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Posted by Cysero
How Will AQ3D Updates Work?

Will AQ3D Have Updates Like AQW?

Short answer: No. At least, not like AQW and our other web games. 

Let me just get this out of the way first... AQ3D WILL have updates. We will be working hard and adding new functionality to AQ3D, like the things I discuss on our Wish List in THIS post. We will be adding new areas, new adventures, new classes and of course new items and weapons, just like all of our games. We just won't be able to add them on the same scale and scope as the AQW releases. 

What does that mean? They will be smaller updates and, while we will be posting them regularly, they probably won't be weekly.

Head to AQ3D.com to read the full post and get all the details on:

  • Why AQ3D updates will be smaller and less often than AQW
  • What makes AQ3D different from our 2D games and
  • Why developing for a mobile game is different/harder than for a web game
Posted by Alina
NEW Battles and AQW's Birthday!


Head to BattleCon 2015 for our 7th Birthday event!

Get your /party on at BattleCon 2015: an In-Game Convention and battle to unlock information and clues about the rest of this month's holiday events!  

  • Find the mysterious new Loremaster in Battleon and recover what he seeks... before Lore falls to Darkness!
  • Quest for Loremaster Maya to uncover the secrets of WHY the shadows are acting so strangely
  • Get awesome new Cosplay-themed rare gear in the BattleCon birthday shop!
  • DOUBLE XP weekend starts Friday night and ends Monday morning!

Buy or renew your AdventureQueset Worlds membership to instantly become a 7th Upholder and unlock four starswords, an exclusive Class, a special in-game zone, a character page badge, and more! 

The shadows are rising, and strange, Dark Loremasters have begun appearing in each of our games... what is happening?! Artix Entertainment's 13th anniversary event begins next week, but before you /jump into THAT battle, take on all of the NEW game releases our teams have for you this weekend!
Posted by Alina
New Game Releases for October 2nd

It's October, and at Artix Entertainment, that's our season of super-awesome holiday celebrations! Several of our games have birthdays PLUS it's AE's 13th anniversary... and strange beings are starting to appear in our games! Starting this weekend, log in all month long to see what we've got in store! 


Upgrade to unlock 7th Upholder!

7th Upholder is live AdventureQuest Worlds! Buy or renew your membership to instantly become a 7th Upholder! If you are currently a Legend in AQWorlds and your membership expires on or after November first, congratulations! You are ALREADY a 7th upholder! Read the Design Notes here for more details.  


Our Mogloween events return!

Candy, costumes, & craziness are in season this Mogloween! Replay everyone's favorite spooky holiday from years ago & get 2015 Seasonal Rare items. 

  • Battle the Necronaut and quest for the GateKeeper! 
  • Take on the FrankenWerePyre
  • Find creepy, crazy, and candy-themed seasonal rare gear!

You aren't going to want to miss a moment, a battle, or a release this month because they are packed with awesome boss fights, cool cutscenes, and rockin' rewards! Starting this weekend, log in all month long to see what we've got in store! 
Battle On!
Posted by Alina
New Releases for September 25th!


AdventureQuest Worlds

Starsword: The Legend BeginZ!
This week, the 1st through 6th Upholders can join Artix on a Dragonball Z parody-quest to learn the legend of the Starswords; next Thursday, October 1st, 7th upholders will unlock the zone, too!

  • Unlock all-new starsword-themed gear
  • Find the Cloud Rider armor, the Super-Slayin' Twig Battle Pet, and more in the DragonRoad Rares Shop!
  • ALL heroes can battle the Grand Theft Frogzard monster in the BattleCon map for a chance to get the free-player pet!


The Back to School AC bonus leaves next Wednesday, September 30th, but until it does, you can get up to 3000 more free AdventureCoins to use for the epic gear releasing this month!

Fall is coming, and with it our holiday seasonal releases... but THIS weekend, we've got incredible battles ahead in each of our games' new weekly releases, crafted with care, code, and craziness by our dev teams! Read on for more details about the other adventures that await you!
Battle On!
Posted by Alina
6000 Artix Point Special

Starting tomorrow and through October 13, 2015, we're adding a special 6000 Artix Points package in honor of the AdventureQuest - DragonFable -MechQuest TRIPLE-Game Crossover event coming soon! 


Spend Z-Tokens in AdventureQuest on epic gear like:

  • Orc Master's Blade
  • The Armopede Pet
  • Ultra Nightmare Rider Armor
  • Summon Energy Dragon Spell
  • Player Houses
  • And more!

