November Calendar

Alina | Saturday, November 3, 2018

November brings cool air, Fall colors, and the start of the holiday season here in the land of the Secret Underground Lab. Summer may be gone, but we're ready to Fall into a battle stance and gear up for all the releases to come! 

November 2: Two Nights at Twigs 2: Zorbak's Revenge + November Seasonal Set + new Upgrade Bonus

November 9: Sepulchure's Saga Chapter 2.3 - Into the Light + new Featured Gear

November 16: Memet's birthday in the Nightmare Realm + Wheel of Doom update

November 21Thanksgiving Returns + War

November 23Black Friday Rares shop + rewards

November 26Cyber Monday rares shop + rewards

November 30: Inanitas' Spellsword Scavenger Hunt + Featured Gear Shop

More News

Nightmare Nightwraith

EpicDuel 11/9/2018

Geocastellum Mastercraft Set Part 1

AdventureQuest 11/11/2018

Into the Light

AQWorlds 11/9/2018

New Upgrade Bonus

AQWorlds 11/3/2018


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