2022 Cinco de May the 4th Super Event

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2022 Cinco de May the 4th Super Event

Hollow | Thursday, May 5, 2022

2022 Cinco de May the 4th Super Event:

Creatures feeding exclusively on goats, called Chupacabras, have been sighted around Lore! You must find these elusive monsters during random battles and track them back to their den if you are to save the dwindling goat population. You may even stumble upon the rare Zard Pinata monster that is full of new and returning festive rares! Starslayer has arrived from space to take over The Void. With Dark Visor battling by his side, this pair will make short work of any unprepared challengers! Defeat Dark Madder's top apprentice and claim new rewards, including a special Dark Invader armor.

Limited Time Shop:

The famed axe of Artix, now further enhanced by salvaged parts from Hollow’s garage! This weapon swaps between Melee/Magic/Ranged damage, and comes in Pulsar and Astraeus variants. We have also filled the Limited-Time Shop with TONS of holiday gear, including new and returning items to celebrate all of the Moms of AQ!

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