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New AQ3D version is live!

Artix | Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Version 1.10.0 "Grassy Blades of Death" is here!

Be sure to grab the newest update of AdventureQuest 3D  from Steam or the App Store. Here is what is new...

This release KICKS GRASS!

...literally. We added support for grass and when you walk over it, it moves. However, none of the maps actually have any grass in it (yet). Grass will be added to the Town of Battleon and outside of Death's lair in the next release. You can toggle grass in the settings.

New Friends Interface

"Let's be better friends!" From your friends list, you can now directly invite someone to your group, or goto them, or summon them, or send them a whisper. (Thank you to MJ from Massively Overpowered for making me realize how important this feature is for playing together.)

Fixed news button disappearing after map change

Apparently, "No news" is NOT good news. This has been fixed.

Bizzaro Character Deformations Fix!

There was a glitch that caused players to bend into unholy positions and break things for other players in the game. Zhoom added checks to prevent this "asset distortion issue". (Looking at you Stabeer)

Spy on other player's equipped items

What the heck is that player wearing? Now you can know. When you inspect a player you can now see their equipped items-- both actually equipped and cosmetically equipped.

Dual Wield Hand Cannons

The game now supports all the features required to release Pirate and Alpha Pirate. This is, of course, our first dual wielding hand cannon class. This is a new equip slot that all players will have. But will only be usable by classes that use hand cannons.

Mobile Features - Joystick and Auto Run Toggles

By popular demand we have added the option to lock the joystick in place and enable disable auto run. You can auto run on mobile by double tapping the joy stick.

Combat Improvements and Balance Updates

"Don't you hate it when devs write something like this in the patch notes and then do not give any details?" So here are the details....

  • The game will now only show other players' status effect icons on your target.  Spells that only do damage / DoTs will not have their icon shown.  This is to clear up some icon clutter on the target.
  • Area of Effect abilities now deal 10% less damage or healing to their 2nd target, 20% less to their 3rd target, down to a minimum of 50% damage to their 6th or more targets.
    • To compensate, AoE abilities have had their base power increased. The result should be that these spells do nearly the same or more damage to 3 or fewer targets, but less to a larger number of targets.
    • Targets are damaged in order of highest aggro.
    • Targets are healed in order of lowest percent health left.
  • Class Updates
    • Warrior
      • Whirlwind power: 90 -> 100
    • Dragonslayer
      • Final Descent power: 275 -> 310
    • Paladin
      • Holy Shield damage reduction 35% -> 25%
      • Divine Judgement power: 175 -> 200
    • Guardian
      • Guardian's Hope base power: 40 -> 55
    • Necromancer
      • Soul Transfer: Souls on kill 10 -> 15
      • Soul Siphon power: 70 -> 60 + Enhanced power: 90 -> 80
      • Grand Summon taunt duration: 5s -> 3.5s

UI Updates

By popular request the action bar is now bigger. But the bad news is there is less space for your chat window. But the good news is the chat window pops up above the bar to give you more space if it does not fit!

Android Users!

AdventureQuest 3D now requires you to be using at least Android 4.4 (Kit Kat). A very small number of players who are not using Android 4.4 or higher need to update your OS in order to play the new version of the game. 

Support for new intro (ALMOST!?)

The new intro "DEATH'S LAIR" requires a few new features. Most are in this build, but we need to roll out at least one more early next week in order to release the new intro and begin AdventureQuest 3D's Main Storyline. So, as a little teaser to get you in the spirit, we updated the game's title screen with a special sneaky peak for you. Battle on!

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