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2024 Dage Collection

Beleen | Friday, March 8, 2024


Rise of the Legion Necromancers

Celebrate the undying darkness that is Dage the Evil in his AdventureQuest 3D birthday release! In the shadowy realm of the Underworld, the Dark Lord has unleashed his highly-anticipated arsenal of Legion Necromancer & Legion Ninja armors, helms, and wicked weapons. Even the most formidable adversaries dare not disturb the silent shadows that lurk in the Underworld!

The 2024 Dage Collection

Each year on his birthday, Dage crafts underworldly items at his forge. You can obtain these travel forms, pets, weapons, and gear individually for DragonCrystals, or buy the ENTIRE COLLECTION to save a ton of DragonCrystals and also get a rare title, badge, and permanent year-round access to your items saving inventory space.


  • Legion Necromancer (Travel Form)
  • Lil’ Legion Necromancer (Pet)
  • Ritual of Mortis (Staff)
  • Necrotic Great Sword of Malice (Great Sword)
  • Blightsting (Short Sword)
  • Necrostab (Lance)
  • Scepter of Mortis (Staff)
  • Savagery’s Sting (Bow)
  • Legion Occolt Hand Canon (That is not a typo, it is a pun, and a gun.)
  • Anguish’s Gasp (Axe)
  • Legion Kunai (Melee Kunai)
  • Legion Necromancer (Complete set)
  • Legion Horned Necromancer Hood (Helm)
  • Legion Bone Necromancer Hood (Helm)
  • Legion Necromancer Horns (Helm)
  • Legion Necromancer Form (Body Morphing Armor)
  • Legion Necromancer Spike Mantle (Cape)
  • Legion Necromancer Pauldrons (Shoulderplates)
  • Legion Necromancer Halo (Back/cape)
  • Legion Necromancer Guards (Gloves)
  • Legion Necromancer Girdle (Belt)
  • Legion Necromancer Dread Treads (Boots)
  • Legion Ninja Oni Hood (Helm)
  • Legion Ninja Grim Oni Hood (Helm)
  • Legion Ninja Hood (Hood)
  • Legion Ninja Armor (Armor)
  • Legion Ninja Pauldrons (Shoulderplates)
  • Legion Ninja Mantle (Cape)
  • Legion Ninja Guards (Gloves)
  • Legion Ninja Belt (Belt)
  • Legion Ninja Armament Belt (Belt)
  • Legion Ninja Tabi (Boots)

Legion Challenge Fight

A horrifying new fight for those who have unlocked the Arena of Souls
Calling all heroes! A Legion Dragon has been resurrected by a vile necromancer. We need your help to defeat him and his minions. Be careful though, the necromancer has recruited himself a group of samurai warriors to aid him! Once the challenge is cleared, you will be rewarded with great loot, including new Legion items and a title! You can access the challenge by talking to the book next to the door to the Arena of Souls. You will need to be level 45 and have completed the Underworld story to access the fight.

Challenge Rewards

  • Soulbane Ninkata
  • Soulbane Oni Mask Snarling Death
  • Soulbane Oni Mask Shadows
  • And a new Title! “Soulbane Samurai”

Legion Summoning (Gifting)

Finally, it is back! Buy a Summoning Rune from the Underworld Summoner... and use it to summon a Legionary for you and all of your friends to battle. For those who want to host their own events in game, we also have Greater Legion Summoning Runes. The Greater Legion Summoning Rune will spawn a Greater Legionary which can summon up to 6 lesser legionaries. Sometimes the summoned lesser legionaries will be upgraded to a Rogue Legionnaire, which has double drop rates and a chance to get a live event coin!

Legion Gifting Rewards

These summoned monsters always drop a special currency known as Legion Soul Remnants. These can be used to get items from the shop on the bridge in town. Summoned monsters also have a chance to drop one of 15 items including weapons, armor, and exclusive travel forms.

New and Returning* Legion Gifting Rewards

  • Legion Dricken
  • Legion Dricken with daggers
  • Legion Death Shiver Scythe
  • Crown of the Forgotten Monarch
  • Cape of the Forgotten Monarch*
  • Visage of the Forgotten Monarch*
  • Ruined Blade of the Forgotten Monarch*
  • Brute Helm of the Legion*
  • Brutal Mace of Breaking*
  • Death Mask of the Legion*
  • Death Spike of the Legion*
  • Spiked Crown of the Legion Magi*
  • Skull Staff of the Legion Magi*
  • Legion Runed Blade
  • Legion Skull Scepter
  • Legion Stabbers
  • Legion Rogue Dagger
  • Legion Rogue Dark Dagger
  • Legion Rogue Hood
  • Legion Rogue Hood With Skull
  • Legion Rouge Shoulder
  • Legion Rogue Cape
  • Legion Rogue Armor
  • Legion Rogue Gloves
  • Legion Rogue Belt
  • Legion Rogue Boot
  • Legion Deathcaller Dual Skull Pauldrons

PvP Rewards

New special legion PvP rewards are now available in the Battle Hall. The Savage Great Sword of the Legion and the Legion Star Katana can be found by talking to High Marshal Firebrand in the Special PvP Rewards shop. Only the most prestigious of PvP-ers will be able to get these, running a high price of 10,000 Marks of Glory, and requiring Glory Rank 50.

Get Legion Wings for a Limited Time

The Wings of the Astral Veil are now available for a limited time only. To get these amazing items, you need to purchase any package in the upgrade shop, now with 50% extra Dragon Crystals on select packages. For those that get one of the Guardian upgrade packages, you will also get the Spectral Wings of the Astral Veil, a ghostly variant that is only for Guardians!

Are you a Guardian?

For those of you that are already a Guardian, you will get both the Wings of the Astral Veil and the Spectral Wings of the Astral Veil upon purchasing any Dragon Crystal package in the upgrade shop. Check your inventory on your next login to see both blades in your inventory.

Let the March of the Legion begin!

No matter if necromancy or ninja…mancy… is your calling, let us not forget the true significance of a birthday. For the birth of Dage the Dark Lord marked the beginning of a new era for the forces of darkness – and fantastic art design. Let this day be a reminder that even in the depths of darkness, there is always the promise of achieving greatness!

Thank you and be careful in that new AdventureQuest 3D challenge fight.... You and your friends are in for the fight of your un-lives.

Battle on!
The AdventureQuest 3D Team

P.S. HeroMart has a poster of Dage on his Throne available (by Dioz) 

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