10th Anniversary Gifts

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10th Anniversary Gifts

Alina | Thursday, October 11, 2018

Log in for our 10th anniversary gifts to you!

This Friday, we begin AdventureQuest Worlds' BIGGEST anniversary celebration ever. Log in and head to Battleontown to /party with all your favorite NPCs and friends from across our game universe.


Join us this week for:

  • 500 free AdventureCoins (accounts must have logged in within the last 3 months and be level 10+)
  • 10 free Item Inventory spaces, 10 free Bank spaces, 10 free House Inventory spaces, 10 more Friends List slots
  • The max number of buyable slots available will increase to: 250 Item Inventory spaces, 300 Bank spaces, 125 House Inventory spaces

Note: accounts must have logged in within the last 6 months to get the free spaces.

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