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Alina | Friday, January 15, 2021

Log in to get 500 Free AdventureCoins!

Next Friday, we'll continue our Shadows of Chaos Saga in the Mirror Realm as we celebrate our 12th anniversary! But THIS weekend, we're giving out the first of our 12th anniversary gifts: 500 Free AdventureCoins to all our active heroes!

How to get your free ACs

Your account...

  • Must have logged in within the last 3 months and 
  • Be level 10 or higher

The 500 free ACs will be awarded the first time you log in for the day. (So if you've already logged in once today, you'll get your free ACs the next time you log in after 12:01 AM EST server time.)

More gifts headed your way

Do you REALLY want to know? Are you SURE?! Then read on for a small spoiler.

  • 12th Anniversary Gift, Part 2 and 3: House room size increases* + Eternal Hero Birthday Badge
  • 12th Anniversary Gift, Part 4: (hidden)
  • 12th Anniversary Gift, Part 5 and 6: (hidden)

* That means more of your friends can /join your house at the same time!

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