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Frostval 2023 Limited Quantity Sets

Alina | Friday, December 22, 2023

Frostval LQS Sets go on sale tonight at 6 PM EST

Meeeeeeeerry Frostval, Heroes! We've got a blindingly-brilliant set of gear for all you real-life rare collectors. Find the Frostlorn Titan pack, the Paragon of Joy set, the White Lotus Acolyte pack, and the Holiday 2023 Silver & Gold Battle pack, plus final quantities of several additional sets on the Limited Quantity Sets page inside your account manager starting this Friday, December 23rd, at 6 PM EST! Each package also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore and on your character page! 

Name Price Total Qty       Initial Stock      Restock     
Frostlorn Titan*   1,500 AC  5,500  1,300  600
Paragon of Joy*   2,000 AC  5,500  1,300  600
White Lotus Acolyte   1,000 AC  5,500  1,300  600
White Lotus Acolyte   100,000g (member)  15,000  4,500  1,500
Gold & Silver Gear   75,000g  30,000   7,600  3,200
Frozen Dracolich Lord   1,500 AC  5,000  1,065 (final qty)  
Primal Frost Tiger   2,000 AC  3,000  773 (final qty)  

Full lists of gear included in each pack are coming soon! Keep an eye on the Design Notes for when they get posted later today.

Restock Schedule

  • 6:00 PM EST Friday night, 12/22 (initial stock)
  • 10:00 PM EST Friday night, 12/22
  • 2:00 AM EST Saturday, 12/23
  • 6:00 AM Saturday, 12/23
  • 10:00 AM Saturday, 12/23
  • 2:00 PM Saturday, 12/23
  • 6:00 PM Saturday, 12/23
  • 10:00 PM EST Saturday night, 12/23 (final restock)

Note: These are the final quantities for the Frozen Dracolich Lord and Primal Frost Tiger packs. Once they are sold out, they'll never return!

* The Frostlorn Titan polar bear mount armor and Mirror Caladbolg of Cheer items are still in progress, and will be added to their respective Book of Lore badge shops automatically once finished.

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