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Cold Thunder Saga Begins

Alina | Saturday, May 11, 2024

Chapter Two of our Main Story begins in Balemorale Castle

After months of attempting to contact her, this weekend, you just might be able to meeet to meet Queen Victoria… and you have much to discuss. Log in now and travel to the hub town in Castle Balemorale. A gathering of Lore's greatest nobles and rulers have gathered. Their goal? To forge alliances and secure the safety of their people as the threat of war looms on the horizon.

New Game Update

  • Main Story: Chapter 2 begins in /balmorale
  • New Skye Faction Rewards: 3 all-new armor sets and more
  • Featured Gear sets: find the rare Stellar Sentinels in your Featured Gear Shop

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: double Class Points
  • Resource Boost: double Void Auras
  • Saturday: rare Lunaris & Solaris Exemplar morph helms from Twiggu's Bodyguard
  • Sunday: seasonal Mother's Day drops from the Gifts for Mom monster in /eventhub

Age of Ruin Saga: the Story So Far...

After the threat Malgor and his ShadowFlame army posed had been put to rest, you were left to address the scars he inflicted... and process the knowledge you gained. The Gods and Greater Beings of the Old Worlds Order have been revealed, and now you must complete the task they've set: to neutralize three dire threats before they awaken. 

Age of Ruin Saga: Voice in the Sea Chapter 1 of the  begins in the /TerminaTemple map. If you have not completed it, journey there now! You'll need to finish the entire saga before you can begin next week's adventure.

This weekend, /join terminatemple to begin your adventures!

  • Meet new allies and discover more about your current battle companions
  • Complete quests to earn XP, gold, and new item rewards
  • Learn more about the Temple, Lady Celestia, and a host of faction guardians and Loremasters

Royal New Reward Items

Talk to Lieber, the Emissary of Skye, for two new shops. The Halcyon Skye + Coronation gear in his merge shop require rep + resources to craft. His Rep shop contains two base armor sets you'll need to unlock their electrifying tier 2 variants next week!

Lord Granville's Shop

  • Defender Of Balemorale armor
  • Defender Of Balemorale helm
  • Defenders of Balemorale Spikes cape
  • Sheathed Balemorale Defender Blades cape
  • Noble Defender Of Balemorale Blade 

Skye Emissary's Rep Shop

  • Electrojolt Scholar armor
  • Royal Electrojolt Scholar armor
  • Electrowave Scholar Hair helm
  • Electrowave Scholar Patch helm
  • Royal Electrowave Scholar Hair helm
  • Royal Electrowave Scholar Patch helm
  • Royal Electrowave Scholar's Quiver cape

Skye Emissary's Merge Shop

  • Tier 1: Halcyon Virtue Blades, Halcyon Virtue Scepter, Halcyon Virtue Axes*
  • Tier 2: Halcyon Skye Blades, Halcyon Skye Scepter, Halcyon Skye Axes
  • Tier 3: Halcyon Coronation Axes

Monster Drops

  • Skye Warrior Axes
  • Charged Electrowave Bow
  • Charged Shockwave Bow

Lady Laidronette's Quest Drops

  • Emperor Penguin Plushies
  • Seahorse Plushies
  • Sea Otter Plushies
  • Seahorse XL Plushies 

* Requires the Skye Warrior Axe from the Skye Warrior monster in /balemorale

Midweek Update: Managarmr's Mission

If you haven't started our midweek update, now is the time! The mysterious Managarmr is waiting somewhere in the /TrenchObservatory zone. If you've completed the Voice in the Sea saga, they will ask for your aid... and cause YOU to ask even more questions about who they are, where they come from, and what they want!

Quest to create the Panopticon Teuthi & Rhizo set or buy the Panopticon Proiso & Phormo set from the shop! These items will be permanently available, but with Summer fast approaching, there's no better time to dive in to a new adventure.

Quest Rewards

  • Panopticon Teuthi & Rhizo armor
  • Panopticon Rhizo & Teuthi armor
  • Panopticon Rhizo Countenance helm
  • Panopticon Teuthi Countenance helm
  • Panopticon Rhizo Artillery cape
  • Panopticon Teuthi Artillery cape
  • Panopticon Rhizo Armament whip
  • Panopticon Teuthi Armament sword

Panopticon AC Shop

  • Panopticon Proiso & Phormo armor
  • Panopticon Phormo & Proiso armor
  • Panopticon Phormo Countenance helm
  • Panopticon Proiso Countenance helm
  • Panopticon Phormo Artillery cape
  • Panopticon Proiso Artillery cape
  • Panopticon Proiso Armament sword
  • Panopticon Phormo Armament staff

Events + Gear Leaving Soon

Last call for wicked rares and holiday gear!

May 20

May 31

June 7

  • Seasonal May the Fourth Event Hub + Holiday drops

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