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Featured Gear: Elegaic Mage Set

Alina | Friday, April 29, 2022

Featured Gear: Elegaic Mage Set

Are YOU sane enough to survive wielding the Elegaic Mage's power? Find the rare pieces of the Elegaic Mage armor set available in your game menu until May 27th. Select items from the set will be permanently available in Mi's AC shop in the /garden.

Elegaic Mage Rares:

  • Elegaic Mage armor 
  • Inverted Elegaic Mage armor (reversed gender)
  • 16 helms
  • Elegaic Mage's Monstrous Hat + Broom Staff
  • Voracious Gauntlets

Mi's Garden Gear shop items

  • Elegaic Hair / Locks + Morphs
  • Elegaic Chibi helms
  • Elegaic Rune capes
  • Mystical Elegy Staff
  • Magical Creatures of Madness cape
  • Summoning Ring of Madness ground item

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