2020 Holiday Cookie Contest Winners

Artix Krieger | Friday, February 5, 2021

Winners of our anything goes dessert contest

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year's 2020 Artix Entertainment Cookie contest. The entries are deliciously dark and maniacally moglin-filled! Next time we do this contest... pleeeease invite us over so we can taste test the entries XD. There were a lot of winners, but seriously... there were no losers. Every entry recieved praise from our dev team. Thank you for being a part of this. For the actual judging... we could not bring ourselves to do it. So we brought in cookie experts.

Judged by the creators of Cookie Clicker!

Who better to judge this cookie contest than the leading experts in video game cookies? Thank you to our special guest judges, Orteil and Opti from the hit game Cookie Clicker. (Fun fact: They also created the game IdleQuest in the new Artix Game's Launcher)

Sepulchure Cake


"As far as we're concerned this is the grand prize winner" - Opti and Orteil

CipherTh1s spent 30 hours of work, planning, sculpting, and coloring to create this unbelievable doom desert! The DoomKnight Sepulchure sits upon his throne of skulls and... uh... candycanes. Complete with a sweet looking (and tasting) Necrotic Blade of Doom. Is that the skull of Chuckles on the floor by his side?

You can eat a DoomKnight?

100% Edible

This Shadowscythe sculpture is 100% edible. Made from dough, sugar, and food coloring. CipherTh1s took pictures of the entire process. Maybe they will share some of them with us on Twitter! This was well earned. Please tweet a congratulations to CipherTh1s for earning the Grand Prize.

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The following 10 entries made it to the winners circle. They have been given "special titled awards" by our guest judges.


Cookie Trophy


Lifelike award


Cookie Trophy

Very merry award



Cookie Trophy


2D award


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Cookie Trophy


:) award


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Cookie Trophy


That's a big cookie! award


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Cookie Trophy


Architect award



Cookie Trophy



This guy chipped in


Cookie Trophy


Blarghglarblrgb award



Cookie Trophy

"Gnarliest" award

Darkvoidxxx's absolutely horrid chicken bone slime for the


Cookie Trophy


Full course meal award



Congratulations again too all of the winners and also everyone who joined in!

Please do a follow up and tell us how your creation tasted... or, if consuming your entry went terribly, terribly wrong-- we want to hear the story XD. The next contest is coming soon.... did you see the strange tweets about it?

Note: We have already begun awarding prizes. If you have any questions, please send a tweet to @AE_Contests

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