Did you see what happened on YouTube?

Artix Krieger | Monday, January 4, 2021

Two popular YouTubers Billiam and Negative Legend reviewed the original AdventureQuest by popular demand from their followers. Thank you to all of you who sent the team and I links to these videos this weekend! It was a complete surprise O_O. We loved their honesty and how much they seemed to enjoy the anything-goes madness of the lunch break sized game. Who would have believed that someone is trying to sell our old card game on Amazon for $514!?

In the current world of gaming, where big studios sponsor anything that moves.... I just want you to know with 100% transparency we had no idea about these videos until players sent us links to them. I reached out to the creators to thank them and send them a care package. Who knows, maybe one day they can sell something in there for $514 XD.

You gotta watch these videos.... and be equal parts proud and horrified XD

"What happened to AdventureQuest" by Negative Legend

Not only did Negative Legend tell the story of our history... but he checked out AdventureQuest Worlds and AdventureQuest 3D for the first time. And... >_> possibly became addicted to IdleQuest. It was so real.

"AdventureQuest was Weird!" by Billiam

Billiam has a series of videos on games called "<insert game name here was weird!>" which is a follow up to pulp culture things. He said the best quote in the 17 year long history of the game, "AdventureQuest... the game that paved the way for every single mobile game people hate today." Someone please write that on my tomb stone. Which will never happen. I am never going to die O_O.

We have done a lot of crazy things together over the past 2 decades.... of course, the idea that the bands Korn, Alice in Chains, and coming in 2-weeks, Breaking Benjamin are performing in our games is absolutely insane. Check out the latest on the upcoming new Battle Concert if you have not already.



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