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Game News: March 18 - 24

Alina | Friday, March 22, 2024

Read on for the latest news and information

Our Month of Evil continues this week with new rewards, rares, and much-needed maintenance updates. Get the latest details on this week's news, Treasure Hunt, Boosts, find out more about this weekend's new update. 

March 18 / March 19: Server Maintenance

Heads up for you Monday night marathon gamers... AQWorlds and the Artix Entertainment Portal site will go offline shortly after midnight tonight (also known as very, very early Tuesday morning). Current estimates put the downtime at about an hour. We apologize for the inconvenience!

1 AM USA Eastern Time

  • AQ.COM web site Offline
  • AQW Game Servers Offline
  • Account Web Site Offline
  • Portal web site Offline
  • Bug Tracker Offline

3 AM USA Eastern Time

  • Estimated time for everything back online

Tuesday, March 19: Dark Viking Quest

Talk to the Legion Recruiter in /battleontown begin this week's bonus adventure. He'll send you on a quest to learn the story of Tyrnjal, one of the Undead Legion's greatest Vikings. Recover all the memories to unlock a dark new 0 AC reward. 


  • Level 50 required
  • 1 Star Adventure
  • Permanently available

Rewards include:

  • Legion Viking Horn Mace
  • Legion Vikin Horn Daggers

Thursday, March 21: Dark Spirit Orbs Boost

Get triple rewards as you battle to create Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor until March 27th.

Dark Spirit Orb Quests:

  • Dark Spirit Orbs
  • Penny For Your Fought quests

Get x15, x30, x45 or x60 Dark Spirit Orbs while the boost is on!
(Regular reward quantity: x5, x10, x15, or x20)

Friday, March 22: Update Details

Get a first look at what's coming in this weekend's upcoming game release!

HollowDeep Expansion: Hollowborn x Legion quests* 
ShadowRealm Expansion: Hollowborn LoveCaster set
Dage's Birthday Gear: monster drops + merge shop rewards**
Dage's Collection Chest: Hollowborn Paragon, Ravager of Souls, and more

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

Server Boost: Dark Spirit Orbs
Resource Boost: Double Reputation
Saturday: Hollowborn Paragon House Guards from the Hollowborn Judge in /hbchallenge
Sunday: Hollowborn Raven's Beacon Lanterns from the Sentient Hollow in /hbchallenge

Leaving Soon

Events & Shops

  • March 29: March Event Hub 
  • March 31: Legion Warseeker + Darkness Chronomancer sets
  • April 5: Dage's Birthday + Lucky Day events, Dark Treasure Hunt rewards
  • April 9: Dark AdventureCoin Bonus ends
  • April 12: Dage's 2024 Birthday Rares

Daily Login Gifts Leaving March 31st

  • Dragon's Diamond Hoard from Zakhvatchik in /hakuwar
  • Holographic Futuristic Laken + Shogun Guards from Legionator in /futurelegion
  • SoulEater Scythe from Frost Fang in the /eventhub
  • Battleon Barbae Outfit from Heart Elemental in /beleensdream
  • Underworld Sacrificer Helms + Enchained Oneiros cape from Legion Knight in /legionbarracks
  • Overdriven Knight set from Overdriven Knight in /cocytusbarracks
  • Underworld Chandalier Maces + Ivory Penitent Statue from Underworld Chest in /eventhub

Note: the release of the Draw Your Weapon Contest winner weapons announced for today has been delayed.

* Requires Undead Legion membership
** Rewards available for all players

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