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Alina | Sunday, May 1, 2022

Upcoming Game Events: May 2022

Darkness.  Destruction. And madness are on their way! Log in all month long for new seasonal events, this year's only Friday the 13th event, wicked rewards, and a new chapter in Darkon's Saga! 


May 1 May Seasonal Set returns (J-Sixth Lord) + May National Day drops

May 4 May the Fourth seasonal maps + gear return

May 5 Cinco de Mayo seasonal gear returns

May 6 Zoda's Weapon Crafting Quests + Friday the 13th maps re-open

May 13 Aurelio Voltaire returns for Friday the 13th

May 20 Friday the 13th Boss Farm + House Functionality update

May 27 Darkon's Saga of Madness: Chapter IX


May 1 April seasonal set (BioWar Cultist pack), Grenwog, Earth Day events

May 6 Featured Gear Shop: Sneevil Pilot, Golden Glory, ShroomKnight sets

May 13 Featured Gear Shop: Sweet Spring Mage, Rabid Ronin, Grenwog Guardian sets

May 15 Rare daily login gifts from April 18 - 30

May 20 Featured Gear Shop: Seraphic Surveillance, Blossom Kimono sets

May 27 May the 4th + Cinco de Mayo events/gear, Featured Gear Shop: Elegaic Mage set

May 31 Rare daily login gifts from May 1 - 15 + May National Day drops

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