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Alina | Saturday, May 20, 2023

New Gear + Polish Updates added to Dwarfhold

This weekend, the miners of Dwarfhold Keep (and their gems) get a polish update! We streamlined the flow of the storyline quests, added explanations and changed how some of the "invisible quests" were set-up to make it easier for new players to progress through the zone. We've also added quests and rewards for all you experienced heroes to enjoy!

This weekend, /join dwarfhold to check out the additions:

  • Updated NPC art, improved quest flow across the entire Dwarfhold Saga
  • Bro Nez and Ty Tanium NPCs + new farming reward quests
  • Shiny new gear for new and experienced heroes alike!

And don't miss the rest of this month's update. See the full release lineup here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

These New Sets Will be Mine(d)!

Talk to Bro Nez and Ty Tanium in /dwarfhold. These dwarven Prospectors have new quests for all heroes, and gear you can create... if you work hard enough. Plus, a new set just for high-level heroes with gold to spare.

Dwarfhold Merge Shop

If a Dwarfhold Prospector is respected enough to wear gold, then they have enough experience to appraise gems by feeling in the dark alone. The googles are more for eye protection than magnifying what's in their sight.

  • Armored Dwarfkeep Prospector
  • Dwarfhold Prospector's Braided Beard
  • Dwarfhold Prospector's Spectacles (male + female variants)
  • Practical Dwarfhold Rucksack
  • DwarfHold Geometric Silver Axe (single + dual wield)
  • Gilded DwarfHold Prospector
  • Gilded Prospector's Braided Beard
  • Gilded Prospector's Goggles (male + female variants)
  • Versatile Dwarfhold Rucksack
  • Honored Gilded Axe (single + dual wield)

High-level Heroes: this one's for you! Talk to Gole Den in /dwarfhold to begin The Empty Mountains Cold quest. Requirements: Level 75+, rank 10 Dwarfhold Rep, and a LOT of gold! Completing the quest will unlock the entire Aureate Aegis set.

Aureate Aegis Set

A new breed of warrior was born in the unforgiving darkness of the mountain's veins. Chaos Lord Vath's conquest will not happen again, even if the Dwarves must risk the mountain's fury by draining enchanted gold from its heart.

  • Aureate Aegis Armor
  • Aureate Shield Aegis (armor w/ built-in shield)
  • Aureate Aegis Mask
  • Aureate Aegis Cloak
  • Aureate Aegis Cloak and Sword
  • Incandescent Back Claymore
  • Incandescent Claymore (single + dual wield)

Blood Ancient Class Update

In addition to our Dwarfhold improvements, we updated the Blood Ancient Class skills, added the armor, and revised the quests for members that haven't completed them yet.

Blood Ancient Revisions

Blood Ancient, one of our member-only classes, has been completely reworked into a mid to late-game dodge class that utilizes the HP bar in order to strengthen itself.

The original version of Blood Ancient didn't fill any particular roles, nor did it feel like it was embodying the strength of multiple vampire warlords. Therefore, the Blood Ancient rework aims to bring a fresh take to dodge classes, while also giving it a more vampire-like feel.

Farming Method Changed

To reflect Blood Ancient's new power level, the latter half of the Blood Ancient farming quests have been updated and the quest line now has a level 50 requirement to begin it. The class now also only requires x1 Ancient Vitae to merge it instead of 25. Finally, like previous reworks, anyone who already has the class gets to keep it with its new skills!

How to unlock the Blood Ancient Class Armor:

  • /join Safiria
  • Talk to Orlok
  • Shop requires membership + level 50+

 You can read more about the changes here.

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