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Posted by Beleen
New RPG and MMO Game Updates

Who’s ready for the weekend?!? I don’t know why I ask questions that I already know the answer to… but yes yes yes, it’s the weekend and that means your favorite Artix games have just been updated with brand new items, monsters, mayhem, and more!


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

ShadowFlame War: Fight Fire with Fire

This Friday fight fire with fire when Empress Gravelyn and the Dragonbone Necromancers use the body of Akriloth, lord of the Fire Dragons, as a host for Sepulchure's spirit! Unsheathe your blade and prepare for war… because once the Empress of the ShadowScythe and the Queen of Monster’s Fire General come face to face, the eruption’s aftermath will permanently change one of these rulers' lives… FOREVER!

  • Choose to fight for Good, Evil, or the Queen of Monsters in our new 3-way war!

  • Your choice will determine what happens next in the Firestorm Onslaught storyline!

  • Unlock the ShadowFlame DragonSlayer Champion gear with our newest AC package!

  • Log in all weekend long for our Spring Break Daily Server Boosts!

They say that knowledge is power… so buff your brain by reading more and discover all the new NEW happening now. Battle on all weekend long, hero! 

Posted by Beleen
New Game Updates Just Released

Come explore Artix Entertainment’s ever-expanding worlds full of quests and adventure! Your favorite RPGs and MMOs are updated every week, so there is always something new to experience, always someone new to meet, and, as always, so many new items to enhance your legendary status!


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Brimstone Steppes: The Bandits of the Heath

Life is hard on the Steppes. General Kyron knows this better than anyone. That’s why he did it, right? Robbing caravans, holding up travelers, demanding tolls that didn’t exist. One time Bandit Chieftain Kyron did what he had to in order to ensure the survival of his troupe. But that’s all over and done with. But there’s a problem. Recently, reports of bandit activity have had Kyron nervous. With the war and the plague, he cannot afford any distractions. It is up to you to help Kyron put down his former comrades, and escape the shackles of his troubled past.

  • Legend Only Firestorm Islands release: Brimstone Steppes

  • Find out why the Bandits have returned to the Heath, and what that means for the rest of the Firestorm Islands! 

Want to know what’s happening now in DragonFable, EpicDuel, HeroSmash, the original AdventureQuest, OverSoul, and MechQuest? Click here to find out

Posted by Beleen
Friday the 13th AND St. Patrick’s Day Game Releases

What the luck… another Friday the 13th?!? I thought March was supposed to be a lucky month with St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th? Well it’s a good thing you’re an Artix gamer, because your favorite games have just been updated with brand new releases celebrating the unlucky Friday the 13th and the lucky St. Patty’s Day!


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Dark Carnival: Friday the 13th / Lucky Day Crossover

Boost your real-life LUK stat this weekend, because the Dark Carnival is in town, and you're going to need every four-leaf clover, horseshoe, and rabbits foot you've got! Voltaire and Zazul are here to make sure you "win" all the prizes you deserve... including some rare, Friday the 13th / Lucky day crossover gear!

  • Play through all our Dark Carnival minigames, including this year’s newest: Punt Zorbak

  • Accept Zazul and Voltaire’s quests for rare and very creepy Dark Carnival gear

  • Legends can preview the new Unlucky Leperchaun Class

  • A double Class Points Boost on ALL servers, plus an extra XP boost on Legend servers

  • Check out Dage’s Dark Vampire and Nulgath’s Necromancer Fiend rares shop

And there’s a lot more luck (and loot) waiting for you in the best RPGs and MMOs. Check ‘em out here and get ready to shamRock ‘n roll! 

Posted by Beleen
March Headstrong Into New Game Releases!

Everyone’s favorite day of the week is here; it’s not just Friday—it’s Release Day! Which means that your favorite MMOs and RPGs have just been updated with… wait for it… new game releases!  


