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Fowl Play for Harvest

Alina | Sunday, November 20, 2022

… But Toucan Play that Game.

Hey there Hero! I hope you are wonderfully well :) I am super excited to announce that our new game release is happening RIGHT NOW in AQWorlds. It’s written by me, made amazingly possible by Alina, J6, Ghost, Reens, and the entire AQW team! The story features a brand-new Race that you haven't yet seen before (unless you’ve been on Reddit in which case you’ve most definitely seen)

… Birdswitharms! 

Well, more specifically:

Birds. With. Harms! 

We've got a ton of fun things happening in this special event, (like new daily quests and a new reputation for you to rank up), including lots of hilarious bird puns, dad jokes, pop culture references, and… some really hawkward moments. I don’t wanna spoil all the surprises for you… owlthough, fans of

  • Doctor Who
  • Monty Python
  • Chuck Norris memes
  • Lord of the Rings
  • and bird parodies (parrot-ies?) of various celebrities  

will find my taste in humor to be im-peck-able. With all these bird jokes flying around, you’d think I’m some sort of comedi-hen 🤣

Pretty TWEET Rewards

And you do NOT want to miss all the EGG-cellent rewards waiting for you. Find a full set in the Brethwren Rep Shop, Ryan Gooseling's Pet Shop full of Angry Trobbles, Duck Norris' Meme quest, Lindsey LoHen's Tinder quest, Waddles No Egrets Badge quest, and more.

So join the flock NOW for Birds With Harms, an event that is TRULY for the birds! 

xoxo Beleen, arguably bird-brained :D 

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