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March 1st News Roundup

Alina | Wednesday, March 1, 2023

You've got questions? We've got (short) answers!

With so many players on so many different platforms, the team and I found that our information had become really scattered over the last few years. Last month, we began these "round-up" Design Notes posts make sure everyone has access to all of the same info, no matter which platform you use. 

Weren't you going to do Astrology-based farming sets?

We sure are! I checked in with Neihi on the Pisces set. She's planning to send it in ASAP. We are still on track to release it during the Piscean ascendency.

March Upgrade pack preview

Undead X DOOM arrives Friday, March 3rd with our newest upgrade bonus pack! Our annual Month of Evil event starts March 1st! Tyronius made a fusion animation that got such great feedback, we're turning it into a house item. 

Any set return plan for VoT and/or Darkside in the future?

For the Vindicator of They Class, we have the Collector Class variant that fills the niche in its stead.
For the Darkside Class: we released a rebalanced / buffed version of the class as the Dark Lord, but the original Darkside class remained mistakenly unchanged. Updating it to match the Dark Lord Class's power is on the list.

Did the Daily Gift Go Live?!

Short answer: if it's an item or a boost, yes. Longer answer: all daily gift item drops + server boosts are scheduled to go live at midnight. Images may not always be posted on social media at the same time for various availability reasons, but the item drops / boosts themselves are live!

You can see what's items and boosts have released on our Event Calendar

Wait... is Time an Element now?

Last week, I announced the arrival of the Elemental Chronomancer set series, and included a schedule of which Elemental Chronomancers would arrive each month. January was listed as Time.

That lead to questions on Discord about if the team planned to make Time an Element and what the ramifications of that would be. We don't have plans to make an Element of Time.

January: Time
February: Heart
March: Darkness
April: Energy
May: Earth
June: Light
July: Fire
August: Wind
September: Water
October: Chaos
November: Void
December: Ice

Because January is traditionally when we release a ton of Chronomancer-themed gear, the theme for January is simply... Chronomancy. But given that time is one of the fundamental components of reality, just as the elements are a fundamental component of reality in our game world... it fits in.

What about the bonus Nibbleon Plushie Content?

On, we mentioned that there would be additional content in Nibbleon you can unlock with each plushie you buy. The NPCs with a quest for the house item variant fell off the release to do list, but I'll get with Cylisse and Yoshino so we can get them added in March.

Item Updates

  • The Pancake Hat w/ Syrup item was never duplicated after 2012, but it wasn't intended to go perma-rare. It was re-added to Oishii's Pancake Day shop and will be available again each year. 
  • The "should never have gone perma-rare" Raccoon on a Stick has been added to Mecha Totengeld and will be available every year during our Earth Day event. 
  • The Colorful Lucky Grenwog Buddy has been renamed to be the Colorful Grenwog far0 pet. The change will go live with the next server restart.

Daily Login Gift Changes

Yoshino and I are planning out the March daily login gifts. We're trying out a few changes to the schedule based on feedback we received earlier this year. Then we'll make additional updates for future months based on your input.

The current plan for next month is, each week will have:

  1. 3x server boosts (Monday/Wednesday: 48 hour boosts, Friday: 72 hour boost)
  2. 1x scavenger hunt (Work with your fellow players to find the right monster somewhere in the world) 
  3. 1x resource farming boost (Thursday - Sunday)
  4. Rare items drops on the weekend 

We are also shifting the National Day scarves + house items off of the Zard in battleontown. Those will become 0 AC items in a shop / house shop, and they'll be available all year long. That way, no matter when you're able to log in, or what holiday you want to celebrate, the items will always be available.

What else would you like to see us try for Daily Login Rewards + Activities?

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