Acatriel Arrives

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Acatriel Arrives

Nightwraith | Friday, June 24, 2022

The Time Fortress awaits! Explore this mysterious dimension beyond time and space to encounter the Fate Adjudicator himself: Acatriel!


Balance Changes

This update we're introducing some small tweaks to address more urgent balance concerns. Next week expect even more adjustments impacting more classes.

  • Cyber Hunter
    • Neural Scythe: +5 Energy cost per level.
    • Master of Arms: Boosts Sidearm and Auxiliary only with max % raised to 15 from 10.
    • Proton Cannon : Requirement changes to Strength from Technology.
  • Tech Mage
    • Assimilation: 75% damage instead of 100%
  • Cores
    • Exsanguinating Stomp: 2 turn warm up, increased defense / resistance reduction to 20%, and reduced duration to 2 turns.
    • Titan's Shroud: Increased duration to 4 turns from 3.
    • Assault Bot P/E Cleanse: Added +125 points of HP heal to incentivize use of the special ability.
    • Infernal Surge:  Added 25% rage gain, HP gain based on Defense, and 1 use limit.

Acatriel Arrives

Originally introduced in a limited form during Azrael's encounter, the Time Fortress is now open for deeper exploration! Venture into this mysterious realm to encounter Acatriel the Fate Adjudicator! Challenge him to receive Acatriel's Hood achievement and a chance to collect the following weapons:

  • Pandora Unchained P
  • Pandora Unchained E

More challenges await those who are able to master this formidable solo encounter!


Central Station Expansion

The famous train hub and common gathering place of Delta V has just received a new expansion in the form of a relaxing restaurant to hide away from the battles raging outside. Meet Cheff, the proprietor of this establishment.

Cheff of Central Station

Formerly a Legion Administrator, he laid down his arms (literally) to devote himself to the protection and nourishment of Delta V's war-weary citizens. His stock is limited now, but he should have more as soon as the supply lines open up a bit.


New Emotes

To allow you to more comfortably spend your leisure time in Central Station's latest hotspot, Acatriel has helped craft 4 new emotes!

  • /sit
  • /stand (use to get up from sit)
  • /squat
  • /backflip


New Styles

Open the Style shop to select from 6 new styles inspired by Acatriel himself!


Coming Soon

Next week, in addition to more long-awaited balance changes, you'll finally be able to challenge Legendary and Nightmare Acatriel!

Acatriel's Next Encounter

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