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Lightning Strikes & Secrets

Alina | Saturday, June 22, 2024

Main Story Update: Cold Thunder Saga, Chapter 4

Greenguard and Skye are at war! Queen Iona's weaponized lightning rains down relentlessly, driving you forward, but their strikes might just shine a light on the dark secret that will bring down her dynasty. Log in now for the next chapter of our main story, the Rumbling of Cold Thunder in /Naoisegrave.

New Game Update

  • Main Story: new update in the Cold Thunder Saga
  • New rewards: Anti-Ionan War Beast armor sets + Noise's Grave house items
  • Summer Collection: the first update in our Scorching Summer chest

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: double Gold
  • Saturday drops: 3 Radical Kidz wall decal items from the Sneeviltron in /boxes
  • Sunday drops: Sweatsuit Battle Puppy Pet (and a SUPER SURPRISE item drop O_O) from Undead Artix in /overworld

Strike at the Skye, Unlock New Rewards

Counter the Queen of Skye's minions in a set built to withstand their lightning + ice attacks! Complete this week's story update in /naoisegrave to unlock Queen Victoria's Reactive Inductor farming quest. Craft the Anti-Storm Warbeast base set then enchant it into the color-custom Anti-Storm War Tank gear.

Merge Shop Items:

  • Anti-Storm Warbeast armor
  • Anti-Storm Warbeast Skull + Helm
  • Anti-Storm Warbeast's Energy Aura
  • Anti-Storm Warbeast's Energy Fist (single + dual-wield)
  • Anti-Storm War Tank armor
  • Anti-Storm War Tank Skull + Helm
  • Anti-Storm War Tank's Energy Aura
  • Anti-Storm War Tank's Energy Fist (single + dual-wield)

NaoiseGrave house item monster drops:

  • Baby Ice Dracolich Guard
  • Strewn Dragon Bones
  • Strewn Baby Dracolich Bones
  • Saddest Relic Ever Found (1% drop rate)
  • Plasma Orb Pedestal


  • Fianna Rebel armor drops off the boss


  • Boxed Locks helm drops off the boss

Age of Ruin Saga: the Story So Far...

After the threat Malgor and his ShadowFlame army posed had been put to rest, you were left to address the scars he inflicted... and process the knowledge you gained. The Gods and Greater Beings of the Old Worlds Order have been revealed, and now you must complete the task they've set: to neutralize three dire threats before they awaken. 

Age of Ruin Saga: Voice in the Sea Chapter 1 of the  begins in the /TerminaTemple map. If you have not completed it, journey there now! You'll need to finish the entire saga before you can begin next week's adventure.

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