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2024 Dark Birthday Rares + Collection

Alina | Saturday, March 23, 2024

Dage's Immortal Lich King Birthday Gear is HERE

Celebrate darkness, destruction, and Dage the Evil's birthday this weekend! For all you real-life rare hunters, this is the weekend you've been waiting for: Dage's 2024 Birthday gear is here. Log in now and check out the shop in Battleon to buy individual items. Get the Immortal Lich King Collection Chest to unlock ALL of the event rares and a character page badge for 10,000 AdventureCoins!

  • Get the full collection for 10,000 ACs or
  • Buy individual items from Nibble's Rares shop in Battleon 

Available March 8th

  • Exclusive Immortal Lich King 2024 Collection Pet (unlocks the full collection shop)
  • Immortal Lich King armors 
  • Immortal Lich King helms + capes
  • Ecliptica Kingdom Blade (single + dual-wield)
  • Immortal + Underworld Sacrificer armors
  • Black Sun Headdress helms
  • Underworld Sacrificer Wraiths cape
  • Deathly Prophecy Altar cape
  • Immortal Bloodletter Deity cape
  • Immortal Summoner + Forsaken Invoker armors
  • Malignant Death companion cape (animated)
  • Underworld Samurai armor set
  • Mystical Samurai Blaze & Flame capes
  • Underworld Eminence Titan armor set 
  • Immortal Lich Paragon pet (with quest for exclusive character page badge)
  • And more!

Available March 15th

  • Underworld Spirit Summoner armor
  • Underworld Spirit Host armor
  • Corvus Moriorum Sword and Dagger
  • Underworld Raven's Fury set
  • Immortal LionSlayer armor
  • LionSlayer's Soul Whip
  • Nemean Soul Cape
  • Immortal Sacrificial Skull pet (with quest for wall mural house item)
  • and more!

Available March 22nd

  • Hollowborn Paragon armor, helms, and capes
  • Imperial Lich Lord armor, helms, and capes
  • Nekyia Rite weapons
  • Relentless Pursuit Ground Rune + cape
  • Relentless Pursuer Companion pet + battlepet*
  • Underworld Conquest weapons
  • Hollowborn Raven armor set
  • Underworld Stealth Ops armors
  • Underworld Stealth Ops accessories
  • Hollowborn Paragon Bank Pet
  • Hollowborn Paragon Quest Pet

Birthday Shop Items Notes

Undead Legion Member Special Gift 
Get the exclusive, rare Legion Sacrificer armor + select set items from the Merge shop in /legionbarracks. 

Relentless Pursuer BattlePet
The member-only battlepet is available for 750 ACs in the Birthday Rares Shop. The version in the collection chest is non-member 0 ACs.

Coming Soon: Immortal Bloodletter Deity cape variants
Teal and color-customizable variants of the Immortal Bloodletter Deity cape will be released for HeroPoints when Dage's Birthday Bundle arrives later this month. 

Didn't the Hollowborn Paragon Set already release?!
It sure did! Back in November, we announced that it would also arrive this month, because we have both Dage and Hollowborn events on the schedule and were not able to finish all of the Hollowborn Paragon gear we had initially planned. This is the best of both worlds... especially for heroes who were not able to get the items back in November.

Hollowborn Paragon Quest Pets
This pet is available for ACs, in the Collection Chest, and as a craftable pet for Legion Tokens + Hollowsouls. Each version of the pet lets you access the "Time for Some Spring Cleaning" and "Taking a Boat Trip" quests.

Just want a couple of the items listed above? Apart from the exclusive Dage's Immortal Lich King Collection Chest and Paragon Quest pet, all of the gear contained inside the Collection shop will also be available individually in his Birthday Shop.

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