Artix Krieger - Tuesday, November 28, 2023

AQWorlds Infinity Q&A

Everything you wanted to know about AdventureQuest Worlds Infinity but were NOT afraid to ask.

Alina - Monday, March 6, 2023

March 5th Updates

We are aware of the recent issues regarding combat stuns. In addition, Friendship talking/gifting being unavailable, and guild commends was fixed with the server restarts.

Alina - Friday, March 3, 2023

Dage's Birthday + Lucky Day

Our Triple Update of Evil is now available!

Evil has taken over Lore this weekend! Log in this now because Dage's seasonal Dark Birthday zones and gear are back, along with the oh-so-evil RNG-themed minigames in the Lucky Day Fair. Plus, f…

Alina - Friday, March 3, 2023

Spring 2023 AdventureCoin Bonus

Get 50% more ACs with any Membership or AC Pack

Your luck is in! To help you celebrate and make the most of all our March and Spring holiday events, for a limited time, get 50% more FREE bonus AdventureCoins with any AdventureCoin or Membe…

Alina - Friday, March 3, 2023

Best Fiends Forever

Evil NPC Friendship Update

Gravelyn, Dage, and Nulgath in /battleodium as we update our NPC Friendship system with your new BFFs (best fiends forever). Talk to them and give them gifts to build your friendship levels over time. You'll be a…

Alina - Friday, March 3, 2023

Paragon of Doom Pack

Upgrade to unlock the exclusive armor sets

I am neither Dage nor Sepulchure! I am the one who will defeat you... and everyone else that stands in my way! Undead x DOOM FUSION HA! Get the Paragon of Doom upgrade bonus pack when you buy any …

Adventure Quest Worlds Infinity
Artix Krieger - Friday, March 3, 2023

Official name! AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity

The cross-platform remake of AdventureQuest Worlds officially has a final name!

Alina - Wednesday, March 1, 2023

March 1st News Roundup

You've got questions? We've got (short) answers!

With so many players on so many different platforms, the team and I found that our information had become really scattered over the last few years. Last month, we began these "round-up" Desi…

Alina - Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Legion WarSeeker Returns

Seasonal Set available from March 1st - 31st

March is the month of EVIL! Warriors around Lore channel their inner darkness, rage, and embrace the war-like spirit that lives within. This month's seasonal set honors that drive, featuring a s…

Alina - Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Missing Friendship Hearts?

Status: Investigations will begin soon

Hello! We are aware of the issue with Friendship hearts not tracking properly, gifts missing, etc. The coders are currently defragmenting their internal hard drives (aka sleeping), but as soon as they…

Alina - Saturday, February 25, 2023

Shadows of War Finale: Master of Fate

This Weekend: the Shadows of War Saga Finale!

After years of conflict, battles, and revelations about yourself and our world... the Shadows of War Saga finale is finally here! This weekend, log in and battle through the final chapter of th…

Alina - Friday, February 24, 2023

Dage's Dark Birthday Returns Next Week

Join us to celebrate in the Underworld! OR ELSE.

The month of EVIL begins next week as we return Dage's Dark Birthday events AND Lucky Day Fair! Log in and battle through all of Dage the Evil's returning birthday zones, take on wicked boss…

Alina - Friday, February 24, 2023

Shadows of War Featured Gear

Available for a Limited Time!

After years of battle against Drakath, the Queen of Monsters, and the dark, mysterious opponent who came after her, you've more than proven you can control the Shadows that surround you. Find color-customizabl…

Alina - Friday, February 24, 2023

Thursday Updates

Thursday Updates #3 - February 23, 2023

Haii, it's Yoshino here! (under the Alina disguise...again.. shhh - she hasn't noticed!) As part of the recent updates and bug fixes being made every week, some people may miss out on things, so I wi…

Alina - Friday, February 24, 2023

Introducing: Elemental Chronomancers

New Elemental-themed set arrives each month

As we prepare for the next main saga, it's time to get ELEMENTAL!* Find the Chronomancer of Darkness, the first of our seasonal Elemental Chronomancer themes, in your Featured Gear Shop from Marc…

Alina - Friday, February 24, 2023

Yokai New Year Event Extension

Event Now Leaves Friday, March 3rd

Earlier this month, our seasonal Yokai New Year event returned for the Year of the Rabbit and was set to leave this Friday. One of the AQWorlds community artists, Ferozakh, loves creating gear for this ho…