Spend DragonCoins in DragonFable on incredible gear like:

  • Gnomish Personal Steamtank Mount
  • Armor Closet (save your armor as your default class)
  • More Bag Spaces and Bank Slots
  • Dragon Chow (to level up your baby dragon!)

Spend NovaGems in MechQuest on mechtastic gear like:

  • Color-custom Mechs
  • More Bag Spaces and Bank Slots
  • Nova Brightfoil Energy Blade
  • And more!

Triple-Game Crossover Event?!!

That's right! The AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest teams have joined forces to bring you a triple-game crossover event that links their lore... and could spell disaster for Lore! Click the Read More button below to find out all the details!

Posted by Artix
Cutscenes in AdventureQuest 3D

Paladin Artix Painting

Sit down, let me tell you a story...

Actually... WAIT! Stay RIGHT where you are. Let me tell you a story about telling stories.

The #1 thing that wakes me up in the morning is the opportunity to create "a moment." Not just any moment, but a killer, surprising, remember-able, and significant moment. If you have played any of our previous games than you probably know exactly what I am referring too about. If you were there in DragonFable when the entire player-base defended the town of Falconreach... we defending it down to it's very last board! Or our 1st LIVE Friday the 13th Event with Voltaire when over 30,000 players set sail together to a forbidden island. The event was so original that GAMER magazing ran an article about it. Or perhaps our most strange, unique and... LOL, somewhat embarrassing moment, where the players of all our games unified to battle EbilCorp across 7 different games to save the entire game studio. (If I have not properly apologized to anyone who thought that event was actually real, please accept my sincere and humble apology...) It was an incredibly challenging event to pull off requiring the cooperation of all of of games, and real life videos, in an all out attempt to excite, engage and entertain you in a way that I am pretty sure no video game studio has ever tried before. Creating unique experiences for you is what motives me.

AdventureQuest 3D, as a multi-device game, means we have the opportunity to do all kinds of interesting things that we... and possibly no-one,  has ever tried before!

Want to find out what the insane-never-done-before-opportunity is? AWESOME! Read the full post on AQ3D.com

Posted by Alina
Dev Inspiration Contest: #MyBioBeasts

Are you excited about BioBeasts?
Would you like to win 10,000 Artix Points?

The Contest:

No purchase necessary, simply answer the following question on the BioBeasts Twitter:

"If you were a BioBeast, held captive by an army of robotic guards, what special power, mutation, weapon, tool, gadget, or otherwise would you use to escape?"

Entry Requirements:

  1. You must tweet your answer to @BioBeasts on Twitter and include the hashtag #MyBioBeast

  2. Your entry must be original and created by you! We strongly recommend tagging any visual attachments in your entry with your twitter name (ex: @Titan_EpicDuel)

  3. Be creative! You can write a sentence, draft a story, draw a picture, build it with Legos, sculpt clay, record a video, carve it in a pumpkin, show us with popsicle sticks. Anything goes!

  4. Entries must be tasteful and appropriate for all ages

  5. You are welcome to post multiple entries, but each must be unique

  6. Spamming will result in instant disqualification

  7. Your Artix account must be in good standing (not banned or in dispute) to qualify for a prize

  8. Entries must be received before October 11, 2015 11:59pm EST

To see sample contest entries and to follow the BioBeasts development blog, head to their site, or follow the BioBeasts team on TwitterFacebook, or Google+!

Posted by Alina
Talk Like a Pirate Day is Here!

Avast, mateys! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day, an' our crew has a host of battles for ye and yers to take on in all our games this weekend! 

AdventureQuest Worlds

Blazebeard's Revenge!

Infernal creatures are flooding into the Celestial Realm and the Avatars of Time, Death, and Life are missing! Aranx, Guardian of the Realm, needs your help to prepare… for WAR!

  • Battle to raise the war meter to 100%
  • Fight to earn gear from the war merge shop
  • Get rare gear from the limited time war rares shop

Quibble's Talk Like a Pirate Day Gear is Here!

  • Talk to Quibble Coinbiter in Battleon to see his boatload of new, rare pirate-themed gear! 

Gear up for adventure or prepare or walk th' plank, an' if ye can take down th' scurvy scallywags who threaten our worlds, ye'll get ALL the loot ye can handle this weekend! 

Posted by Artix
Artix's DragonCon 2015 Report

Greetings and salutations! I am writing to tell you a tale. A tale of the bubble universe known as DragonCon and the impossible scenarios which magically took place there.

But this story is told a week later... mostly because of the dread plague known as "CON ROT" -- now that I am free of infection, you can click the "read more" button below and there is 0% of getting Con Rot... from ME!

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