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Return to Swordhaven Castle

Alina | Friday, April 21, 2023

Your Good Hub Town Glows Up this Weekend

The rebuilt Swordhaven Castle has lowered its drawbridge to invite adventurers, nobles, and commoners alike as we return to polish up the zone and make the capital a more welcoming and inviting place. Plus, find a new reward set in the PVP Combat Trophy Merge Shop and two new sets from Kylokos in Arcangrove's Tower!

This weekend, log in and prepare to battle!

  • /join Castle for updated map and NPC art, new quests, and reward gear
  • Find all our Spirit Scarves + Country Flags on Lady Elodie, Swordhaven's diplomat
  • DeathGaze Irismancer set now available in the PVP Trophy Shop in your Game Menu
  • /join Arcangrove and talk to Kylokos for two new Zodiac Heroes sets

And don't miss the rest of this month's update. See the full release lineup here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

Good Heroes Deserve Royal Rewards

Talk to Lady Elodie Clere in Swordhaven's Castle. She travels beyond Greenguard's borders to meet with the leaders of other nations... and sometimes even other worlds, like Terra (what we call Earth). Complete her quests to craft three new sets. 

Diplomat Merge Shop

  • Swordhaven Emissary armor
  • Swordhaven Emissary Hair + Locks
  • Swordhaven Emissary Circlet + Diadem
  • Swordhaven Emissary Hood + Cowl
  • Emissary's Arrow Quiver + Cape
  • Emissary's Bow 
  • Emissary's Bow and Arrow
  • Swordhaven Courtier
  • Swordhaven Courtier Hat + Locks
  • Swordhacen Courtier Cape
  • Formal Swordhaven Courtier
  • Formal Courtier Hat + Locks
  • Formal Courtier Cape

New Location for Spirit Gear: Lady Elodie's Shops

Our country scarf capes, flag banner house items, and other rewards let heroes across the world celebrate their national holidays. Previously, the scarf capes and flag banners would drop from the Zard in /battleontown when countries would be celebrating their national holidays. 

But it's not always easy to get on and farm for the gear you want. We want to help you celebrate and pay tribute to the country (or countries) you love all year long. Talk to Lady Elodie in /castle to find ALL of the spirit scarves and wall flags permanently available for 0 ACs.

List of updated Swordhaven Maps

Fixes include: small (and some larger) bugs, adjusted flow to remove confusion, linked maps from one to the next to help player experience.

  • Archives
  • Armory
  • Castle
  • Castleroof
  • Chaosaltar
  • Ceremony
  • Swordhaven
  • Swordhavenfalls

PVP Trophy Shop Update

Last year, AQW artist ShadowSlayer K crafted a set just for our most experienced heroes, who remember back to the earliest days. For you all, who love some nostalgia, we've added the DeathGaze Irismancer set to the PVP Trophy Shop in your Game Menu.

DeathGaze Irismancer set

  • DeathGaze Irismancer armor
  • DeathGaze Irismancer Hat + Hood
  • DeathGaze Irismancer Tassles cape
  • DeathGaze Irismancer Flail mace

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