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Alina | Friday, April 14, 2023

Your Good Hub Town Glows Up this Weekend

This weekend, we're returning to one of the earliest zones in the game to polish it up for new and experienced heroes alike! We're updating the map art, breathing new life into two-dimensional NPCs, and adding quests and reewards that will help new heroes have a better experience early on.

This weekend, /join swordhaven to check out the additions:

  • Updated map and NPC art: improved shading, layout adjusted
  • New text + quests on multiple NPCs 
  • The Pizza Shop interior added (Additional menu offerings/quests in the future)
  • Shiny new gear for new and experienced heroes alike!

And don't miss the rest of this month's update. See the full release lineup here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

Good Heroes Deserve Great Rewards

Talk to Robina in Swordhaven. Your favorite ranger-thief has a heart of gold (she might steal from the rich, but she gives to the poor). She's got a bounty of new gear, sold for Gold. Just make sure you've got your Good Faction ranked up. You'll need both to get what she's got to offer.

Good Rep Shop:

  • Swordhaven War Caster
  • Swordhaven Caster's Hood / Hood + Locks
  • Swordhaven Caster's Hair / Locks
  • Swordhaven Caster's Cape
  • Swordhaven Caster's Staff
  • Swordhaven Scout
  • Swordhaven Scout's Hair / Locks
  • Swordhaven Scout's Mask / Mask + Locks
  • Swordhaven Scout's Hood + Mask (male + female)
  • Swordhaven Scout's Cape
  • Swordhaven Scout's Dagger (single + dual-wield)

Swordhaven Pet Shop Additions*

  • Grumpy Cat
  • Slime
  • Green Rat
  • Twilly Bank Pet
  • Kiwi the Sneevil Mercenary!
  • Gargoyle
  • Dark Wolf Pup
  • Mochi Mochi (AC and member-gold variants)
  • Baby Bobble

Phedra Drops**

  • Golden Swordhaven Defender
  • Prismatic Swordhaven Hood
  • Swordhaven Defender's Halo (member-only)
  • Swordhaven Defender's Hair
  • Swordhaven Defender's Sheathed Blade
  • Swordhaven Defender's Sheathed Sword
  • Prismatic Defender's Cloak (member-only)
  • Prismatic Defender's Blade
  • Prismatic Defender's Blades (member-only)

* We've imported some pets from elsewhere in the game to bring more attention to them
** One of Lim's quests will send you to defeat the Phedra in /lavarun.

Additional Updates

In addition to our Swordhaven improvements, we added several other updates.

New badge: The Pony vs Pony character page badge, intended to go live earlier this month, is now available! Unlock it by completing the story in our April Fools release in the /magicmederp map.

Class updates: 

  • Exalted Soul Cleaver / Harbinger
  • Evolved Pumpkinlord 
  • Psionic MindBreaker 
  • Guardian

 You can read more about the changes here.

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