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Super Slayin' Boss Battle

Alina | Friday, August 18, 2023

Battle to Unlock Anime-Inspired Rewards

Announcer Guy: This week on AdventureQuest World Z... Hero vs Super Ryoku. The time has come to FINISH HIM! Log in this weekend and return to Yokai Isle for an all-new boss fight in the Dragon Koi Arena! Ryoku, your opponent from the original tournament, is back and stronger than ever.  He's been charging up power for years, waiting for a chance to take the Champion title. Defeat him in the /superslayin map and reap the rewards!

New this weekend:

  • Super Ryoku boss battle + rewards
  • Color-custom Super Ryoku set in the merge shop
  • New drops on Ryoku in the /dragonkoiz tournament
  • Featured Gear Shop: Anime-inspired rare sets

Daily Gifts and Boosts:

  • Server Boost: Double Class Points
  • Resource Boost: double Void Aura drops 
  • Saturday's Gift: rare pet + battlepet drops from the Charidon in /superslayin
  • Sunday's Gift: rare single + dual-wield guns from Creature 343 in /garden

Note: Entering the Super Slayin Boss fight requires completion of the Dragon Koi Tournament chapter of the Chaos Lord Kitsune Saga. If you haven't completed it yet, /join dragonkoi to begin!

SuperSlayin Reward Gear

Announcer Guy: You've changed the face of the sport, champ, and you've earned everything coming your way! 

Super Ryoku Drops

  • Martial Artist's Gi armor
  • Master's Gi armor
  • Ryoku's Spikes helm
  • Super Ryoku Spikes + Morph helms
  • Super Ryoklin pet
  • Ao Tsuki Kunai (single and dual-wield)
  • Super Ryoku House Guest
  • K.O. Ryoku House Guest
  • Challenger Ryoku House Guest

Charidon Drops

  • Charidon House Guard 
  • Bash and Charidon House Guest (1% 0 AC drop)

Newb Cybot Drops

  • Ninja Stealth Mask

Super Slayin Merge Shop

Defeat Super Ryoku, Charidons, and Newb Cybots to collect Dragon Orbs, Fatal Lilies, and Pockey Balls to create the following color-customizable 0 AC items:

  • Enchanted Martial Artist's Gi
  • Enchanted Master's Gi
  • Enchanted Ryoku's Spikes
  • Enchanted Super Ryoku Morph
  • Enchanted Super Ryoku Spikes

Permanently available items from Nekomimi in /akiba are:

  • Super Ryoku's Aura (regular + color customizable)
  • Diabolical Lone Wanderer Hair + Locks
  • Ao Tsuki Shuriken (single + dual-wield)

New house items: find the rare Super Ryoku Charging Up! house item in the Featured Gear House Item Shop in your game menu! The permanently-available Wanted Poster is there, too, and in Nekomimi's house item shop in /Akiba.

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