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Dage the Evil: The First Betrayal

Battle through Nulgath’s Shifting Planes cavern as Dage the Evil in the final tests to earn his Mark of Mastery and became one of Lore’s most feared Necromancers. Take down Nulgath’s most loyal minions to prove that you are worthy of leading the Undead Legion… but be wary, because Nulgath the ArchFiend is deadly, and he will exploit any angle in order to stop his apprentice from ascending!

  • Battle through Nulgath’s shifting planes in /darkfortress

  • Farm for gear from Wilhelm Vorkrieg, Dage’s oldest friend, and see the new rare gear in his shop

  • Check out the new gear in Dage’s House Birthday shop

  • Defeat the mystery boss in this weekend’s release for exclusive, seasonal-rare house items

Read More and discover all the new NEW happening now!

Posted by Beleen
Celebrating Dage the Evil’s Birthday and New Game Releases

Everyone’s favorite Dark Lord / Gifted AQW Artist is leveling up in-game and in-real-life! This only happens ONCE a year—and everyone has been dying for this exact moment for the past 364 days.





Well technically, it’s Dage the Evil’s Birthday Weekend Release ‘cuz his actual birthday isn’t until Monday March 2nd……buuuuuut who cares about technicalities when Dage is releasing brand new Undead Legion Armors, Swords, Weapons, Helms, Pets, and… omg… the Legion DoomKnight Class!


You will get to wrap *some* of Dage’s Birthday Items today in AdventureQuest Worlds, but others—like that epic Legion DoomKnight CLASS—will arrive Monday, March 2nd, which is, as we just discussed, his actual birthday day.

So after you get decked out in the most WICKED items that Dage has EVER created, it’s time to show 'em off during tonight’s newest game release: 


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Embersea Isle: Ring of Fires

With the Firestorm Onslaught swarming into the area around Embersea, your blade and skill are needed for an escort mission to Pyrewatch Peak this Friday. When all communication with the tower guards is lost, ArchPyromancer Pyralis must investigate the disappearance of Embersea's latest shipment of medicine, and discover why they've gone silent!

  • Battle the Firestorm Onslaught as they invade Pyrewatch Peak, and discover the location of their next attack!

  • Dage the Evil’s birthday is Monday, but the first of his birthday gear arrives tonight!

  • Buy any AC package of $10 USD or more to unlock the Fyreborn TigerMaster mount armor set! 

All of our other online RPGs and MMOs have received new game updates as well! Be sure to Read More for all the new NEW happening in every Artix Entertainment game. Have fun and Battle On all weekend long!

Posted by Beleen
New Game Releases Online and On the Go!

You made it through another hectic week—congratulations! You totally deserve something epic, like, for example, brand new game releases full of monsters, mayhem, and massive items in your favorite online RPGs and MMOs!


Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Embersea Isle: Ring of Fires

This Friday, journey to Embersea, once the jewel of the Firestorm Caldera, now the capital city of the newly-shattered Ring of Fire island chain.

Speak with Warlord Kyron, former Captain of the Firestorm Guard, now in charge of halting the advance of the Firestorm Onslaught.

He and the townspeople of Embersea prepare for war as a vicious plague rages… and YOU are the only one who can discover the cure!  

  • Battle to defend the people of Embersea from monsters fleeing the Firestorm Onslaught 
  • Buy any AC package worth $10 USD to unlock the Fyreborn TigerMaster armor and more
  • Celebrate Carnaval and Chinese New Year in Terra Da Festa and Akiba

Need to take the battle on the go? Not a problem—because our newest mobile app, AdventureQuest DRAGONS, was just updated with global leaderboards and the exclusive Cookie Clicker dragon, Krumblor!

new mobile game adventure quest dragons releases cookie clicker dragon krumblor and leaderboards

AdventureQuest DRAGONS – Free Game on iOS and Android

  • Over 5,000 shining reviews on Google Play!
  • Sharing AQ DRAGONS with 5 friends gets you the Cookie Dragon
  • Introducing Global Leaderboards... with all bugs squashed!
  • New DRAGONS Fan Art Contest just started!
  • Web version of AQ DRAGONS hatching soon-ish

And that’s not all, because our other online games have just been updated with brand new releases, too! Read more and then Battle On all weekend long!

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