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Game News: March 11 - 17

Alina | Monday, March 11, 2024

Coming to AdventureQuest Worlds this Week

Our Month of Evil celebration continues all month long! Get the latest details on this week's news, Treasure Hunt, Boosts, find out more about this weekend's new update. 

Monday, March 11: Dark Poster Sneak Peek

Get the first look at Lae's new poster, coming to HeroMart as part of Dage's 2024 Birthday Bundle later this month!

In-game Reward 

A teal variant of the Immortal Bloodletter Deity cape will be released for HeroPoints when Dage's Birthday Bundle arrives later this month. 

Rare item variant update

Coming soon: a color-custom version of the Immortal Bloodletter Deity cape that released last week in Dage's birthday shop + collection. It arrives later this month, available for AdventureCoins and in the 2024 Collection Chest.

Tuesday, March 12: Dark Treasure Hunt

Talk to Valencia in the Museum to get the first clue in your search for the Gorgon's Gaze artifacts! These mystical objects are rumored to be able to turn creatures to stone. (Sounds like they would make excellent weapons... and burglar deterrents.) Discover their location and you'll unlock both the 0 AC rare Gauntlet and Wall Plaque! 

Rewards include:

  • Gorgon's Gaze Gauntlet
  • Gorgon's Gaze Shield (wall item)

Rewards will be available until April 5th.

Other updates going live:

The default heads in the Immortal Lich King + Lich King's Gift armors will be updated to show the Immortal Lich Skull undead face.

(Note: The Immortal Lich Skull morph helm will be available later this month as a 0 AC seasonal daily login gift.)

Thursday, March 14: Spirit Orbs + Metals

Get double rewards as you battle to create your Blinding Light of Destiny Axe until March 20th.

Spirit Orb Quests

  • Essential Essences
  • Bust Some Dust

Get x10, x20, x30, or x40 Spirit Orbs while the boost is on!
(Regular reward quantity: x5, x10, x15, or x20)

Minecrafting Metal Quest

Choose your reward from the list of Metal resources; get x4 Metals while the boost is on.
(Regular reward quantity: x2 Metals)

Friday, March 15: Update Details

New Story: Dage's Dark Birthday Pt 2, Legion General's Revenge
Wicked Rewards: new gear for all heroes + Undead Legion exclusives
2024 Dark Birthday Rares: new gear added to the shop + collection chest
Holiday set: new gear to help you celebrate Lucky Day 2024

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

Server Boost: double Class Points
Resource Boost: Spirit Orbs + Metals
Saturday: rare Underworld House Items from the Chest in /eventhub
Sunday: rare Death's Requiem Daggers from this weekend's boss monster

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