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Posted by Artix
AdventureCouch 5

Our first real-life band is about to play in Yulgar's Inn. Come meet them on AdventureCouch!

Adventure couch number 5 live band members interview

Is it just me, or does the lead singer, Amanda, look a lot like Gravelyn in the cover pic?

Posted by Beleen
Happening Friday Night: LIVE Band in AQWorlds, Raffle Contest in AdventureQuest, and More Game Releases That Are Too Awesome to Explain in this Title

As you are reading this, your favorite game teams are excitedly preparing your RPGs and MMOs for brand new content: new monsters, new adventures, new items, and new fun times to share with your friends. As the daylight comes to an end on Friday, May 29, you and a million fellow heroes will log in and experience:


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Dragon Hunt in Thunderfang Spire

  • Travel north of the Red Dragon’s Lair
  • Climb treacherous mountain ranges
  • You’re in the Lightning Dragon territory now!
  • If you survive the storm… you may be richly rewarded from the dragon’s treasure hoard!

Lightning Dragonsworn Rare Gear

  • Electrifying new items await the Rare Item collector:
    • Armor
    • 2 Helms
    • Cape
    • 2 Weapons
    • and the Krenos Pet!

Live at Yulgar’s Inn: Synderes

  • Party with the NPCs house band LIVE at Yulgar's Inn!
  • Doors open Friday night for this special appearance
  • Score new items, too!
  • #RockOn in BattleOn

Last Days of Summer Sale

  • Bonus AdventureCoins offered with every AC bundle
    • 11% more free with the 900 AC package
    • 25% more free with the 2000 AC package
    • 40% more free with the 5000 AC package
    • 50% more free with the 12000 AC package
  • Epic offer ends Sunday, May 31
  • Be sure to stock up now!

All of that—and so much more—is waiting for you. Read more to see all the other things your favorite games are releasing this week. Have fun and battle on!


Posted by Beleen
New Game Releases Launching Friday, May 22, 2015

As you are reading this, the creative minds at Artix Entertainment are preparing their newest video game releases for you! Come Friday evening, brand new adventures (and epic items) arrive in:


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Firestorm Finale: Wrath of the FlameLord

  • Arise, almighty Titan!
  • Fight off the Firestorm Onslaught
  • Defeat their leader at Lavarun Altar
  • Prepare for battle against the Phedra, the Fire Titan
  • Score new Lavarun armors, helms, weapons, and items

Memorial Day Weekend Specials

  • Earn DOUBLE boosts each day!
    • 2x Reputation on Friday
    • 2x Class Points on Saturday
    • 2x more EXP on Sunday
    • 2x more Gold on Monday
  • Log in everyday starting Friday to earn your free Boosts!

New Combat System

  • Bonus for upgraded Legends:
  • Help test out AQW’s new combat system on the PTR server

And that’s only the tip of the metaphoric iceberg, because all your favorite games will launch their highly anticipated releases for you to play, too! Read more and battle on all weekend long!  

Posted by Artix
Video Game Projects

"Going to be the best summer ever!"

In addition to the killer game releases in our existing web games (including Artix, Beleen & Cysero returning to AQWorlds for a series of special summer releases) our explsion of mobile game projects are coming for your phones and tablets!
  • Undead Assault (Minigame, Inspired by the original) AdventureQuest: GUARDIANS - 2D RPG)
  • AdventureQuest II "GUARDIAN" (Full 2D RPG for mobile)
  • BioBeasts (EpicDuel's monster frenzy twitch game)
  • Death Level (Warlic & Thyton's age 16+ Retro Dungeon Crawler for mobile)
  • AdventureQuest 3D "LEGEND OF LORE" (Full 3D MMORPG for mobile & web) 

Hit the read more button for the behind the scenes stuff.

Posted by Beleen
Get Your Battle On With This Week’s New Game Releases!

Hiya hero! I am super excited to play this weekend’s newest updates in my favorite online games—and you should be excited too, because we’ve got a lot happening for heroes…and villains… of every level!


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

New Tier II Class: Blazebinder

  • Critically burn your opponents
  • Master 4 new Abilities
  • Unlock 2 new Passives
  • Requires Rank 10 in
    • Embersea Reputation
    • Pyromancer Class
    • Necromancer Class

Battle through The Forge

  • A gauntlet of the Firestorm Onslaught's greatest warriors
  • Survive, and you'll earn the right to face Tyndarius, Lord of the Firestorm
  • Explosive head-to-head combat
  • Winner. Takes. ALL!

