Z-token package has a special bonus:
  • Create your own custom player face!
  • That's right—you will get to personally work with our artists to create the face of your dreams!

Golden Giftboxes

  • New Cleric Armor
  • New Relic Staff
  • New Star Saber Strike Spell


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Avatar of Time!

  • Help test the 2015 calendar armor
  • Open to Dragon Amulet holders ONLY
  • This is the most amazing armor of all time. No pun intended. But we’re serious about it being the best. It really is.

Saturday Night: Yulgar’s First Date, Part Two

  • Time travel 20 years into the past! (don’t forget to invest in Apple)
  • Witness Yulgar and Lark’s first date
  • …through the eyes of a child!
  • Can you save the date and find the harp?
  • …orrrr will it be a disaster?

Battle On!


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Just Released: New Game Updates at Artix Entertainment posted by Beleen on

aq dage release 5 8.jpg

Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Dage the Evil: The Forgotten Tombs

Battle through The Forgotten Tombs this weekend as we continue the saga of Dage the Evil. Members of the Undead Legion guard one of Dage's most treasured artifacts deep inside the tomb, and Laken's Seraphic Paladins will do anything to possess it - the fate of the Dark Shard depends on YOU!

  • Battle to reach the Dark Shard before the Seraphic Paladins

  • Find Nulgath’s Chaotic Fiend Rares shop in your game menu

  • Find the Golden Cheezburger in Cleric Joy’s Battleon shop until Monday, May 11th


Legendary Revamp

Don’t just be Epic, be Legendary! Level 40 is just the beginning. This Friday, Legendary EpicDuelists will have access to 4 new Legendary Stat categories, a new evolving Legendary Achievement, and an arsenal of new Legendary gear Titan’s Peak!

We’re adding a new Underdog Core balancing mechanic to help lower level players have a fighting chance against super-powerful opponents.

Want to learn about the top-secret technology that is essential for game development? Learn about this amazing invention, and how it applies to the development process of BioBeasts in Titan’s latest Design Notes post!


Check out our new mobile project BioBeasts (


You can follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter ( for more news


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

WarpWars - The Matriarch Strikes Back

Dark Madder has stolen the Gaunlet of The'Galin. Her army has taken over the SS Alteon and now plans to turn it's weapons on Lore!

Also don’t miss the amazing Pueblance coming to the Limited-Time Shop this week for Cinco de Mayo!


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Yulgar’s First Date

Every year, for the past twenty years, on a special day Yulgar has brought a bouquet of flowers to the Falconreach pet shop; first for his girlfriend, then for his wife, then… for a memory. This week, join Yulgar and his daughter, Aria, for the first half of our Mother's Day quest event and listen in as he retells her favorite childhood story about Yulgar’s First Date!


Hero Smash - Super Hero 2D MMO

Celebration week!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the Birthday of Randor the Red!


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

No Burrata For Mama!

Parma John’s mom is visiting and a group of Rusty Rat’s has ruined the cheese for the meal! You need to help him find more before his mom arrives!

Mother’s day Mods will be available in Soluna Main!

Battle On! 

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100,000 AdventureCoins Giveaway and New Game Releases posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Phoenixrise Gate: Defeat Cinderclaw the Ravenous

Pass through the Phoenixrise Gates to enter a restricted area entirely controlled by the Firestorm Onslaught. Tread very carefully and keep your weapons close at hand, because each Firestorm Warrior has pyro-battle magic hotter than their tempers! Battle your way through the maze of corundum caverns and defeat the dread beast Cinderclaw the Ravenous! The fate of Embersea will rest in your hands... IF you survive!

  • Battle through Phoenixrise Gate and the Fyreborn Caverns

  • Rescue the kidnapped villagers and slay Cinderclaw the Ravenous

  • The I Can Has Mod contest has returned!

  • Find the Fyreborn Mauler and the Minotiger Morph sets in the game menu


Check out our new mobile project BioBeasts (


You can follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter ( for more news


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Rare Item Hunting!

  • 3 amazing versions of the elemental Dragon Blades are being hidden around Lore this week!
  • Follow the clues and claim yours while they are here.
  • The Legendary Warrior gets a fresh look and will now sell you his legendary blade if you can best him in battle!
  • The Legendary Warrior can be found randomly using the Battle Monsters button.
  • This is the final week to get your Dardebil player face in Warlic’s shop.

May Z-Token Package - Crystalpyre Set!

  • 3 new bonus items that come with the 12000 Z-Token package!
  • All 3 can swap from Ice to Fire element!


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Walking Bread!

  • No matter how hungry you might be... don't take samples without asking!


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Ultra Maypril!

