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Posted by Beleen
Talk Like a Pirate Day Video Game Releases!

Ahoy, matey! Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day, ‘nd thee best MMOs ‘nd RPGs in all the seven seas be celebratin’ with Pirate items, dangers, and BOOTY! Set sail to ye favorite game ‘nd join the Artix crew in epic adventures.


AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG

Deep Terror: Death From Below

Tidal waves of rage are flooding the streets of Lolosia this weekend for Talk Like a Pirate Day! As Naval Commanders rally their crews for war, pirates from all seven seas are massing for an attack on Lolosia, and they aren’t content to keep the battle abovewater! Defeat the Dread Fleet, or face death from below!

  • Quibble arrives with the DoomKnight and Brilliant Naval Commanders and

  • Unlock Naval Commander Class for AdventureCoins or gold (if you have an upgraded account)!

  • Choose to fight for or against the Dread Pirate Fleet in the Naval Commander vs Pirate war!

  • Explore Lolosia and the lands beyond as you search for hidden treasure!

  • Complete Captain Rhubarb’s quiz to prove you are not a spy, but beware: if you answer incorrectly, you’ll be tossed overboard into battle!

Smartly there, sailor—that only be 1 game in ye Artix fleet, so ye best Read More ‘nd plunder all thee new NEW happenin’ now in ev’ry game!

Battle on, scallywag!  

Posted by Artix
Ready to Talk like a Pirate?

Coming Friday: Talk Like a Pirate Day... Week... begins!

This weekend, our games will be getting into the spirit with Pirate themed events and armor sets! Which is AWESOME timing considering my new found obsession with the Captian Harlock movie and anime-series. So obsessed... that I formally requested that Dage draw me a "Captain Harlock-adin" armor & cape set. (Note: I share!) So here is a sneak peak of what is coming this Friday!
Posted by Beleen
It’s Your Destiny: Play New RPG and MMO Game Releases on September 12

Hooray! The weekend is finally here, and it’s time to play the newest game releases from Artix Entertainment! No matter if you’re a hardcore fan of the original RPG AdventureQuest, or if you’re embarking on the brand-new game-changing adventures in the MMO AdventureQuest Worlds, you’ll be playing out your destiny in the best online video games this weekend! 


AdventureQuest Worlds MMO

Survive the Apocalypse: Hunt for the Watchers

The Queen of Monsters has risen, and as your allies take stock of the destruction around them, you receive a mysterious scroll from a shadowy organization calling themselves “The Council.” Loremaster Maya cannot say who it is from, only that you MUST discover where they are hiding are as soon as possible… and that if you can decipher its hidden message, the scroll will guide you.

  • As the world shatters, battle through Lore to find the people who will help you save it!

  • Dage’s Deep Terror Blade and Collaboration shop are available in your game menu!

  • Aranx’s birthday shop will be available for the next week.


And that’s not all! Be sure to Read more to buff your WISDOM stats with all the new NEW happening now!  Battle ON!

Posted by Beleen
A September to Remember: New Game Releases and Exclusive $100 Promotion

Want to win $100? Use Rixty to Upgrade/buy AdventureCoins for AdventureQuest Worlds and you’ll automatically be entered to win $100! Speaking of AQWorlds, let’s check out this week’s newest adventures and quests!


MMO AdventureQuest Worlds

Legendary Heroes: BeastMaster Class Conquest

Monsters are rising up across Lore, taking advantage of the Chaos running wild. Faith, one of Lore’s most skilled BeastMasters, is searching for help to battle them into submission. She is calling all Legends to accept her quest to become a Legendary BeastMaster, and the fight to become the best begins this weekend! All of Lore’s heroes should venture into the Underworld to begin the Lord of the Forgotten Tomb’s gear quests!

  • BeastMaster Class releases for Legends

  • Lord of the Forgotten Tombs’ gear and quests

  • Brasil Independence Day shop

  • MEGA-bonus quest for everyone who has unlocked Drakath’s Armor quest


And that’s not all, because your favorite Artix games have just been updated with new content, too! Read More and then battle on all weekend long!

Posted by Cysero
13 Lords of Chaos Poster

The 13 Lords of Chaos poster is now live! The first people to get it were those who attended our panel at DragonCon but their headstart us OVER and now it can be yours! Read about everything that comes with it and check out the free Wallpapers we made for you! 


Posted by Artix
DragonCon 2014


BREAKING NEWS! Dragons & Project: AdventureQuest Omni

Greetings friend! I just returned home from DragonCon 2014 where we officially announced video game projects that you are going to love!  WARNING: This post contains Brutalcorn thumb-wrestling, baby teleportation stories, and semi-spoilers about the new storyline in AdventureQuest Worlds! Read on...

Posted by Beleen
Labor Day Means Time to Play the Latest Artix Entertainment Game Releases!

This weekend, we’re celebrating the real-life heroes who built America… but we want all our heroes to get in on the fun, too! Help us build the beginning of a new world in AQW’s Chaos Saga finale, lend a hand in EpicDuel as they battle to save their current home, and log in to all our other games to /party with your friends and quest for awesome new items!


AdventureQuest Worlds

3 Lords of Chaos: Queen of Monsters Rising

Journey into the Realm of Chaos to confront the Queen of Monsters and face all 13 Lords of Chaos one last time… as the world begins to shatter around you! There is only one thing you can do to save your home and the people who depend on you: defeat Drakath and confine the Queen of Monsters to the Chaos Realm for another millenium! The fate of the world rests on the single, most important choice you will EVER make, Hero!

  • 13 Lords of Chaos Saga Finale: Into the Realm of Chaos

  • Gryphon Rider Limited Quantity Shop

  • 13 pets and weapons drop from the Chaos Lords

  • Double Rep, XP, Class Points, and Gold boosts on ALL servers

Read More to uncover all the new NEW happening now in your favorite online games by Artix Entertainment. Battle on!

Posted by Artix
Dragons Update

Writing Stories for the 12 Dragons

Dragon artwork is pouring in from our artists for our Dragon Idle Game project in collaboration with the creators of Cookie Clicker. Writing each Dragon's individual progression story has been really fun... and challenging! Each of the 12 Dragons have a unique story.  For example, the Steampunk Dragon is not hatched from an egg, but rather built from a blue print then prototype. As the story progresses you continually upgrade the Steampunk Dragon's hardware and computer AI until you reach the singularity and cause a robot uprising. Be sure to like and follow the official AdventureQuest Dragons Facebook page where I am posting sneak peaks of the art and more information about the individual dragons... including the Darkness Dragon listed above. 

Also happening this week...

Cysero and the team will be heading to DragonCon 2014! At the official Artix Entertainment panel we will be 1.) Announcing the OTHER secret game project and 2.) Premiere the Chaos Poster and 3.) Reveal more about the new storyline for AdventureQuest Worlds-- which everyone will learn about in this Friday's new www.AQ.com special release!

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