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The Abyss of Eternity

Alina | Friday, July 14, 2023

Our main story continues... but can you trust your experiences of it?

This weekend, the greatest challenge you face is one you cannot touch or see... the threat to your sanity. Return to SeaBase Undine and battle through the Abyssal Zone in Voice in the Sea, Chapter 5. Fight to stay sane as the darkness grows deeper and waves of dread wash over you...  

In the previous Chapter of our Voice in the Sea Saga, you had to battle through the Midnight Zone of Seabase Undine.  Now, you need to descend even deeper. And to save the base, you'll need to ask yourself: when it comes to the nature of reality, humanity, and purpose of life itself... what do YOU believe? And are you sure you know WHY you believe it? 

This weekend, log in for:

  • Age of Ruin Saga: Voice in the Sea V 
  • FIN-tastic new rewards in the Abyssal Zone Merge Shop
  • Summer 2023 Limited Quantity Sets
  • New Zodiac Heroes set in Arcangrove: Karkinos Champion Clasher
  • NPC Surfboards in the Summer 2023 Collection Chest
  • 2023 Timelock Key Shop now available in HeroMart
  • Obsidian Paladin Chronomancer Class in the HeroPoints Merge shop
  • New weapons in Mi's Shinkansen Shop

This Weekend's Daily Login Gifts:

  • Server Boost: Double EXP
  • Saturday: Petrified Shark weapons from the Cyborg Shark in /summerbreak
  • Sunday: Sharkfin Surfboards weapons from the Kitefin Sharkbait in /abyssalzone

This Weekend's New Gear

This weekend, we've got a FIN-tastic bounty of new water and shark-themed gear for you. And (not so) coincidentally, today is also National Shark Day! Read on to see what you can unlock, and how, then head in-game and get your battle on!

Abyssal Zone Merge Shop

Collect Undine Base Scrip and Water Elf Pearls to create:

  • Enchanted Shark Diver Armor
  • Enchanted Shark Suit Armor
  • Enchanted Shark Hood 
  • Enchanted Shark Hooded Morph
  • Ashray Elf Warden Armor
  • Ashray Elf helms + horned helms
  • Coastal Corona cape
  • Golden Ashray Trident
  • Dancer's Sea Streams

Monster Drops

Kitefin Shark Bait

  • Bluefin Shark Diver Armor
  • Great White Shark Diver Armor
  • Shark Diver Hairs
  • Shark Diver Morph helms
  • Shark Diver Hooded Morph helms

Necro Adipocere

  • Toro Nigiri Floatie pet
  • Maguro Nigiri Floatie pet
  • Salmon Nigiri Floatie pet

Mi's Gift Guitars

In honor of International Non-Binary Day, the team added two versions of the Mi's guitar to their shop in the /Shinkansen map. Each is 0 ACs as a gift from Mi. They want to show their appreciation for your friendship.

New Zodiac Heroes set: Cancer Sign

Talk to Kylokos the Astromancer, in the Arcangrove Observatory tower. Complete her quest to collect Star Shards; in return, she'll gift you pieces of the set inspired by the Cancer (or Crab) constellation: the Karkinos Champion Clasher set!

  • Karkinos Champion Clasher armor
  • 8 helms
  • 1 cape
  • 1 ground rune
  • 2 gauntlets

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