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May Meme Gear

Alina | Friday, May 12, 2023

New Featured Rare Gear Available for a Limited Time

You got 99 problems but your STONKS ain't one. You asked for it, so here they are: May Meme sets! Gear up to celebrate May with new main story updates, improvements in Dwarfhold Keep, and now... Memes! Find the all-new Satisfied Hero + Villain sets, the GigaShad(owslayer) set, and more in your Geatured Gear Shop until June 9th.

Satisfied Meme Hero

Number go up! Number go down. RNG worst in town.

  • Satisfied Trader Hero Suit 
  • Dissatisfied Trader Hero Suit
  • Satisfied Meme Moglin Morph Helm
  • STONKS UP GOOD cape (animated)
  • NOT STONKS BAD cape (animated)
  • Satisfied Corporate Trader Suit
  • Dissatisfied Corporate Trader Suit
  • Smirking Meme Villain Morph
  • Satisfied Trader and Corporate Trader House Guests
  • STONKS UP and NOT STONKS display wall items

GigaShadowSlayer Set

A GigaShadowSlayer is known by the size of their chin... or grin. They are so fierce and feared that no shirt can contain their dark power.

  • GigaShadowSlayer armor
  • UltraShad's Chin + Grin helms
  • UltraShad's Chin + Cap (male / female)

Plus, find the...

  • Cool, Cooler, and Coolest Swords
  • Mutated Blad of the Truth*
  • Apocryphal Nightmare Hunter Blade*

Don't Miss Last Week's Rare Sets

The Alliance has almost completely shattered, but you must not let yourself be distracted. Threats await you, no matter what alignment you are. Gear up with good and evil battlemage sets from your Featured Gear Shop, then head begin exploring Termina Temple as we start the next chapter of our main story. Find our two new new rare sets and more in your Featured Gear Shop in the game menu for AdventureCoins until May 26th.

Swordhaven Cleric Set

Clerics raised and trained in Swordhaven, a Kingdom that protects the weak and the trapped. They are a welcome sight in every home, castle, and even prisons. Everyone has a right to be healed and live well.

  • Swordhaven Cleric Armor
  • Mystical Cleric's Hood
  • Enchanted Cleric's Wrap
  • Blinding Hammer of Light (single + dual wield)

The armor, helm, and cape are color-customizable to Base, Trim, and Accessory. The Hammers are color-customizable to Base and Accessory.

BeastBane BattleMage

Ruthless as the beasts whose hides they've taken for their own, these battlemages hunt apex predators and legends. The more they devour, the more powerful their magic grows. 

  • BeastBane Battlemage armor
  • Beastbane Battle Helm + Locks
  • Furled Beastbane Wings
  • Wings of the Beastbane (25% class points boost)*
  • Beastbane's Blood Blade (25% gold boost)*
  • Beastbane's Blood Blades (25% rep boost)*
  • Beastbane's Blood Spear (25% XP boost)*

* originally released in EpicDuel

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