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Posted by Alina
AE's Summer Releases Are Heating Up!

Here at the Secret Underground Lab, this we're battling real-life heat waves and storm surges, but we made sure to keep our laptops dry and our coders caffienated enough to bring you enough massive bosses, anti-magical armies, and new gear to earn to keep you fighting all weekend long!


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

The LunarMancer: Moonlight on the Grave

  • Fight to survive when the LunarMancer's revenge ritual pulls brings an old enemy and his army into Luna Cove!
  • Get up to 25% more AdvenutureCoins when you buy a 12000 or 5000 AC package
  • Unlock the exclusive Ancient Grovebreaker Blade when you buy any AdventureCoin package
  • Find the Fantastic Lore Limited Time Shop in your Game Menu

So much more is happening this Friday, July 24th, in AQWorlds and our other web games. Click here to read more, and have fun battling on all weekend long!

Posted by Alina
Worlds of Battles are Waiting For You!

Artix Entertainment's friendly team of game developers bring you another week of epic battles, deadly bosses, and TONS of all-new reward gear to unlock! Read on to see what waits for you, then /unsheath your blade and prepare to Battle ON!

HP-Livingdungeon-happeningnow-545 aq.jpg

AdventureQuest Worlds - Artix's Living Dungeon!

Log in at www.AQ.com this weekend and bring your friends! When the dungeon itself turns against you... you will need everything you have got to survive because... it is ALIVE! Artix returns with another all-new, ground-breaking (literally!) release to rock your world (and shatter your ideas about just what a dungeon can be made of)! 

Don't miss the Ancient Grovebreaker Blade - unlock this exclusive new weapon with any AdventureCoin package, then find the Eternal Groveborn Rares shop in your game menu! 

Posted by Artix
Tonight in AQW: Titan Hollow

Tonight! Friday night (est) is the opening of the living dungeon "Titan Hollow" in www.AQ.com I was really grateful to be able to work on this for you with J6, Reens, Ghost and the rest of the AQWorlds team! Like my previous adventure, Dreadspace, it is reasonably sized for casual gamers to enjoy, but has lots of end game and bonus content to do for ultra dedicated gamers who want more. If I only get to tell you one thing about this new mini-story... is that it is beautifully creepy with a really fun feel good ending. When you see the quality of J6's art and Ghost's amazing animated cutscenes... you will see why we needed those extra 3 days!


Posted by Alina
Friday in AQW: Artix's Living Dungeon

This week's installment of AQW's Summer 2015 "Return of the Living Devs" event at www.AQ.com brings us another release from Artix - his Living Dungeon! Last week, we delayed this release in order to get enough time to build all of the completely new assets needed to create his vision... and let me tell you,  it truly takes a team to build a dungeon that attacks a hero!

living dungeon battle free rpg mmo
Posted by Beleen
Beleen’s AQW Release and New Game Updates on July 3

What happens when the CEO of a video game company allows his bubbliest, fun-loving, pink-obsessed developer to design an ENTIRE game event all by herself? Paladins across the world will scream… vile Archfiends will become super cute Chibis…  and Beleen will shower the entire AQWorld with her Pink Madness!


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Chaos Queen Beleen... THE PINK... IT BURNS... BURNS!!!

  • Special event written by Beleen (hey, that’s me!!)
  • Discover the abandoned village of Drearia
  • But when Beleen accidently finds Chaos… her powers mutate in the strangest (and pinkest) ways possible!
  • Watch Nulgath the Archfiend turn Chibi
  • Artix’s Paladin Armor becomes PINK!!
  • Race on a Rainbow (yes, seriously!)
  • Put an end to Beleen’s Pink Madness before it infects us all! The horror… the HORROR!

Nulgath-crafted Beleen Items

  • Bank Pets, BattlePets, and normal Pets
  • Beleen’s Apprentice Armor
  • Chibi Nulgath Faces (helms)
  • Chaos Beleen Reavers
  • And much more OMG!
  • And there will be non-pink items too, don't worry =p

This is definitely going to be the funniest and goofiest release of the year :D

^^ All of that, and SOOOO much more, is happening Friday, July 3, 2015, at www.AQ.com! Aaaaand should you survive the power of the pinkness, there are a whole bunch of other game releases you can play. Have fun and pink on, player!



Posted by Beleen
Cysero’s AQW Release and New Game Updates on June 26

Everyone’s favorite Mad Weaponsmith, Cysero, has returned to AdventureQuest Worlds for this week’s brand new release: Deadmoor Spirit. There is also rumor that Cysero will release his personal Armor and Super Hammer after 6 years of relentless demand!


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Deadmoor Spirit: The Stolen Screams

  • Written by Cysero himself
  • Help free the spirit of a little girl
  • …before her screams are made into a weapon of fear!
  • Go to Deadmoor, help him help her
  • Learn the secrets of Deadmoor's terrible past
  • and you'll get to learn a little bit more about Cysero too

Cysero’s Personal Items

  • Mad Weaponsmith Armor
  • Super Hammer

So much more is happening this Friday, June 26, in AQWorlds and our other web games. Click here to read more, and have fun battling on all weekend long!

Posted by Beleen
New Release by Artix: Ebil Dread Space

This summer is starting off with a blast… off into space! Undead cybernetic zombie monster filled space, to be exact. Artix Krieger himself designed and developed this Friday’s AQWorlds release, entitled:


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Ebil DreadSpace

  • Special Release, written by Artix
  • Climb aboard the S.S. Paladin spaceship
  • Investigate a Space Station
  • High Alert: Cyborg Alien Zombies; proven threat
  • Skylab Z is the secret hiding place of the *TRANSMISSION LOST*

Featured Artist Limited Quantity Items

  • Nulgath’s Void Rider Package
  • Dage the Evil’s DreadSpace Set
  • Nulgath’s Void Rider & Pet Package
  • Memet’s Baku Ghost Pet Package
  • More info about these sets here

Up to 50% More AdventureCoins for Free

Assuming you make it back in one piece from your space voyage, head on over to our other RPGS and MMOs and play their new game releases, too. Get ready to Blast Off and Battle On!

Posted by Beleen

8-Bit Super Hard Game

Rolith's "ONE DAY GAME PROJECT" has just been released on Apple and Android devices! It is titled VelocityAE, and it is hard... hard... and super hard.Last 10 seconds and you are pretty much a gaming god. Give Rolith a little love, rate the app 5 star and tell someone about it. See if they can beat your score :D


Get the Velocity AE game app!

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