2023 Labor Day Holiday Event

AdventureQuest AdventureQuest

2023 Labor Day Holiday Event

Hollow | Friday, September 1, 2023

2023 Labor Day Holiday Boosts - Ends September 6th:

Gear up for a legendary Labor Day extravaganza and bask in the extra spoils of victory. Level up and amass wealth like never before with an incredible 50% bonus to both XP and Gold from battles!

Back-To-School Daily Prize Giveaway - Ends October 6th:

Seize your opportunity to claim 7 incredible rewards – one for every day of the week! By simply logging in and playing AdventureQuest, you automatically enter the running for 50 daily prizes being given away. Boost your odds by playing with multiple characters, with Guardians enjoy an even greater chance at winning big! Here are the 7 prizes along with the day of the week they are being given away:

  • Sunday - Lore Academy M/F Faces
  • Monday - Academy Pack Shield
  • Tuesday - Academy Exuberance Armor
  • Wednesday - Academy Elegance Armor
  • Thursday - Academy Wand Magic Weapon
  • Friday - Academy Standard Ranged Weapon
  • Saturday - Academy Blade Melee Weapon

Prizes will be automatically added to the daily winner's inventory, shortly before midnight server time.

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Limited-Time Shop - Z-finity Gauntlet Series:

Unleash the power of the elements with every gauntlet from the Z-finity series, complete with dynamic elemental defense and awe-inspiring abilities. Seize the moment and secure these extraordinary Misc items, as they're here for a fleeting moment. Snatch your gauntlets before they slip away!

new rpg game release adventure quest


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