Security Report Submissions

Vulnerability & Attack Report Form

Just like we have bounties for serious exploits in our game, we offer rewards for anybody who can provide additional evidence/information on DDoS's, exploits, and cyber-attacks:  Security Tip Bounty Report Form.

Depending on the value of the information in identifying attackers, we will (and have) rewarded:

  • cash
  • in-game currency
  • other compensation (on a case-by-case basis)

If you have information on the people actively engaged in or coordinating attacks on us, please submit a tip. This could be screenshots, links to Discord servers, WhatsApp channels, or useful tips that help us stop the attackers.


If you did not know, Discord and WhatsApp are required to keep deleted messages, deleted channels, and connection info so that the authorities can subpoena the information if needed. So submitting old or no longer working links are fine. Woah, isn't  this getting a little serious? Well, yeah. What the attackers are doing to you and the servers is illegal, and this is what they escalated it to. If you have information, you can send the tip anonymously or preferably with your contact information.

If you would like to help us, you can submit any information to the DDOS & Attack Tip Bounty form or click the button above.