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Posted by Artix
Armor T-Shirts PRE-ORDERS open!



Pre-Order at HeroMart.com to guarantee yours

Hiya guys! We found a way to get these amazing wrap-around armor T-shirts created. The process to create them is complicated and pretty expensive so we cannot just order a bunch of them like we usually do.  So, if you want to get your hands on a 1st Edition Paladin or Legion  Armor T-Shirt, lock in your pre-order at HeroMart now! You have until production starts (We are estimating around November 25th-ish, Thanksgiving) to place your order and guarantee that you will get your shirt. We are going to produce all of the pre-orders at once and then ship in December.

Includes exclusive items for AdventureQuest Worlds!

Each shirt comes with an awesome weapon and half of the "Legion Paladin" class. Combine both halves to create the full class in AdventureQuest Worlds! Themed after the shirts... we merged Artix's Paladin armor and Dage's Paragon armor together into a horrifying and powerful new class.
Posted by Beleen
New Online Roleplaying Game Releases on October 24 2014

Get strong this weekend! Brand new items, monsters, quests, and mayhem await you in the best online adventure, roleplaying, fantasy, and sci-fi games by Artix Entertainment!


AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG

Blood and Blades: Battle for the Vampire Throne

As the finale battle for the Vampire Throne grows closer, all 4 combatants and their allies begin preparing for a bloodbath beyond compare!

  • There are only TWO choices left in the battle for the Vampire Throne: who will YOU fight for?

  • Unlock the Dark DragonMaster set when you buy 5000 or 12000 ACs!

  • Level cap raises to 65 this weekend! 10% XP boost on all servers, and 15% on Legend servers!

  • Find the Corvus Corvax armor set in the Monthly Member shop!

And that’s not all! Read More and buff your IRL WIS & INT stats before heeding the call of battle. Now you’re ready to battle on all weekend long!

Posted by Beleen
Happening Now: Play New Video Game Releases!

YES—it’s Friday! And you’ve got the entire weekend ahead of you. Some of my fondest memories are that of weekend-long video game binges that started when I got home from school Friday afternoon and ended … um…. ????? But back in my day, we didn’t have awesome online games like AQWorlds and EpicDuel. No no no… I had Yoshi’s Cookie on my four-shades-of-gray Gameboy and Faceball on my Super Nintendo. /facepalm

Luckily for you, it’s 2014, AND it's Friday night, which means that brand new adventures, items, monsters, and mayhem are literally a click away in your Artix Entertainment game of choice!

AdventureQuest Worlds MMO


AdventureQuest Worlds

Blood and Blades: Battle for the Vampire Throne

The time has come to choose a successor for Queen Safiria, ruler of Darkovia's vampires. Fight for the Vampire YOU want to take the Vampire Throne; your support will make the difference between ruling… and being banished back to the shadows of obscurity. Once you’ve battled, speed over to Battleon to get your gauntlets on Dage’s DeathRider bike set, available until October 24th!

  • Vote with your blade to help choose the next ruler of Darkovia’s vampires!

  • Find Dage in Battleo to check out his DeathRider Bike shop! Availabie until October 24th!

  • 6th birthday gift: 200 free ACs If you’ve logged in within the last 30 days and are level 10+!

So, are you ready to risk your Life Bar by going on new epic adventures in your favorite MMOs and RPGs? Read more and then find out for yourself! Battle on all weekend long, hero!


Posted by Artix
Happy Birthday Community!

It is our 12th Anniversary-- and we hope you enjoy this year’s cross-game event, “Phantom of the Pixel!” The idea of cursed items crafted from dead pixels is…. spine-tinglingly awesome! The event spans AQWorlds, EpicDuel, DragonFable, MechQuest, HeroSmash, Oversoul and the original AdventureQuest. With the coming of the new mobile games, it might be too hard to have another full cross-over games event like this… so do this one while you still can!

I would sincerely like to thank you, and everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey. Thank you to you and all of the amazing gamers who login and battle in our video games. Thank you to all of you who give us encouragement and much love on the forums, twitter, facebook and all of the other ways you talk with us. Thank you for not just playing the games but contributing your creativity and clever ideas. Thank you to everyone who believes in us and supports us by upgrading or buying things in the video games—because of you we can afford to keep the lights on and the server hampsters running at full speed. It has officially been 12 YEARS of weekly, non-stop updates! THANK YOU!  

Our video game’s “weekly new releases” — where we add new quests, maps, monsters, weapons & content to the game — is something that is really special about our community. AdventureQuest classic was one of (if not the) first to do it. We have been compared to long running shows like The Simpsons, Southpark, and Saturday Night Live with our game’s history of weekly releases. But there is one big difference… TV shows run in seasons and the cast and crew… take breaks. We do not. We never have. As a whole, the AE team has delivered a new video game update/release every single week for 12 years. Our games never take holidays off — the team and I actually work harder and have larger releases during them!  

Because of that, I would very much like to recognize and thank the AE team — all of the artists, animators, writers, coders, the moderators, the forum staff, and all of the volunteers for their hard work. I am extremely proud of these passionate super heroes. Thank you all, too — players, team, and all the people who love us and put up with our crazy video game habits — for making Frogzards, Moglins and DoomKnights a part of our everyday life!

Battle on!


P.S. Ooooh… NEXT year will be our 13th Anniversary… we should up the bar and change the format. Better start brainstorming now. Open to ideas!

Posted by Beleen
Curse of the Phantom Pixel

Artix Entertainment’s 12 Anniversary Special Event!

Ding! Artix Entertainment just leveled up! Thank you so much for being with us as we celebrate our 12th anniversary with special events happening in 7 of your favorite MMOs and RPGs.


  • What: Cross-game scavenger hunt for 13 cursed artifacts
  • When: Friday, October 10th, 2014, starting at sundown
  • Who: You and me and tens of thousands of your fellow heroes and the Artix Entertainment team
  • Where: All 7 Artix Entertainment games!
Posted by Artix
Curse of the Phantom Pixel

"7 Games"

Your screen is made of millions of pixels. At any moment... a pixel can die. An evil artist foolishly used dead pixels to create items in our 7 games... and as you know, things created from dead pixels are cursed. This Friday, adventure through AQWorlds, Epicduel, DragonFable, MechQuest, HeroSmash, Oversoul and AdventureQuest Classic to find all 13 items and lift the curse for the ultimate prize!
Learn more about the Phantom Pixels on the AQWorld's Design Notes
Posted by Beleen
Happening Now: New Video Game Updates in October

October is finally here, and that means the best online MMOs and RPGs have dozens of tricks and treats for you! Not only is October Artix Entertainment’s anniversary, but many of our games celebrate their birthdays in October, too! As we prepare for next week’s birthday shenanigans, prepare yourself for this week’s adventures!

AdventureQuest Worlds MMO


AdventureQuest Worlds

AQWorlds’ 6th Upholder and Sentinel Class

AQWorlds' 6th birthday is next week at www.AQ.com and that means we are once again offering the chance to become an AQW Upholder! Unlock the Sentinel Class, armor set, and 2 star swords when you upgrade in October!

  • Head to MystCroft and talk to the Cauldron Sisters to battle through the first 6 years’ of Mogloween releases!

  • Link your AQWorlds account to Facebook for increased account security and faster logins!

  • 25% EXP and Rep boosts on Legend servers and 10% EXP boost on ALL servers!

  • Unlock Naval Commander Class for AdventureCoins or gold (if you have an upgraded account)!

They say that knowledge is power, so buff your INT stats by reading more!

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