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The Wandering Light

Clarion | Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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Recently arrived in the town of Battleon, Lady Phimion seeks out members affiliated with the Cult of Mortis, a secretive group of death magic practitioners who adhere to the teachings of an enigmatic necromancer whose name is still unknown to even the most experienced undead slayers. Known to those she encounters as ‘The Wandering Light,’ Lady Phimion has taken it upon herself to eradicate this group before they unleash a tide of darkness upon Lore. Join her in cleansing the depths of the Battleon Cemetery before Battleon becomes ground zero of a zombie apocalypse!


Armor of the Wandering Light

For your unwavering dedication and valor in putting an end to this relentless potential undead scourge, a remarkable reward awaits you... the Armor of the Wandering Light. This illustrious armor, steeped in ancient tradition, is not merely a physical protection but also a symbol of your triumph over darkness. To acquire it, you must collect the Motes of Wandering Light for the venerable Lady Phimion, who guards the secrets of its creation. Each mote you offer represents a fragment of your courage and resilience, and as you gather them, the armor’s luminescent glow intensifies, resonating with the very essence of your heroic deeds.


Spear of Piercing Light

However, there’s more to the tale. Beyond the initial revelation, it becomes apparent that the blessed spear wielded by Lady Phimion holds a significance that extends beyond mere legend. This formidable weapon, known as Spear of Piercing Light is not only a symbol of her unwavering devotion but also a beacon of hope for those who stand against the encroaching darkness. Its holy glow, fueled by the very essence of the Motes of Wandering Light, grants it unparalleled power. A shining force capable of piercing through the veil of malevolence that shrouds the Cult of Mortis. As Lady Phimion embarks on her quest to thwart their sinister plans, she clings to the spear’s hallowed grip, knowing that its divine purpose is intertwined with the fate of Lore itself.


Increasing Housing Slots

Commencing today, adventurers have the opportunity to broaden their housing horizons by securing additional slots for a mere 2,000 Dragon Crystals apiece. These coveted slots offer abundant space for customizing your diverse array of properties throughout the world of Lore. Whether you envision a rustic cabin nestled in the forest, or dare to dream of your personal space base perched upon the moon, these new slots unleash boundless possibilities for players to set their creativity free. 


Last chance to get the Azure Cloak of the Motionless Falls

This is the last week the Azure Cloak of the Falls will be available! To get this amazing item, just purchase any package in the upgrade shop, now with 50% extra Dragon Crystals on select packages. For those that get one of the Guardian upgrade packages, you will also get the Azure Cloak of the Roaring Falls, an animated variant that is only for Guardians. Leaves next week – so now’s your last chance to claim this Cloak!


Coming Soon: “Screengrab Saturday”

We are currently building a brand-new AQ3D homepage, and we are looking to showcase some of our amazing players front and center! Starting this Saturday, you’ll be able to share your most epic moments in Lore for a chance to win prizes and possibly be featured on the new website for the world to see. Contest details coming Friday! 

Battle on!
Clarion, Yergen, Oishii, Blaze, Broomtool, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team

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