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Posted by Cysero

We spent the last few days gathering all your questions for Titan and he has been kind enough to take the time to pick his favorites and answer them for you. Presenting TITAN'S ANSWERS!


Posted by Cysero

The votes have been counted and this week you get to ask EpicDuel's TITAN your questions in our first You Ask, We Aswer. 


Posted by Cysero

Ever wanted to get to know an AE staff member personally? This might be your chance. READ THE POST to find out how to get your questions answered. 

You Ask

Posted by Beleen
New Game Releases on July Twenty Five

Got game? Artix certainly does—and we’ve got brand new releases in the best free games to play all weekend long!


MMO AdventureQuest Worlds

Drakath’s Story: Embrace Chaos

  • For years, you've battled Drakath, the Champion of Chaos. But how well do you know his story - what turned him from a young Prince into an all-powerful mage bent on achieving a single, world-shattering goal? 
  • This Friday, play as Cysero, Artix, Warlic, or Robina the Hood AND Drakath as you finish the journey towards one of the most important events in our world's history: the day Drakath became the Champion of Chaos!
    • Play as Drakath and  Cysero, Warlic, Artix, or Robina!

    • Take on two of Lore’s most skilled warriors in the Alteon and Sepulchure Challenge battles!

    • Talk to Ragnar in Battleon to access the Legend-only Monthly Shop with 28 new items!

    • Find the Gladiator Powerhouse set in your Game Menu

    • The Chaos Paragon Limited Quantity Set leaves August 1st! 

And that’s only the tip of the hypothetical iceberg, because Artix has brand new NEW happening now in your favorite online RPGs. Read More and then Battle On!

Posted by Beleen
Hot New Releases in the Coolest Games!

The weather may be hot… but these new video game releases are hotter! Artix Entertainment games have just been updated with brand new items, monsters, and quests that will quench your thirst for adventure and glory.


MMO AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Play as young King Alteon to experience the beginning of Drakath’s road to Chaos!
  • Confront Drakath in Battleon once the Battleon war meter hits 100%!
  • Talk to Twilly in Battleon to access the Summer 2014 Token shop!
  • Saturday night: Find the Flaming Head helm in the game menu!
  • Upgrade or purchase select AC packages to unlock the Forsaken Warlock tier package

Still thirsty? You betcha! Read More to get your fill on all the new releases happening now in the best free MMOs and RPGs!

Posted by Beleen
Artix Games' Releases Rolling Out On 7/11!

Step up, get your gear on, and roll out, because WAR has taken over Artix Entertainment's games this summer! And as battles rage inside our games, real-life warriors are fighting right now for the title of World Cup Champions; limited time shops with gear to show your team spirit are available in AQWorlds and EpicDuel! 


MMO AdventureQuest Worlds

After last week's encounter in the Lair, the forces of the Alliance and Chaos are even hungrier for blood than ever... and the 13th Lord of Chaos LOVES the havoc being wreaked!

  • Tonight, the forces of Chaos are attacking Battleon, and ALL heroes are summoned to the fight! 
  • Choose to fight for Chaos or the Alliance in Battleon, or travel throughout Lore defeating your opponents!
    • Choose to PvP in Battleon for the Alliance or Chaos!
    • Hunt through Lore to defeat Chaos invaders and defenders!
  • New gear has been added to the Wheels of Doom and Destiny!
  • The Freedom Day and AQWorlds Cup Shops are now available!
  • Upgrade or purchase select AC packages to unlock the Forsaken Warlock tier package!

Be sure to check out the new look of HeroMart and we added another shipping partner to better serve you!

Read More for all the fun happening now in the best free MMOs and RPGs from Artix Entertainment.

Battle On!

Posted by Cysero
Battle Gems PvP

BATTLE GEMS PVP IS LIVE! Get details on what's new, how to get your own GOLD NAME and some helpful links to help you get it faster! 


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