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Safety in the Sunlight...?

Alina | Friday, May 26, 2023

The Age of Ruin Saga continues this weekend

Beware the whispers from the deep, reaching for your mind... Something is not right in Sea Base Undine, but never fear! Queen Victoria's underwater research lab is completely safe. Staffed by a host of scientists and clerics, they serve the greater good by seeking advances in medical and defensive technology. Log in this weekend and journey deep below the waves as the Age of Ruin Saga continues in the /sunlightzone! 

WARNING: Information regarding experimental subject Kathool is restricted. Situation Normal. Base Defenses: 100%

This weekend, log in for:

  • Age of Ruin Saga: Voice in the Sea II in /sunlightzone
  • New reward sets in Termina Temple and Genesis Garden, new reward drop in Ashray
  • New Featured Rares: Celestial Templar Guardian + the final meme set, the Judgemental Spectator
  • Saturday's Daily Gifts: Righteous Paladin Wings
  • Sunday's Daily Gifts: Twig's Totally FUN-ctional Fishmatronic house item
  • Get double Gold, Rep, EXP, and Class Points all weekend long!

Don't miss the any of our upcoming events and releases of this month's update. Bookmark our weekly event  here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

Voice in the Sea Reward Gear

This weekend, we've got a bounty of new rewards for you, in each of the Age of Ruin: Voice of the Sea zones released so far! Read on to see what you can unlock, and how, then head in-game and get your battle on!

Sea Base Undine Sets

Collect Sunzone Chits and Undine Base Scrip to create:

  • Fa's Casual Ensemble armor (color-customizable)
  • Mi's Casual Ensemble armor (color-customizable)
  • Mi, Fa, and Song's helms
  • Undine Doctor armor
  • Undine Defence Director armor
  • Undine Researcher armor
  • Stern Song House Guest floor item
  • Tara's Temporary Rest Guest floor item
  • Disgruntled Mi Guest floor item
  • Disgruntled Song Guest floor item

Battle Cleric of the Dragon Set

Talk to Lady Celestia in /terminatemple. Complete her quests and defeat Termina Defenders to gather Termina Sigils and DragonGuard Badges, then create the pieces of the set in her merge shop. 

Jus Divinum Lieutentant Set

Head to the /genesisgarden to unlock the Jus Divinum Lieutenant armor, helm, and cloak! The set is in the Genesis Garden Merge shop and will require the base armor/helm/cape to create, plus the Jus Divinum Scale from the Wheel of Fortune quest.

New Member-only pet drops

  • Defeat the Spectral Jellyfish in the /sunlightzone 
  • Defeat the Ghostly Eel in /ashray

Final Weekend to battle through May holiday events

Our out-of-this-world MogWars gear and seasonal adventures returned earlier this month, along with an all-new adventure featuring Baby Twiggu. This weekend is your last chance to battle through all our May the Fourth holiday zones to collect the seasonal gear and battle the bosses. Running out, time is. Log in, you must. 

Conquer our holiday + pop-culture parody before it is too late!

  1. /join Mayhub: new hub town with links to this month's holiday events + May staff birthday NPCs!
  2. /join murdermoon for this year's Baby Twiggu farming quests 
  3. Fight the Frogzard in /battleontown to get our new Cinco de Mayo set

Don't miss any of our May the Fourth maps:

  • Murdermoon: expanded with this weekend's reward farming adventure!
  • Zorbaspalace
  • Zorbaspit

This is the Way... to Wicked Rewards

All of the items below were crafted for you by AQW artist, D Black Star to help you celebrate this one-of-a-kind holiday. Each of the sets below draws inspiration from the Star Wars universe and then fuses it with elements from AdventureQuest Worlds. 


  • Zardian Pilot set: monster drop from this weekend's new event in /murdermoon
  • Astravian Enforcer set: merge shop set in /murdermooon
  • Grievous Fiend set: available for a limited time in the Featured Gear Shop
  • Galactic Gladinster set: a rare daily gift drops arriving this weekend 
  • Galactic Makai pet + Grievous Spear: daily gift items arriving later this month

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