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Acatriel's Arsenal

Nightwraith | Friday, July 22, 2022

Acatriel's Arsenal

The Fate Subjugator Acatriel has unveiled his personal cache of mystical weapons forged in a realm beyond time and space.

  • Ascended Fate Subjugator Armor (click the chest to extend / retract the wings)
  • Ascended Fate Subjugator Armor CC (click the chest to extend / retract the wings)
  • Fate Subjugator Armor
  • Fate Subjugator Armor CC
  • Pandora's Dominator P
  • Pandora's Dominator E
  • Pandora's Arc of Fate P
  • Pandora's Arc of Fate E
  • Pandora's Fate Handcannon P
  • Pandora's Fate Handcannon E
  • Pandora's Fate Blaster P
  • Pandora's Fate Blaster E


Legendary Shop Stock

The Legendary Arsenals located in Titan's Peak have been stocked with new weapons and armors!

Available at Exquisite Legendary Arsenal

  • Dragonlord Watcher
  • Dragonlord Watcher CC

Available at Epic Legendary Arsenal

  • Corrupted Dragonlord Watcher
  • Corrupted Dragonlord Watcher CC

Available at Legendary Arsenal

  • Dragonlord Watcher Sword P
  • Dragonlord Watcher Sword E
  • Corrupted Dragonlord Watcher Sword P
  • Corrupted Dragonlord Watcher Sword E


New Styles

Open the style shop to choose from 6 new styles themed after the Dragonlord Watcher sets and a pair of silly, yet stylish burrito-based helms.


New Mods

If you see the green names Estwing, Dewalt, and NEXTEC, know that these are official mod characters. These accounts serve as shells to allow mods to separate their mod persona from their in-game persona. If you are banned or muted in-game and would like to dispute it, you are welcome to appeal through the EpicDuel Support page. Other devs will not lift bans or mutes or personally investigate your case, so please refer to the link if you wish to have your issue resolved as quickly as possible.

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