April Fools 2023: Fortune

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April Fools 2023: Fortune's Return & Limited-Time Shop

Hollow | Thursday, March 30, 2023

50% Z-Token Bonus
 Until April 4th receive 50% more bonus Z-Tokens on ALL packages!

April Fools - Fortune's Return:

Join us for an event full of silly shenanigans and wacky challenges, as April Fool's returns to AQ! The mischievous prankster god Loco has vanished, leaving a trail of confusion and uncertainty in its wake. As reports of a suspicious cult in the southwestern mountains emerge, it's up to you to unravel the clues and uncover Loco's latest prank before it's too late!

April Fools' Day Limited-Time Shop:

Get ready for the ultimate prankster's paradise as the Fools' Day Shop opens, featuring a range of hilarious and absurd items that will leave your opponents scratching their heads. From rubber duckies to confetti bombs, our collection of gag gear is sure to keep you laughing all the way across the battlefield!

Looking for a new pet that's both cute and powerful? Chibi Loco is packed with Loco's power, and during the month of April, this little guy can channel even more of Loco's power to become one of the most formidable pets available. With his adorable chibi design and newfound Light power, the Chibi Loco Pet is the perfect sidekick for any adventurer!

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