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Totally Pawsome: Cat Day!

Beleen | Thursday, August 10, 2023

This week’s game release is celebrating cats, the color orange, and Nulgath too! Read more for the deets and feline treats 😻

Hello fellow feline friends! It is a very special day – today the world is celebrating the most majestic, mysterious, and mewgical creatures on the planet: cats! International Cat Day is today (yes, it’s legitimately a thing!), so that means we are letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak: for this week’s release, Battleon will be full of fancy feline festivities such as

🥳  Cat party in the Social District
💥 A literal cat fight against the biggest kitteh you’ve ever seen
🎉 Earn Social Flyers, Party Streamers, and other goodies like Cat Ears from various areas
🐈 Cat Pets available for adoption from Aria
😼 Cat travel forms for the zoomies
🤔 Maybe other cat stuff too? 

Also releasing:

🧡 Orange color added to hair colors in the Barber Shop!
😈 Nulgath vs (*secret*) showdown
💎 Augment fine-tuning fixes

Also this week:

🏆 Judging the amazing entries to the Discord Emoji Contest

Mewgic Meowments ahead!
I absolutely love celebrating these special “holidays,” don’t you? They are just so much fun!! This is how Talk Like a Pirate Day started, and it is arguably one of the most popular events in Artix Entertainment history. I can’t wait to see all the fancy feats that Cat Day brings to Battleon, and I’m looking forward to celebrating alongside you all!

Until then…

Mewmew on!
Beleen and the >^.,.^< team 

Edit: Plot twist! The mischievous Nulgath is causing havoc with our plans, so unfortunately he will not be squaring off against the (secret) combatant this week. It’s kinda like the Musk vs Zuck fight that keeps getting pushed back. Maybe someone is Chickencow? We are sorry for the delay, but hoping to see the battle unfold next week! 🤜💥🤛

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