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Age of Ruin, Pt 1: Illusive Tides

Alina | Friday, May 12, 2023

Our New Main Story continues in Ashray Village

Voices from the depths are bubbling to the surface O_O... With your new headquarters in the Temple of Light set up, the time has come to seek other Elemental Champions. Varga's guidance leads you to the fishing village of Ashray, where secrets old and new will be uncovered in the ebbing tides. Log in this weekend as we continue our new main story, the Age of Ruins!

This weekend, /join ashray to continue your adventures!

  • Explore the village of Ashray to find Aria and your allies
  • Investigate the strange sounds you're hearing near the shore
  • Assist a perfectly real doctor with real credentials

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Ashray Village Rewards

Complete the Doctor's quest to learn more, then talk to Talis the Seaview Innkeeper in Ashray Village. He's got a bounty of gear left by previous visitors to his Inn. Bring him items in trade and he might just make a deal. 

  • Ashray Villager Armor
  • Gold-trimmed Tricorn
  • Ashray Lass' Locks
  • Gemme Numari Bandana (male + female)
  • Stingray Leather Sheath + Blade
  • Seaview Inn Mug (single + dual wield)
  • Ashray Pyromancer + Merchant Mariner armors
  • Ashray Defender's Hair + Locks 
  • Blazing Defender Parrot Pal cape
  • Ashray Defender's Hook

May Event Calendar Update Delayed

Hello all! In the lead-up to my vacation this week, I ran out of time to get everything onto the May event calendar. My apologies! I'll be back on Monday, and will get everything caught up ASAP. It was a much needed break with visiting family members. They've gone home, and I'll be glad to get back to the lab, working with the team, and updating all of you.

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