2022 Frostval Season of Gifting Contests Finale

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Both Contests End 11:59PM EST January 31st

Hollow | Thursday, January 26, 2023

2022 Frostval Season of Gifting Contest Stretch Goal Prizes:

As the contests near their final days, generous players have smashed the stretch goals for both contests!! Visit Chilly's Shop in the Frostvale Village to find the Axe of Kindness and Slaymore of Kindness weapons!

Kibbles and his cousin Tibbles have returned to spread holiday cheer with new Season of Gifting contests! This merry elf duo collects gifts and randomly gives them to your fellow players - meaning you could receive gifts up to 5000 Z-Tokens or 100 million Gold just for playing!

  • This year Tibbles is rewarding charitable players with powerful Devored Earth items.
  • Not to be outdone, Kibbles has brought his own Shadowstalker gear.
  • That means for crazy generous players there are 14 possible prizes to win!
  • 10 Frostval Crown Misc items are being given away DAILY for everyone that gifts either gold or Z-Tokens (5 daily for gold, 5 daily for Z-Token). You can double your chances of winning if you gift both gold and Z-Tokens in a single day!
  • 2 versions of the Frostval Crown are available - Ferocious Frostval Crown for +LSDmg and -LSRate, and Precise Frostval Crown for +LSRate and -LSDmg. Winners will receive the Ferocious crown by default, and it can be swapped for the Precise version via the Item Upgrader. This daily giveaway will end with the contests on January 31st!

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You will find Tibbles and Kibbles randomly throughout the game or visit them directly through Today's Event page. This contest will end 11:59 PM January 31st, so don't miss out on these exclusive prizes before Tibbles and Kibbles return home!


7.5K Gambler's Blade Z-Token Package Update:

Are you feeling lucky? Well test your luck with the new and improved Gambler’s Blade! This ancient Z-Token Package Bonus has received a fresh update, including a new ranged form.

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12K Heartcrusher Armaments Z-Token Package Returns:

Heart Crusher Mace is filled with the fiery passion of love! Swap between Melee, Magic and Ranged Fire damage - with a special attack to control your enemy's hearts. The Heart Defender Shield defends against Fire attacks, and can bolster your fighting spirit by restoring your SP when you block attacks! Grab this incredible gear while you can as it will only be available until March!

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