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Posted by Beleen
The Best Free MMOs and RPGs Just Got Better with New Game Releases!

It’s a brand new weekend with brand new adventures in your favorite Artix Entertainment games! We’ve been super busy with the mobile game Battle Gems, the Battle Gems Fan Art Contest Winners, and launching Guild Launch in AQWorlds! Speaking of….


AdventureQuest Worlds MMO

Tower of Doom: Hunt for the Eternity Blade

  • What dark and deadly creatures wait at the top and bottom of this death-trap? 
  • Battle increasingly-difficult monsters on your way to the top of the Tower of Terror or take on more and more challengers as you fight your way to the lowest level of the Tower! 
  • Unlock the Eternity Blade quest at level 30 for a chance to battle in the most brutal fight of your life!
    • Battle through 100 levels of terror in the Tower of Doom
    • Slay minibosses to reach the top and bottom… and the beastliest bosses around 
    • Slay monsters to earn merge shop resources for exlusive gear

And that’s not all! Read more and check out all the new NEW in every Artix Entertainment game. Battle on all weekend long!



Posted by Beleen
The Best Free Games Just Got Better: Brand New Releases Across Artix Entertainment

The weekend is finally here! Woohoo! The Battle Gems Fan Art Contest winners have been announced as well. Double woohoo! And new monsters, quests, zones, and items are now available in Artix Entertainment’s best games! Woohoo^3!   


AdventureQuest Worlds MMO

  • Save the Princess: Battle in Breakstone
    • Princess Tara of Swordhaven has been kidnapped by the Dread Red Dragon… and we need a Hero to save her! Help us help the Princess AND new heroes by playing through our new tutorial, then let us know what you think! 
    • High-level versions of the boss are available, too! 
    • Battle through Breakstone to save Princess Tara
    • High level challenge: Take on the Dread Red Dragon at levels 30, 45, or 60 for exclusive gear!
    • Dark Dragomancer Morph Limited time shop!

And that’s not all—read more about your favorite Artix game and all the new NEW happening now. Battle on all weekend long!

Posted by Artix

The most anticipated event of Summer 2014

Do you have questions? Do you know what is coming? The last five years were leading up to one moment... one that will change our world forever. This summer, in AdventureQuest Worlds, prepare to battle the mysterious and still unknown 13th Lord of Chaos and ultimately face the impossibly powerful, god-like Champion of Chaos, DRAKATH in one-on-one combat! We are going to break all of the rules. Areas of the game will be permanently destroyed. We cannot promise that all of your favorite NPCs will survive... but we can promise that you will learn why Gravelyn & Artix said you were so special in the DoomWood saga. (If you have not played those quests yet, you REALLY should!)



I will be in-game in AdventureQuest Worlds, talking about what is to come. Post your questions here as comments, or post to me on my official @ArtixKrieger Twitter account. I will be answering your questions and spilling secrets the best I can ("no spoilers")  Like all of our BEST events... we wrote a few critical "fixed points in time" but you still have the power to shape what happens with your ideas and creativity. If you missed DragonFable's Great Fire War vs Xan, if you were not one of the players casting the spell that teleported the entire town of BattleOn... YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS! This summer will be one of the most memorable moments in the history of all of our games. Ask away!
Posted by Beleen
OMG MMOs & RPGs: Brand New Game Releases Happening Now

Artix Entertainment has been busier than ever before: we’ve pumped out new fixes in our new mobile game Battle Gems; we’re shipping out HeroMart Coffee Mugs at caffeine-induced speeds; and we’ve added new monsters, items, quests, and mayhem to your favorite Artix games!


AdventureQuest Worlds MMO

  • Natural Predator: Lore Fights Back!
    • To prevent the pollution of Lore by unnatural industrialists, Nature itself is fighting back! 
    • Journey into the heart of a factory where the battlefiend IS the enemy!
  • Celebrate the arrival of spring with our Grenwog event: hunt for eggs in Battleon and defeat the deadly Grenwog!
    • Defeat the evil Chairman Totengeld
    • Slay the dread Grenwog and hunt for eggs
    • Unlock the Spring Seasonal Shop and Tempest set from Twilly
    • Find the Archmage of Light and Dark in the Wheel of Doom

Woah. That’s a lot of awesome. And a lot more awesome is headed your way when you click that Read More button down there. Have a great weekend, and Battle ON!

Posted by Beleen
New Video Game Releases Just Launched!

Now that Friday is finally here, you are free to play games all weekend long! And here’s the best part: Artix Entertainment just released brand new items, quests, monsters, and mayhem in the best MMO games and RPG games.


