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Alina | Friday, April 14, 2023

New Gear Available for a Limited Time

The only thing sicker than these threads is the dope beat he bout to drop! Our month of parody and puns continues with a sick new set from Lae fusing your hero with a Trap/Rap star. Find the Eternal Dragon of Rhyme set and more in your Featured Gear Shop in the game menu for AdventureCoins until May 12th.

Drop the beat(down) with the:

  • Eternal Dragon of Rhyme armor
  • Eternally Trapped Hero armor
  • Eternal Rune of Rhyme 
  • Trapped Dragone Morph
  • Trapped Dragonette Locs
  • Trapped Dragonette Morph
  • Trapped Dragone Locs
  • Trapped Dragone Morph
  • Eternal Rhyme Star Mic
  • Eternal Rhyme Star Stage

Eternal Dragon of Rhyme Rap

I'm the king of the stage, the dragon you fear.
My rhymes are fire, my roar is so clear.
I'm a legend, a myth, a creature of power.
My wingspan so big I can soar for hours.

I'm a dragon, undisputed ruler of this land.
With threads of steel and a mic in my hand
I'll protect what's mine, and never back down.
No one can stop me, cuz I wear the crown.

- Beleen, Bar-spittin' Bard

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