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Game News: January 21 - 28

Alina | Friday, January 26, 2024

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Get details about upcoming events, server boosts, bug fixes, art previews, and other news throughout the week in our Digest Design Notes post. 

Friday, January 26 Update

  • Story: Diabolical Faction Expansion
  • Rewards: rep shop items in /lostvilla, merge shop items in /crocriver
  • Collection Chest: the final shipment of Nulgath's birthday rares
  • Holiday AC Gift: Talk to Cysero in Yulgar's Inn 500 free ACs
  • Nulgath's Shop: Fiendish Storm Orb + Reaver weapons
  • Birthday Pet: Battle the Reaper in /thevoid for Dominik's birthday pet

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: double EXP, Gold, Rep, Class Points boosts
  • Saturday: Two new 0 AC rare drops from Carnage in /voidrefuge
  • Sunday: 0 AC rare Sternlord + Magus capes from Carcano in /voidchasm

Find upcoming release plans and boosts on the Artix Calendar.

Thursday, January 25: Essences & Totems Boost

Get double Essences & Totems of Nulgath rewards from select quests until January 31st. 

Essences of Nulgath: used in creating the Void HighLord Class and to complete select Nation quests.

Totems of Nulgath: used in the Diamond Merge Shop, for creating the ArchFiend Warlord set, and to complete select Nation quests.

Tuesday, January 23: Sandsea Treasure Hunt

Banish the chill of this cold, cruel winter as you return to the bright sunny dunes of the Sandsea! Talk to Valencia in the /museum map; she'll send you off on the first part of this week's multi-step treasure hunt. Your diligence, skill in battle, and attention to detail will reward you with the 0 AC Sapphire Cobra Cane weapon!

  • Get more details on midweek treasure hunts, zone expansions, and star ratings here.
  • See what's coming up on our event calendar.

Monday, January 22: Client Patch Notes 3.0098

- Text support for Ravenous

- Updated Class Active Auras UI
- Updated Party Interface

- Potions bug
- Weird bug causing attack animations to go haywire

We are still investigating a few lingering potion bugs. We haven't gotten reliably recreatable reports on any issues that remain. 

See the full list of recent changes in the OMG Patch Notes post.

Sunday, January 21: Honorable Hero Updates

Missing the Honorable Hero Badge + AC Gift given out on Friday? Good news! There was a bug in the query to award the honorable hero prizes; that was fixed several hours after the release went live. So if you didn't see your badge + ACs and are eligible to receive them, please make sure you log back in.

Get more details on the Honorable Hero rewards in this post.

Sunday, January 21: Lord Justice Items Renamed

If you've looked in your inventory and can't find the Lord Justice of the ArchAngel set items, never fear... they're still there! We renamed the items to the match what was announced the previous week: SternLord of Nulgath.

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