AdventureQuest Worlds MMO

  • Lucky Day: Battle Gems Carnival!
    • The Dark Queen has evolved, but her goal remains the same: to protect the Nation from all who would harm it… and that includes you! Journey deep into the heart of Ravenloss to face the Queen’s Champion; survive the deadliest warrior in Ravenloss or there will be nothing left of Lore but a ChaosWeaver killing ground… and your friends will be left as prey!
    • Battle through Lore with the Arachnomancer Class
    • Invade the heart of the Dark Queen’s realm in the Ravenloss War
  • Class Points Boost all weekend long!


All of that—and more!—is happening now in AQWorlds, and when you click that Read More button down there, you’ll discover all the new NEW taking place in every Artix Entertainment game. Get ready to Battle On all weekend long, hero!




Posted by Beleen
New Contest: Battle Gems Fan Art

Battle Gems, the brand-new puzzle RPG game in the iOS App Store, is a Critical Hit! Since its launch last week, over 500 shining Reviews gave Battle Gems a 4 Star Rating. AMAZING! Artix, Cysero, myself, and everyone here at Artix Entertainment is so happy that you love Battle Gems as much as we love creating the best video games online and on the phone!

Battle Gems new RPG mobile game

We know you love Battle Gems. And we know you love Contests. And we know you love love LOVE winning free stuff. So let’s make everyone super happy by hosting the first-ever Battle Gems Fan Art Contest!

Battle Gems fan art contest

You don’t have to be a Battle Gems player to enter this contest—it’s open to anyone who has a passion for art, video games, horrible puns, and geek culture parodies! Just make sure you read all the rules prior to submitting, because we KNOW we’re gonna get A LOT of entries, and we’re really busy here making games (aka playing Battle Gems when Artix isn’t looking, hahahhaaa), and we want to make sure that your awesome Fan Art submission has a fair chance of winning.

Read More for all the contest rules and prizes!

Posted by Artix
MegaCon Photos!


The Battle Gems invade MegaCon 2014

If you somehow managed to miss the explosion of announcements, photos and screenshots... Battle Gems, our first major mobile game, went live on the Apple App Store last week. It is being featured by apple as Best New Game on the app store in position #12. While the coders have been hard at work on getting the first update ready (Which will fix Dracustein Frankula, iPod Touch 4th Gen, and the rare character wipe issues) the Gems headed to the MegaCon 2014 convention to spread the word and cause a some trouble.You can see all of the MegaCon 2014 photos on the Battle Gem's Facebook page. (Please like and share if you can!)

So many awesome players found us! I guess the giant Gems costumes running around were pretty easy to spot. What was really surprising was how many people already knew who the gems were and were excited to take their photo with them. Finding out that we made the game in the Tampa-Bay area surprised a lot of people too-- the cosplayers who go to conventions in Tampa & Orlando, Florida are surprisingly well connected. I would guess there is no more than three degrees of seperation between everyone you see in the photo gallery. The more friends we made... the more we find they already know our other friends! MegaCon has gotten really big... it officially past DragonCon in attendance this year. Next year, I would love to hold an official Artix Entertainment panel there.

STORY TIME: Late on Saturday night, via Twitter, I asked players who their favorite Super Hero was. Then I spent Sunday running around the convention looking for people dressed as the Super Hero's the players tweeted and got them to send a video response back saying that they were their favorite player. So, a few people said "DEAD POOL!" Which, thankfully there were a lot of Deadpools. I took a video with my phone of Dead Pool saying, "<player's name> is my favorite player!" It was a lot harder to do than I thought-- but for the few people I was able to responses for, it REALLY surprised them and made their day.

REMINDER! The Battle Gems Art Contest is happening now! Even if Battle Gems is not out for your device yet you can still get in on it... you can draw the Battle Gems or the characters posted on Battle Gem's Facebook page with any character in the universe. Also.. you can draw really depressing pictures of a sad Android device waiting.
Posted by Beleen
Play Online or On Your Phone: Artix Entertainment’s New Game Releases!

Take the battle to the next level… and to your iPhone! Battle Gems, the crazy puzzle RPG game, has just launched on the iTunes App Store and can be downloaded for FREE here! No iPhone? No problem! Artix has 7 online RPG and MMO games you can play right in your web browser. And it gets better, because you can play brand new game releases all weekend long in every game.


AdventureQuest Worlds

  • ChaosWeaver Invasion: Wrath of a Dark Queen
    • ChaosWeavers - deadly, spider-like beasts from below the surface - are flooding into the towns and cities of Lore with only one goal: to prepare the world for the arrival of their Queen! Pierce the web of deceit being spun around you before everyone you know falls to the warriors of Ravenloss!
    • Take on the ChaosWeaver Nation and the legion of minions they command!
  • Quibble Coinbiter and his rare gear are in Battleon with the Ascended SoulWeaver sets and more!
  • Double Rep Points server boost all weekend long! Rank up the new Ravenloss reputation!

You want more from the best free to play games? Jut hit that Read More button to land your critical click. It’s super effective!  

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