2020 Pumpkin Carving Contest

Artix Krieger | Friday, February 5, 2021

Well it's really just a carving/decorating contest at this point, but why change the contest title now?!

Prize Details

  1. There will be ONE Grand Prize winner, who shall receive 2,000 ArtixPoints
  2. 2nd Place Winners will get 1,000 ArtixPoints
  3. 3rd Place Winners will get 700 ArtixPoints
  4. Runners Up will get 500 ArtixPoints
  5. If you go Above and Beyond, we shall award you accordingly ;)

Contest Timeframe

The contest will range from today until 10 AM EST on October 31st. The winners will be announced on the AE_Contests Twitter. Yes, we're bringing that account back.

Contest Rules

To be considered, all entries must:

  • Include your game character name and the year (2020) visually displayed somewhere within the picture or video
    • The game character name in the picture must be tied to an Artix account to receive a prize
  • Must not use digitally altered art (so no Photoshop) - we want to see what you can do offline!
  • Be themed on any Artix game, character, monster, etc
  • Be posted to the AE_Contests Twitter post using #AEPumpkinContest
  • The photo of your pumpkin must be of the highest quality—the bigger and more clear the picture, the better!
  • One entry per person
  • Cannot use a previously submitted entry

You are welcome to use your imagination and use non-pumpkins, but carved pumpkins and gourds are what we want to feature!  So you COULD...

  • Paint a pumpkin
  • Dress an ear of corn
  • Carve a pumpkin pie
  • Make sugar cookies that look like jack-o'-lantern
  • … the possibilities are endless


  1. Please don’t spam your entry or you will be disqualified! You can only win once per person!
  2. A true hero is a good sportsman -- we reserve the right to reward excellent examples of good sportsmanship or remove entries for abusive behavior towards staff or other contest participants.
  3. As always, entries that WOW us and go above and beyond, displaying true effort or creativity, will get extra-special attention (or prizes)!

Good Luck!

On behalf of the entire AE team, we are really looking forward to seeing your creativity carved into whatever kind of food!

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