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New Anime Parody Sets

Alina | Friday, August 18, 2023

Anime x Faction Set Fusion HAAAAA!

For trained (martial) artists, the Dragon Koi Faction Fusion attack can merge two themes into a single, superior design. This year's sets were inspired by fan-favorite anime characters combined with faction themes from our game universe. The gear is available in your Featured Gear Shop until September 15th.

Star Debris Stampeder: This is the dark garb of someone inhuman, and a Trigun x Darkon's Debris faction parody. 

  • Star Debris Stampeder 
  • Galactic Stampeder Hair + Locks

Underworld Psy Operator: Traitor to their own kind. Master puppeteer. Trigun x Undead Legion faction parody.

  • Underworld Psy Operator armor
  • Psycho Psy Operator Hair + One Eyed Gunslinger Locks
  • Cursed Psy Op Gun (single + dual-wield)

Diabolical Lone Wanderer: This Trigun x Diabolical faction parody goes from place to place looking to do good.

  • Diabolical Lone Wanderer armor
  • Lone Wolf's Wrapped Pack cape
  • Merciful Bludgeon mace

Inked Ao Tsuki: Color-customizable Naruto-inspired set.

  • Inked Ao Tsuki armor (with tattoos)
  • Ao Tsuki armor (no tattoos)
  • 6 helms + 3 capes
  • Exiled Ninjutsu Tools dagger
  • Ao Tsuki Banisher (single + dual-wield)

New house items: find the rare Super Ryoku Charging Up! house item in the Featured Gear House Item Shop in your game menu! The permanently-available Wanted Poster is there, too, and in Obaasan's house item shop in /Akiba.

Don't Miss the Hai Kyuute!! Anime Gear

The last ones standing are the victors. Only the strongest survive. If you want to be the last one standing, become strong. Inspired by super-popular sports anime HaiKyuu!!, otakus everywhere can find sports-themed anime gear from Nekomimi's Anime Fan and Hai Kyuute!! Anime House shops in /Akiba. 

Hai Kyuute!! Anime Items:

  • Hollowborn Volleyball Jersey armor
  • Diabolical Volleyball Jersey armor
  • Debris Volleyball Jersey armor
  • Crystallis Volleyball Jersey armor 
  • Wings of Victory + Total Victory capes
  • Cloak of Flight and King of the Court capes
  • Six helms
  • Volleyball Pet

Hai Kyuute!! Anime House Items:

  • Bareboru House (with customization room)
  • Gym Benches
  • Volleyball Basket
  • Volleyball Net
  • Volleyball Scoreboard
  • Crystallis Cheer banner
  • Darkon's Debris Cheer banner
  • Diabolical Cheer banner
  • Hollowborn Cheer banner

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