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Posted by Artix
Drawings & Dragons
There are 12 Dragons being designed for AdventureQuest Dragons. There will be new, original dragons like the Steampunk Dragon, Fairy Dragon, Slime Dragon, and Golden Xerxes themed Dragon. There will also be several inspired re-designs of popular Dragons from the www.Artix.com video games. Which do you like seeing pictures of more-- sketches of the dragonsrandom phone pics, vines of the artist's screens, or finished paintings of the dragons -OR- option D.) "Why not both...erm... ALL!?"
Oishii's sketchbook is full of multiple versions of each dragon. She only has a few left to do-- it is really hard picking which ones to have artists Thyton and Dage paint! Be sure to like & follow the Offical Dragons Facebook Page! I will be posting sneak peaks there.
Posted by Alina
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you have been on the internet lately, you've probably seen the explosion of Ice Bucket Challenge videos popping up. Maybe you've been challenged, too! A few days ago, Artix was called out by Short Sleeve Sampson (from WWE and Micro-Championship Wrestling), as well as several of our friends and players on social media, to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. But you know us... when ONE member of the AE team is challenged, we ALL are!

So, in the name of an excellent cause, we joined the effort to raise awareness for ALS (aka Lou Gherig's disease) by gathering the bravest, most water-resistant team members to take the plunge. We are also making a donation at www.ALSA.org! AND to keep the word of mouth spreading, we challenged three MORE game companies... but to find out who, you'll need to watch the video!

What is Lou Gherig's Disease?

ALS is otherwise known as Lou Gherig’s Disease and this challenge is all about increasing awareness of this disease. You've seen this a lot online lately and some people are saying that it's just a viral publicity stunt and they are RIGHT! Thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge, more people thanever before are aware of ALS and the ALS Association has blown fundraising goals out of the water...


But seriously. Go Google "ALS" or head to www.ALSA.org to find out more information and additional ways you can help.

Posted by Artix
IT'S A BOY! ...erm... GAMER!

Artix is officially a Father-adin O_O 

Introducing the newest member of our video gaming community... Ash! ...Aidan! ...maybe Valen? We have not officially chosen his name yet. He was born in the bathroom tub of Castle Krieger at 5:39am on August 14, 2014. The cute little undead slayer weighs in at 6 pounds 9 ounces and has WAY awesome hair. So. Much. Hair. He is healthy so we suspect all crying is due to his confusion over why he has been in this world several hours but not played any video games yet. I had the honor of catching the baby. Bringing it above water and watching him immediately take his first breath and spring into full life was a moment none of my words can explain. The midwife was amazing and the entire home birth went off without a hitch. Trinni and I are both anxious for the day you get to battle the evil undead alongside this little guy! --and grateful that he is going to be raised with you in his world. (Read more for photos)

Posted by Beleen
New MMO and RPG Releases Happening Now on August 15th!

What noob says weekends are weaksauce? Buff your Strength stats in the best free to play game releases by Artix Entertainment!


AdventureQuest Worlds MMO

DragonSlayer Challenge: Dreadmaw the Defiler

Galanoth the DragonSlayer has created a training ground inside the Coliseum stocked with draconic constructs - perfect for honing your skills in battle and gaining the glory all heroes seek! Take on Lore's most famous dragons and pit your strength against the ferocious Dreadmaw the Defiler!

  • Battle for fame, fortune, and the thrill of victory against dragons in the Coliseum!

  • Talk to Nulgath in Battleon to find a Rares shop full of fiendish gear, then head into the Tercessuinotlim zone for all-new quests and merge shop gear!

  • Team up with your friends to take on the level 60 Dreadmaw boss for a chance to get ArchFiend’s Draconic Destruction Blade!


And that’s not all—because we have even more adventures taking place in your favorite MMOs and RPGs! Read more and Battle On!

Posted by Artix
DragonCon 2014

Artix Entertainment Panel & Poster Release!

It is that time of the year again-- time for DragonCon, the largest multi-media, pop culture, science fiction & fantasy convention on the East Coast. This will be our 9th year at DragonCon! Well, it will be for some of us...
We are going to launch the amazing 13 Lords of Chaos Poster (collaboration of Dioz and Dage the Evil), spill the beans on all of the unannounced game projects, and... read more!
Posted by Artix
I woke up so excited to write this post for you that I was literally singing about it in the car. Out of tune.... and an awkward attempt at a high note resulted in the spilling of my coffee. It is ok, I was parked. Never sing about idle games and drive-- it is the law! BEHOLD.... A MONOCHROME TEASER POSTER ANNOUNCING WHAT WE ARE BUILDING WITH CRAZY AWESOME WEIRD COOKIE CLICKER RELATED BACKSTORY! Read More O_O
Posted by Beleen
It’s 8/8… Let’s Celebrate with Great MMO and RPG Game Releases!

Artix Entertainment calls upon its defenders of the galaxy to guard and protect the best free games in the universe—especially since there’s brand new releases to play! No matter if you’re a teenager, mutant, ninja, or turtle, you are bound to battle on all weekend long.


MMO AdventureQuest Worlds

13th Lord of Chaos: Shadowfall Attacks

Chaos rages high above the DoomSkull plains, as the Dracolich Castle and the Skyguard's ships fill the sky.  The time has come for Empress Gravelyn and the Shadowscythe to attack Drakath in the heart of his realm!  Meanwhile, in the Underworld, YOU face the battle of your life... against Death himself!

  • Fight for your life as you battle towards your fight against Death while Gravelyn attacks Drakath!

  • Infernal Warrior, IShadowscythe’s Light sets, and Blockbuster Battle gear are all in your game menu!

  • Hunt through Yokai for our Blockbuster battle gear or find Guardans of the Galaxy gear in the MQLesson zone!


And that’s not all, hero!  Read More and buff your real-life WISDOM stats on all the new game releases happening now in the best free MMOs and RPGs!  

Battle On!

Posted by Artix
From Tragedy to Victory

How an In-Game NPC Transformed a Gamer Girl IRL

The dark and inspirational story of AdventureQuest World's writer and community manager, Beleen, was poted today. You can read the exclusive on video game review site, GameSkinny.

Posted by Artix
Moving forward!

It is time to talk about... talking about... upcoming game projects! (No spoilers.) P.S. Anyone else excited about Doctor Who starting back up with the new Doctor!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Hit the read more button to.... read more!

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