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Posted by Beleen
Cysero’s AQW Release and New Game Updates on June 26

Everyone’s favorite Mad Weaponsmith, Cysero, has returned to AdventureQuest Worlds for this week’s brand new release: Deadmoor Spirit. There is also rumor that Cysero will release his personal Armor and Super Hammer after 6 years of relentless demand!


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Deadmoor Spirit: The Stolen Screams

  • Written by Cysero himself
  • Help free the spirit of a little girl
  • …before her screams are made into a weapon of fear!
  • Go to Deadmoor, help him help her
  • Learn the secrets of Deadmoor's terrible past
  • and you'll get to learn a little bit more about Cysero too

Cysero’s Personal Items

  • Mad Weaponsmith Armor
  • Super Hammer

So much more is happening this Friday, June 26, in AQWorlds and our other web games. Click here to read more, and have fun battling on all weekend long!

Posted by Beleen
New Release by Artix: Ebil Dread Space

This summer is starting off with a blast… off into space! Undead cybernetic zombie monster filled space, to be exact. Artix Krieger himself designed and developed this Friday’s AQWorlds release, entitled:


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Ebil DreadSpace

  • Special Release, written by Artix
  • Climb aboard the S.S. Paladin spaceship
  • Investigate a Space Station
  • High Alert: Cyborg Alien Zombies; proven threat
  • Skylab Z is the secret hiding place of the *TRANSMISSION LOST*

Featured Artist Limited Quantity Items

  • Nulgath’s Void Rider Package
  • Dage the Evil’s DreadSpace Set
  • Nulgath’s Void Rider & Pet Package
  • Memet’s Baku Ghost Pet Package
  • More info about these sets here

Up to 50% More AdventureCoins for Free

Assuming you make it back in one piece from your space voyage, head on over to our other RPGS and MMOs and play their new game releases, too. Get ready to Blast Off and Battle On!

Posted by Beleen

8-Bit Super Hard Game

Rolith's "ONE DAY GAME PROJECT" has just been released on Apple and Android devices! It is titled VelocityAE, and it is hard... hard... and super hard.Last 10 seconds and you are pretty much a gaming god. Give Rolith a little love, rate the app 5 star and tell someone about it. See if they can beat your score :D


Get the Velocity AE game app!

Posted by Beleen
New Game Updates on Friday, June 12

What a crazy awesome week it has been! BioBeasts has already triumphed its first Stretch Goal on Facebook, unlocking exclusive Helms in AQWorlds for everyone to enjoy!


Once BioBeasts reaches 15,000 Likes on Facebook, the Hazardous BioBattery and Electro BioBattery capes will unlock. Be sure to Like the BioBeasts Facebook Page if you haven’t already! Thanks for all your support!

In addition to the BioBeasts promotional campaign, AQWorlds is gearing up to release:


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Guardian of the Underworld

  • Journey through Dage’s gate
  • Dage’s “Guardian” begins attacking everyone
  • Boss Battle: 3-Headed Grrberus

Sizzling Summer Sale

Rares Shop

  • Blood of Cerberus armor set
  • Find the shop your Game Menu

Be a Video Game tester!

All of that—and so much more—is launching this Friday, June 12. Read more to uncover all the new NEW happening this weekend inside your favorite Artix Entertainment games. Battle on!

Posted by Beleen
Start Your Summer Now: New Game Releases on June 5

Hiya hero! In addition to making brand new adventures every week for you, we are also working on a bunch of mobile gaming projects, including AQ3D! We’ve been busier than ever before, and we just want to thank you so much for supporting our games throughout our journey. We’re lucky to have you by our side as we prepare for the BIGGEST summer in Artix Entertainment history!   


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Tournament of Heroes

  • Can YOU defeat 15 of Lore’s fiercest fighters?
  • Take on the Gauntlet of Champions in the Tournament of Heroes
    • Discover their stories
    • Marvel at their accomplishments
    • Challenge them to head-to-head combat!
  • If you survive all 15 rounds, your portrait will be placed alongside theirs in the Hall of Victors

Summer Shop

  • Surfboards
  • Sunglasses
  • Robot dolphin (wat?)
  • Limited-Time: Ultra Revenger and Jurassic Raptor armor sets!

Read more and see what’s happening in our other games!

Posted by Beleen
Ask Beleen Anything!

So apparently I can just embed a Facebook post here. That’s pretty neat. I love living in the future =D

Hiya! Beleen here! And I know you’ve always wanted to know more about me. So here’s your chance to ask your question and...

Posted by AdventureQuest Worlds on Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Posted by Artix
AdventureCouch 5

Our first real-life band is about to play in Yulgar's Inn. Come meet them on AdventureCouch!

Adventure couch number 5 live band members interview

Is it just me, or does the lead singer, Amanda, look a lot like Gravelyn in the cover pic?

Posted by Beleen
LIVE Band in AQWorlds and MORE!

Like the Raffle Contest in AdventureQuest, and Even MORE Game Releases!

As you are reading this, your favorite game teams are excitedly preparing your RPGs and MMOs for brand new content: new monsters, new adventures, new items, and new fun times to share with your friends. As the daylight comes to an end on Friday, May 29, you and a million fellow heroes will log in and experience:


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Dragon Hunt in Thunderfang Spire

  • Travel north of the Red Dragon’s Lair
  • Climb treacherous mountain ranges
  • You’re in the Lightning Dragon territory now!
  • If you survive the storm… you may be richly rewarded from the dragon’s treasure hoard!

Lightning Dragonsworn Rare Gear

  • Electrifying new items await the Rare Item collector:
    • Armor
    • 2 Helms
    • Cape
    • 2 Weapons
    • and the Krenos Pet!

Live at Yulgar’s Inn: Synderes

  • Party with the NPCs house band LIVE at Yulgar's Inn!
  • Doors open Friday night for this special appearance
  • Score new items, too!
  • #RockOn in BattleOn

Last Days of Summer Sale

  • Bonus AdventureCoins offered with every AC bundle
    • 11% more free with the 900 AC package
    • 25% more free with the 2000 AC package
    • 40% more free with the 5000 AC package
    • 50% more free with the 12000 AC package
  • Epic offer ends Sunday, May 31
  • Be sure to stock up now!

All of that—and so much more—is waiting for you. Read more to see all the other things your favorite games are releasing this week. Have fun and battle on!


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