  • Face down a renegade defense mecha and make sure the joke is on it!
  • The Ultra Tron defense mecha has gone rogue! Help take it down and you can get a debugged version to use for your own!
  • The Maypril mecha is here! 
    • The Joker is back with new animations and all new specials! 
    • Get it while you can because it'll be gone Wednesday at 5 PM server time!


Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

Bunny Berzerker Return!

The Chaos Plague is Spreading! Who will be Infected Next?

Character Release:

  • Berzerker Bunny ( Seasonal Rare ) Evolution Coming Soon!
  • Tainted Eye ( Infected Eye Evolution ) 

Coming soon:

  • Chaotic Flux Rebalancing
  • Fire Shinobi


Hero Smash - Super Hero 2D MMO

Cinco de Mayo!

  • Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with new cool guitars!

  • It is also Randor the Red's Birthday so expect something special!

Battle On! 

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AdventureQuest: GUARDIANS posted by Artix on

I need your help! "AdventureQuest: GUARDIANS" is up for the official name of our mobile, fantasy, 2D role playing game. Does it strike you in the heart as the right name? It certainly fits the game's main storyline. As you have surely noticed, we have gone back and forth a dozen times on the name for this game... calling it everything from AdventureQuest: BATTLEON to AdventureQuest 2 to AdventureQuest Mobile. After personally using those names for the past few months, I can honestly say it has been confusing. This game needs a unique name that is both special to our community, and has broad appeal to people who have never seen our games yet. "GUARDIANS" is the most meaningful considering the game's main story. Unlike our previous mobile games-- BattleGems and Dragons... this is a full blown real RPG. For lack of better words, it is a re-imagining of the original AdventureQuest with an advanced and flexible combat system. If you are one of many players who have stopped using PCs completely (I know, to us PC users this sounds crazy, but you would not believe the %'s of players who only play on their mobile devices now) then yes, this is the game you have been anxiously waiting for. If this is the name we go with, it would make sense to allow you to login to both the original AQ and AQW from the game to unlock story driven content from your... uh.. "ancestor."

If this game is named GUARDIANS, then this would be our lineup:

  • AdventureQuest Original- Web RPG
  • AdventureQuest Guardians - Mobile RPG
  • AdventureQuest Worlds - Web MMORPG
  • AdventureQuest 3D - Mobile/Unity MMORPG

Please help make this decision. We are "sleeping on it" tonight. If you feel this is right name for the game... go to the official FaceBook post on this and write "GUARDIANS!" in the comments box below. If you have another name that you are 100% sure is better write it! Like most decisions... there are often multiple good answers. I am sorta terrible at making decisions on things like this which is why I always come to you. Thank you in advance for being a part of the video game making process.


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Wanna Win 100,000 AdventureCoins?! posted by Beleen on

Log in for a chance to win 100,000 ACs, or many other prizes!

From now until 12 PM Friday, May 1st, log in at for a chance to win 100,000 AdventureCoins, valued at over $500!

free rpg mmo free moneyThat's enough to set a hero up for life... or unlife, for all you necromancers out there.

    •    Must be level 10 or higher
    •    Log in each day at to increase your chances of winning
    •    DOUBLE your chances of winning if you have an active membership

Once the release goes live, our team of volunteers will run through all the AQW servers and find heroes level 10 or higher who are actively battling AQW monsters. We'll choose MANY people from that list and award a free pet or weapon to those lucky winners!

Prizes will be awarded on Friday, May 1st... we hope to see you online so we can battle alongside you!

Play now at

Battle on!

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The Best RPGs and MMOs Just Got Better: Brand New Game Releases Happening Now! posted by Beleen on

lakens rise aqw 4.24.jpg

Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Laken’s Rise: Undead Legion Infiltration

This Friday, battle to save the Seraphic Paladins from the treason, betrayal, and murder lurking in the shadows of their Fortress! Aid Darkon, commander of the Order, as you seek out spies sent by the Undead Legion, then help purge the Order of Dage’s dark influence.

Become a bone-ified commander of the Undead this Friday with Dage’s Obsidia Necromancer! Unlock the entire set with a 12000 AdventureCoin package, including the color-custom armor and helm, or find select items from the set in a limited-time rares shop in-game!

EpicDuel_Browser_PvP_MMO_Wasteland_War_Artix ed.jpg

The Wasteland War

After a long period of relative peace, war has finally reached The Wasteland.

Join the Legion or Exiles to battle for dominance of The Wasteland.

  • Attackers will use Drone Launchers to loot The Lawman’s secret Ammo Cache.

  • Defenders will use Sabotage Kits to thwart the attackers.