Live Band Tonight

  • /Party with the NPCs house band LIVE at Yulgar's Inn!

New Contest!

WHAAA! That Blazebinder Class sounds WICKED! But I’m going to need some help leveling up my Reputation. Join me and the other 86,377,548 AQW players as we quest to become Lore’s hottest Blazebinders! Read more and battle on!

Posted by Beleen
Just Released: New Game Updates at Artix Entertainment

Ah, Friday—we meet again. You are my favorite day of the week; not only do you signal the start of the weekend, but also the start of brand new adventures in the best online RPGs and MMO games!

 aq dage release 5 8.jpg

Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Dage the Evil: The Forgotten Tombs

Battle through The Forgotten Tombs this weekend as we continue the saga of Dage the Evil. Members of the Undead Legion guard one of Dage's most treasured artifacts deep inside the tomb, and Laken's Seraphic Paladins will do anything to possess it - the fate of the Dark Shard depends on YOU!

  • Battle to reach the Dark Shard before the Seraphic Paladins

  • Find Nulgath’s Chaotic Fiend Rares shop in your game menu

  • Find the Golden Cheezburger in Cleric Joy’s Battleon shop until Monday, May 11th

WOW! There’s so much going on in AQWorlds… but the fun doesn’t end there, because our other games have just been updated with brand new NEW, too! Read More and continue your ongoing adventures across the Artix Entertainment universe!

Posted by Beleen
100,000 AdventureCoins Giveaway and New Game Releases

Woohoo! This is one exciting Friday! We’ve just updated your favorite Artix games with a bunch of new stuff, AND we’ve just awarded 100,000 AdventureCoins to one lucky AdventureQuest Worlds player!


Even if you didn’t win the 100,000 AC prize, there are still, like, a hundred thousand other things you can do in AQWorlds. For example, something like this:


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Phoenixrise Gate: Defeat Cinderclaw the Ravenous

Pass through the Phoenixrise Gates to enter a restricted area entirely controlled by the Firestorm Onslaught. Tread very carefully and keep your weapons close at hand, because each Firestorm Warrior has pyro-battle magic hotter than their tempers! Battle your way through the maze of corundum caverns and defeat the dread beast Cinderclaw the Ravenous! The fate of Embersea will rest in your hands... IF you survive!

  • Battle through Phoenixrise Gate and the Fyreborn Caverns

  • Rescue the kidnapped villagers and slay Cinderclaw the Ravenous

  • The I Can Has Mod contest has returned!

  • Find the Fyreborn Mauler and the Minotiger Morph sets in the game menu

Want a hundred thousand more things to do this weekend? Check out our new game updates here, and on behalf of the entire Artix Entertainment team, we hope you enjoy your many fun adventures to come =)

Posted by Artix
AdventureQuest: GUARDIANS

I need your help! "AdventureQuest: GUARDIANS" is up for the official name of our mobile, fantasy, 2D role playing game. Does it strike you in the heart as the right name? It certainly fits the game's main storyline. As you have surely noticed, we have gone back and forth a dozen times on the name for this game... calling it everything from AdventureQuest: BATTLEON to AdventureQuest 2 to AdventureQuest Mobile. After personally using those names for the past few months, I can honestly say it has been confusing. This game needs a unique name that is both special to our community, and has broad appeal to people who have never seen our games yet. "GUARDIANS" is the most meaningful considering the game's main story. Unlike our previous mobile games-- BattleGems and Dragons... this is a full blown real RPG. For lack of better words, it is a re-imagining of the original AdventureQuest with an advanced and flexible combat system. If you are one of many players who have stopped using PCs completely (I know, to us PC users this sounds crazy, but you would not believe the %'s of players who only play on their mobile devices now) then yes, this is the game you have been anxiously waiting for. If this is the name we go with, it would make sense to allow you to login to both the original AQ and AQW from the game to unlock story driven content from your... uh.. "ancestor."

If this game is named GUARDIANS, then this would be our lineup:

  • AdventureQuest Original- Web RPG
  • AdventureQuest Guardians - Mobile RPG
  • AdventureQuest Worlds - Web MMORPG
  • AdventureQuest 3D - Mobile/Unity MMORPG

Please help make this decision. We are "sleeping on it" tonight. If you feel this is right name for the game... go to the official FaceBook post on this and write "GUARDIANS!" in the comments box below. If you have another name that you are 100% sure is better write it! Like most decisions... there are often multiple good answers. I am sorta terrible at making decisions on things like this which is why I always come to you. Thank you in advance for being a part of the video game making process.

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