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Alina | Friday, May 17, 2024

Now Available in the Featured Gear Shop!

We've got a host of new color-customizable items for you this weekend! Find the rare Enchanted Harmonic Savant set in your Featured Gear shop in the game menu, along with the permanently available Enchanted Electrowave, Electrojolt, and Shockwave sets. This week's rare items will be available until June 14th.*

* A non-customizable version of the Harmonic Savant set will be available next weekend from Kyklos' Libra quest.

Leaving Monday, May 20th...

Find the rare color-customizable Enchanted Bujinn DoomKnight and Usagi Oni sets available for AdventureCoins in the Featured Gear Shop until May 20th. (The seasonal Inaba Oni set will return next February.) 

Rare Usagi Oni Gear

  • Usagi Oni + Festive Usagi Oni armors
  • Hair + Ponytail, Morph helms, Masked + Ornamental Mask Morph helms
  • Usagi Oni Obi cape
  • Usagi Oni pet
  • Moon Crusher Kanabo (single + dual-wield)
  • Usagi Oni Gourd (non-AC, single + dual-wield)

Seasonal Inaba Oni Gear

  • Inaba Oni armor
  • Hair + Ponytail, Morph helms, Masked + Ornamental Mask Morph helms
  • Inaba Oni Obi cape
  • Sheathed Kimon Benevolence Nagamaki cape
  • Inaba Oni Gourd (non-AC, single + dual-wield)
  • Kimon Benevolence Nagamaki (single + dual-wield)
  • Sacred Inaba Hare pet

Rare color-customizable Enchanted Bujinn DoomKnight set:

  • Enchanted Twisted Youxia Shadow
  • Enchanted Bujin DoomKnight armor
  • Hairbun + Locks, Morph Helms, 
  • Bujinn Empress' Helmets + Oni Mask
  • Enchanted Doomed Artillery Array
  • Enchanted Yinglian Tyrant's Sashimono
  • Enchanted Necrotic Dao of Doom (single + dual-wield)
  • Enchanted Dracolich Guandao of Death (single + dual-wield)
  • Enchanted Tyrannic Matchlock of Doom (single + dual-wield)

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