Check out our new mobile project BioBeasts (


You can follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter ( for more news


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Big Trobble on Little Syna

The evil To Pan steals Floyd’s bride-to-be as part of a ritual to grant him immortality. Now you must sail with Floyd to the island of Syna to get her back! Also don’t miss Aquardiche coming to the Limited-Time Shop and the Dardebil player face in Warlic’s shop.

df inner unself 4.24.png

Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Inner UnSelf

Log in this week and continue Roirr's story! Play as the villain himself and make your way through the silvered woods of the western continent to find the Ull village.


Mechquest_Aegis_Reborn_23April15 - mq.png

Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Aegis Reborn!

The Aegis is back! You can find the new version, as a Star Captain Exclusive Mecha, with brand new specials in the Star Captain Armory tonight!

  • New icons! After many of you suggested that the weapon type icons needed an update we are! You’ll be able to tell what weapon type is being used much easier now!

  • Earth Day was Wednesday! You can still pick up a shoulder weapon to celebrate!

Oversoul-87-DrakathAltF2P-04-24-15-1 os.jpg

Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

Free To Play Drakath Fiend

Join the fun and play Drakath Fiend Alternative Legendary Character & mystery chaos character

DrakathFiend-Chaos-M-Legend - os.png

Coming soon:

Chaotic Flux Rebalancing and Fire Shinobi

Shinobi-Fire-N-M-Master1- os.png


Battle On! 

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New Game Releases Happening Now! posted by Beleen on


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Nightmare Gauntlet: Feed the Fear

  • Legend-only release, plus challenge fight for all players.

  • Earth Day seasonal event returns!

  • Exclusive Legend-only release, plus a high-visibility farming set w/ a shortcut for AQ Guardians.


Roadmap of EpicDuel Releases

  • You can find here: EpicDuel Design Notes 

    • Legend revamp

    • New Legendary shops

    • New Legendary point categories

    • Legendary achievement

    • Artist showcases

    • Returning seasonal rares

    • Upcoming war

Check out our new mobile project BioBeasts (


You can follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter ( for more news

aq rutans reckned rule.jpeg

Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

The Past Unraveled part V - Rutan’s Reckoned Rule of Semi-Classical Organics!

  • Evidence that the Abode has been misused by ENTROPY attempting to manipulate matters to his own ends surfaces and sends the Chosen on a mission back over the razors Edge of Extinction in an attempt to unravel what it is this force intends for Lore.

  • Adding 3 new items to the Golden Giftboxes this week - Thernda Guest, Shovel of Destruction and Farzhad Mogloo.

  • Dare Devil-esque player face - Token player face that will remain for 2


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Third Floor

  • The Third Level is a dark and mysterious floor of the Runed Fortress that holds the most dangerous prisoners of the Runed Fortress, off-limits to all but Sofist and the Elite Patrol.

  • Can you find the Vind’s ally and free them from the Rose’s grap or will you be lost to the depths?

  • Continuation of the Espina Rosa storyline

  • We will also be releasing the unchained set which was previewed last year.

HS Lucky Day.jpeg

Hero Smash - Super Hero 2D MMO

Lucky Day

  • Updating Shop

  • Unlucky Day Hammer

  • New RARE items

Bloghurl Phones Home mq.png

Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Bloghurl Phones Home!

  • Bloghurl has been a bit lonely lately and misses his friends. He needs your help to fix the broken transmitter on his ship to do so!

  • The new Easter mission, and replays of older events, are only around for one more week! You can pick up an Eggtech Probe house item to replay this years event any time you want though.

  • Pick up an E-blade in Soluna Main to celebrate Lyris’ birthday!

Battle On! 

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HOW TO SCREENSHOT posted by Cysero on

Learn The Secrets Of The Screenshotting Masters!

Taking a screenshot may seem like pretty simple stuff once you learn how to do it but we all hard to learn sometime. 


Earlier this week Artix and I decided to spend a little time in AQW talking to you guys and it seemed to both of us that a lot of you had no idea how to take a screenshot and capture the moment you met your all-time very, very, VERY favorite AE Dev...

...Or Artix.

We decided to make a quick video explaining some fairly fast and easy methods, namely LightShot and the Snipping Tool. You can watch the video here

We were amazed by how many people started using our methods and thaking us for teaching them how to do this, so we're putting it here for anyone else who might want to learn how to take screenies of their favorite gaming moments.  

There are other methods, like just hitting the PRT SC (Print Screen) key on your keyboard which captures your whole display and Pasting into a new file in a basic art program like Paint, but using the Snipping tool is faster and using Lightshot is even faster still and also great for storing and sharing your files with your friends. And it's all FREE!

Happy Screenshotting! 

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