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Royal Featured Rare Sets

Alina | Friday, April 21, 2023

New Featured Rare Gear Available for a Limited Time

Light, venerated as a symbol of divinity and justice, runs through the veins of those chosen by the rays of the sun... and through the veins of the Swordhaven royal family. Return to Swordhaven Castle this weekend to check out the new additions, then find our new rare sets and more in your Featured Gear Shop in the game menu for AdventureCoins until May 21st.

Swordhaven Courtly Attire Set

Light is glorified as a a symbol of Good and Virtue by the court of Swordhaven. Queen Lynaria was a beacon of Light, and dearly beloved by all who knew her. These items honor her pure ideals.

  • Swordhaven Courtly Attire Armor
  • Swordhaven Courtly Hair + Locks
  • Royal Roses Ornament cape
  • Bright Wings of Swordhaven
  • Golden Aura of Swordhaven (static ground rune)
  • Swordhaven Prestige Blade (single + dual wield)
  • Glorious Crown Staff
  • Golden Spear of Virtue

Note: there is currently no animated Golden Aura of Swordhaven ground rune. One will be added soon.

Elegant Courtly Attire Set

In days of old, the gardens of Swordhaven castle nurtured dangerously poisonous plants. The old dynasty's enemies were buried beneath those thorns, but they have since been replaced by the simple yet graceful rose. The noble court is allowed to pick the flowers and wear them.

  • Elegant Courtly Attire
  • Elegant Courtly Circlet + Diadem
  • Dark Wings of Swordhaven
  • Mystical Aura of Swordhaven (animated ground rune)
  • Elegant Aura of Swordhaven (static ground rune)
  • Elegant Prestige Blade (single + dual wield) 

Note: only select items from the Swordhaven Courtly set have Elegant Courtly variants.

Lightweaver Set

Legends say that the Lightweavers were called upon to protect the Plane of Light during ancient wars. Humankind chose the Light, and it accepted. The oldest of the Lightweavers are seldom seen, becoming one with the radiance that gifted them the power to seek glory. 

  • Lightweaver Armor
  • Lightweaver Hair + Locks
  • Lightweaver Morph + Visage
  • Golden Lightweaver Mask + Locks
  • Wings of the Lightweaver Cape
  • Beams of Light 
  • Golden Lightweaver Blade (single + dual wield) 
  • Golden Lightweaver Bow

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