ShadowFall's War

Alina | Friday, October 19, 2018

Our 10th Anniversary WAR begins tonight!

We continue our 10th anniversary celebration with Chapter 2.2 of Sepulchure's Saga. Last week, you battled as Sepulchure the DoomLord and fought to create the beast that would become ShadowFall... your flying Dracolich Fortress.

But Light will NEVER let Darkness flourish in our world... that's why Paladins exist! This weekend, gear up and head into battle as Sepulchure and fight off the 500,00 LightGuard Paladins and Citadel Crusaders who want to destroy you.

Bright Spoils of War

As you fight to raise the war meter, you'll unlock additional quests and merge shop resources. Turn in the war quests for a chance to get the pieces of the Apprentice of the Light armor set. Use the merge shop resources to evolve your items into new forms!


These sets were crafted for Heroes of the Light (or heroes who just like looking GOOD) by legendary AQW Community Artist, Zee the Legend.

  • Apprentice of the Light armor, cape, hair, locks, blade
  • Crusader of the Light armor, cape, hair, locks
  • High Crusader armor, hair, locks, light blade, cape/blade combo
  • Inquisitor of the Light armor, helm, locks, blade, cape/blade combo

Take on the war boss for exclusive drops and to farm all the merge shop resources. Then, talk to Noxus for a bonus battle once you've defeated the boss!

10th Birthday Updates

/Join birthday and take on the Chocolate Cake to get Renn and Zio's armors. We asked them to stand in Battleontown, but they much preferred hanging out near the sweets.

The Chocolate Cake also drops the 10th Birthday Hats of Wonder, Joy, Bliss, and Delight. 

Even MORE updates! 

  • Color-custom Sepulchure's Helm: If you bought the ShadowScythe Armored T-Shirt from HeroMart, your bonus item has arrived in your badge shop. The t-shirt is currently sold out, but if you'd like us tto restock it, let Stryche know on @HeroMart's Twitter account. (This is a good reason to buy while merch is available... you never know when it will sell-out!)
  • Upholder Accessories: The 10th Upholder SpiderKin Star Series and 9th Upholder Vampire Star Series (Staff, Daggers, Polearm, Scythe, BackBlades, and Reversed BackBlades) will be added to Dragon Road next Friday.
  • NostalgiaQuest Update: Dual Necrotic Swords of Doom, Dual Burning Blades of Abezoth, and more will be added to the NostalgiaQuest map next week. (We had planned the NostalgiaQuest update for this week, but due to internet outages and several legacy game issues that needed the team's attention, we've delayed the Nostalgiaquest update)
  • 2018 Achievement Tracker Update: work on the Achievement Tracker zones is still in progress. We will keep you up to date and will begin previewing rewards soon. 

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